7 Side Effects Of Titanium Bracelet: Is It Dangerous?

Jorge Silva
7 Side Effects Of Titanium Bracelet: Is It Dangerous?

A timeless piece that pleases even the most demanding taste, this is the titanium bracelet.

This piece gained the most attention in the past years as it proved to be quite versatile and high-quality.

Titanium was then first discovered in 1791 by the British William Gregor, a member of the clergy. However, it was in 1910 that the American metallurgist Matthew Hunter manufactured pure titanium containing titanium tetrachloride.

Due to its previously mentioned strength and durability, this metal has become quite famous in the military, medical and aerospace industries.

In modern times, this eclectic metal is the element of choice for a large number of bracelets, piercings and rings, both for men and women.

However, it was at the end of the 90s and beginning of the 2000s that the first rumors emerged that the use of these titanium accessories could bring benefits to our health, benefits that I will talk about later.

So, let’s now understand if it is dangerous or not to wear a titanium bracelet.

What Is a Titanium Bracelet?

Titanium Bracelet

Appreciated and famous for its lightness and versatility, titanium bracelets are irrefutably made from titanium, a light metal with excellent durability.

These bracelets enjoyed by both men and women are believed to offer a considerable amount of benefits.

By itself, this metal is a remarkable material for its biocompatibility, resistance to weight and corrosion and ratio. All of this makes titanium bracelets the ideal accessory to wear every day.

This adornment is also very famous for its hypoallergenic properties.

As this makes people with more sensitive skin and allergies to sterling silver and stainless steel feel comfortable and safe wearing jewelry made of titanium.

The style of these bracelets ranges from the most minimalist to the most eccentric, always offering their users, in addition to their alleged benefits, a modern charm.

So whether you are looking for comfort or elegance, in fact, you can get both knowing that the durability of this bracelet is also resistant to sweat, water, cosmetics, etc.

As for the finishes on this accessory, they also vary their visual effect while always maintaining their metallic gray hue.

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Do Magnetic Bracelets Work For Blood Pressure?

Magnetic Bracelets

Although several individuals claim that when using titanium bracelets they felt improvements or better management of their blood pressure.

This argument lacks scientific evidence, since the studies carried out so far are insufficient and therefore do not support the claims that we have mentioned.

Magnetic therapy is however very famous because its concept is basically the use of these bracelets. Since their proximity to our bodies is believed to build a magnetic sphere that allegedly:

  • Reforms blood circulation;
  • Moderates inflammation;
  • Helps us to better manage our blood pressure.

However, the few existing studies on this topic do not reveal much, so if you are really worried about your blood pressure, it would be ideal to consult your doctor first.

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Who Should Not Wear A Titanium Bracelet?

Titanium Bracelet

In general, titanium bracelets are a reliable accessory for the vast majority.

However and as with everything there are small exceptions, so let’s try to understand which ones.

Therefore, people who are allergic or who have some type of allergic reaction to this material and people who may have an allergic reaction to possible traces of other metals should avoid the use of titanium bracelets.

Because sometimes titanium bracelets contain traces of other metallic materials.

In addition, people who suffer from eczema or dermatitis or who have open wounds in the area where the jewelry would be placed should also avoid using it, as this factor could worsen the condition of the wound or lengthen the healing process.

Last but not least, people with certain medical devices or implants, as the magnetism of titanium may interfere with the device’s performance.

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7 Possible Side Effects Of Using a  Titanium Bracelet

7 Possible Side Effects Of Using a  Titanium Bracelet

Notwithstanding, as I mentioned the titanium bracelet is predominantly safe, as we have already seen, there are still some unusual and occasional risks associated with its use.

But in addition to these same risks that we have already mentioned, there are still some secondary effects that should always be considered when we are trying to decide whether or not to purchase this type of jewelry.

So let’s list at least 7 of them to help you understand whether or not the titanium bracelet will be an option for you.

1) Effects of mental phenomena

Due to associated beliefs, although without a scientific foundation, this accessory often causes what is called the placebo effect.

And what is this placebo effect? Well, it’s when an individual develops a certain type of dependence and belief in the jewelry due to its alleged benefits.

That is, this person starts to attribute all the positive effects that arise to the bracelet, discrediting, for example, medical or pharmaceutical help.

2) Skin irritation

Effectively one of the most striking features of titanium bracelets is the fact that they are hypoallergenic.

But, yet despite this characteristic, there are still people who have some kind of reaction to these bracelets.

These reactions vary between redness and itching, that is, in general, skin irritation.

Despite everything, there are few people to whom this happens and as a general rule, it is necessary to have extremely sensitive skin or any existing pathology associated.

3) Incombinable with certain activities

That’s right, like any other accessory or jewelry, they don’t always match certain activities that may require certain hand movements or even in general.

Whether in sports or at work, the titanium bracelet is still an accessory that can cause some discomfort during certain activities or even get stuck somewhere or cause some kind of injury.

4) Allergic reaction to added elements

Sometimes, certain titanium bracelets are not made only of this component. Therefore, traces of other metals may be found in them, namely nickel and cobalt.

So, people with allergies or sensitivity to these two constituents may experience some type of allergic reaction when using titanium bracelets.

5) Problems with the clasp

Unfortunately, sometimes the clasp on these bracelets is not correctly designed and therefore there is a chance that it will break or even get loose and the bracelet will be lost or we will not be able to put it on or take it off correctly.

6) Discomfort and compression

As you would expect, titanium bracelets are generally not made to measure.

Therefore, this makes them uncomfortable and creates certain compressions in certain areas where it is placed, since, being metal, it naturally has rougher finishes that, when pressing the skin, hurt us.

7) Intrusiveness

We have already mentioned here the magnetism of titanium bracelets and while some believe that this can be a beneficial trait, I will prove to you that it can also be an unfavorable trait.

Especially in a world where medicine is so evolved and goes hand in hand with data with electronic devices.

Naturally and as you would expect, this accessory can very well interfere with pacemakers, medical implants and in general, all devices that are magnetically sensitive.

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Should I Avoid This Bracelet?

checking silver bracelet

Now that we know better the history and adverse effects of the titanium bracelet, it is up to us to decide whether or not we should avoid using this bracelet.

However, if there is still any doubt on that side, here I am going to offer you some aspects that we have already talked about and that we must consider before completely avoiding the use of this accessory.

Therefore, as we have been talking about throughout this article, we must first take into account the most important things that are possible sensitivities or allergies to titanium or other components.

And whether we have any medical device sensitive to magnetic fields, if we actually have allergies or are being helped by any device, we should therefore avoid using this bracelet.

Then, of course and less significant because it is not a health issue, we have to take into account our comfort and personal style.

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Final Words

In conclusion, in general, I do not consider the titanium bracelet to be specifically dangerous.

With the exception of course, of cases where the bracelet user benefits from medical devices sensitive to magnetic fields or suffers from allergies that can cause extreme reactions.

The most dangerous thing about this bracelet, in my opinion, is not its material existence itself, but the beliefs that surround it, as they can show extreme convictions that lead people to stop looking for the help they really need.

That is, as with everything, this accessory has advantages and disadvantages and it is always up to us to determine whether or not something could be dangerous for us.

On the other hand, titanium is increasingly used in various jewelry and even piercings because it is considered a hypoallergenic metal and easy to handle to obtain the most versatile pieces.

Therefore, these types of accessories often end up being chosen for pleasing even the most demanding tastes.

I hope this article has helped you to deconstruct certain theories around this topic.

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