How To Cleanse Crystal Bracelets: 7 Easy Ways!

Jorge Silva
How To Cleanse Crystal Bracelets: 7 Easy Ways!

There is much more than just beauty in crystal bracelets, something that makes the most illegible curiosities and feelings emerge within us.

These accessories, for some they will be mere accessories, for others more believers, crystal bracelets are a sponge and a reserve of powerful energies.

For this reason, cleansing a crystal is a crucial practice.

This small gesture of care and respect for the crystal or crystals that make up your bracelet is precisely what protects the energies of this accessory and which, at the same time, enhances its features and benefits.

Since the lack of this care for your crystal could lead to the vibration of your bracelet breaking and that is not what we want.

So, I wrote for you a special guide to seven simple ways to cleanse your crystal bracelet and how to preserve the effectiveness of this instrument of yours.

Should I cleanse crystal bracelets?

crystal bracelets

The answer is yes, as I already stated at the beginning of this article. It is recommended and in addition to being recommended, it is actually crucial!

Crystals hold the energies that they inhale and these energies can be both positive and negative.

Cleansing your bracelet regularly will sweep the negative energies out of the piece so that it can reach its maximum power.

For those who wear crystal bracelets daily and feel that at some point the vibration of the piece has faded, this crystal cleansing can help you restore the vibration and effectiveness of the bracelet.

How to cleanse crystal bracelets: 7 easy ways!

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In addition to being essential, this crystal cleansing process is also something very special and magical.

In fact, this simple practice allows you to have a piece that goes beyond beauty, in other words, it allows you to have a pure and effective piece.

And well, taking care of a crystal is like taking care of ourselves so that our own energy is recharged.

For this reason, you asked and I deliver, a very basic and simple list with the seven easiest but most powerful methods for you to cleanse your crystal bracelets and ensure that they continue to proliferate enough positive energy to help you in your daily life.

So let’s dive in and travel through these perfect techniques for reinvigorating your beloved crystals.

1) Visualization

The method through visualization is very elementary and therefore beginner-friendly.

It consists of using your mind, which will assist you in contemplating a resplendent light that purifies your crystal while you, beyond this scenario that paints your psyche, hold your crystal.

It is important to imagine the negative energies being overcome by this light that rejuvenates your stone.

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2) Moonlight bath

The Moon, like the sun, is a very powerful element that you can benefit from throughout your spiritual journey.

In this particular case, the moon’s energies are extremely powerful, especially when cleaning crystals and especially during the full moon phase.

Therefore, you will place your crystal bracelet under the light of a full moon night and the next morning, when you collect it, the energy in the bracelet will be clean and renewed.

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3) Sound bath

We know that everything we hear, we hear because a certain vibration occurs.

What you may not know is that the vibrations of instruments such as the singing bowl, the tune fork or even your voice, release vibrations that are useful for deactivating and cleaning stagnant energies that are contaminating your crystal bracelet.

Therefore, for this method, simply sing or play one of the two instruments mentioned above around the crystal.

4) Smudging ritual

Smudging is the act of burning a plant or a set of medicinal plants collected and offered by our planet Earth.

Some people may confuse this ritual with burning incense but know that it is not the same, since the ritual smudging ends up involving only natural elements, it becomes more efficient.

This method consists of passing your crystal bracelet through the smoke of herbs that you have decided to burn, which can be sage or palo santo.

Smoke of this nature will restore and purify the energies of your crystals.

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5) Sunlight recharge

Very similar to the lunar bath, but with some care to be taken, as the sun can be very harmful to crystals.

Here you will allow your bracelet to be bathed in the Sun’s rays for a few minutes and preferably in the morning or late afternoon.

The energy of the sun helps your crystals, in this case your bracelet, to rejuvenate their vibrational properties.

6) Salt water soak

The name of this method tells you exactly what it consists of.

That being said, in this cleaning, you will soak your crystal bracelet in a container with water at room temperature and diluted salt, the latter of which may be Himalayan salt.

You will leave your crystal in the water for a few minutes and after the time that suits you best, you will wash any remaining salt residue under running water and you are done.

7) Selenite

In general, this is a method used by people who are most experienced in this spiritual journey and for those who have larger pieces of Selenite.

As in this particular method, we will place the crystal bracelet close to or above the Selenite piece.

Since this stone is famous for its cleansing properties and its ability to ward off negative energies, this is precisely what it will do with your other crystals.

What is the best way to cleanse a crystal?

rose quartz bracelet

Depending on the type of crystal and always taking into account that some categories of these stones prove to be more fragile and susceptible to certain elements, there are more suitable and ideal ways to cleanse these crystals.

However, apart from these more representative cases, it is more a matter of preference.

Ultimately, there are always the most popular and competent methods that naturally become better for this reason.

Briefly enumerating these means, we can then count on Selenite charging, visualization, moonlight and sunlight bath and last but not least, sound bath.

What method should I use to cleanse a Chakra bracelet?

Fake Chakra bracelet

When it comes to cleansing a Chakra bracelet, in this case you will have to take some additional care in order to respect the energy composition of the crystals.

So that the cleansing is effective and so that negative energy does not effectively overload this instrument of yours

These bracelets that we are talking about here, as a general rule, are made up of different crystals that represent the different energy centers that it symbolizes.

For this reason, the safest thing is to use methods that also honor the most delicate stones.

Consequently, in my opinion, the methods that should ideally be used to cleanse a Chakra bracelet are Selenite charging, the sound bath and visualization.

But I’m going a little further and I’m going to add the affirmations in this paragraph because thinking about and verbalizing affirmations and positive intentions directly to the bracelet will help the respective crystals to align with positive energies.

How often should I cleanse my bracelet?

sodalite crystal bracelet

Unfortunately, there’s no timetable to tell you exactly how often you should cleanse your bracelet. It really depends on how often you use it and where you take it!

Undoubtedly, environments to which the bracelet is exposed must be considered when trying to calculate how often to cleanse the bracelet.

Below are some tips that have helped me understand when my bracelet needed to be cleansed.

When to Cleanse your Bracelet
Here are some tips to see how often you should cleanse your bracelet:
This factor ends up having more weight than the regularity with which the bracelet is used. If your environment is heavy, cleanse it at least twice a week.
Heavy Energy
Let’s think together, if we take the bracelet to a place where the energy feels heavy, our crystal will absorb all of this, so after using it, the ideal is to cleanse it.
Light Energy
On the other hand, if there is no encounter with dense energies and if we wear the bracelet regularly, cleansing it every week or every two weeks works perfectly. If we only use it occasionally, we can cleanse it every time we stop using it.
Finally, we should also resort to cleansing whenever our intuition tells us so, as it is the voice of our spiritual journey.

Final words

In this labyrinthine and polychromatic world of crystals, where energy and intentions dance side by side, cleansing the energy of crystals is essential for the waltz to continue.

These delicate accessories, each with a unique vibration, journey spiritually with us throughout our lives and in between, they absorb the most varied energies.

Therefore, the skill of cleansing a crystal helps it reach its maximum potential and allows you to discover its abilities and benefits.

An energetic cleansing of a crystal is never just a cleansing. This small gesture is gratitude and companionship, it is the release of dirty energies and the offering of its own renewed energy to your crystal.

It is a dance of care and healing, of giving and receiving, because when we build an environment conducive to the fluidity of the stones’ energies, our intentions will vibrate and resonate with more strength. The act of cleansing the energy of a crystal is art and affection.

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