9 Shungite Bracelet Benefits and Healing Properties

Rita Smith
9 Shungite Bracelet Benefits and Healing Properties

One of the most protective bracelets that I know is the shungite bracelet. Over the years, I have come to grow fond of my special shanghai bracelets.

I have about 7 of them. They have lasted over 3 years and protect me from various spiritual attacks and negativity.

This personal experience is the major reason I am writing this article right now. I want you to also enjoy the benefit of this special amulet.

A lot of people probably don’t understand the power embedded in the shungite bracelet. This is why they don’t know how to properly channel those powers. 

In this article, I will be discussing the 9 spiritual benefits and healing properties of using this bracelet.

Therefore, if you’ve heard about the shungite bracelet, but have never used it, then, this article will convince you further on why you should use it. 

All the information you need to have concerning this bracelet is situated right in the article. Read till the end to find out how powerful and spiritually important this bracelet is.

What is a Shungite bracelet?

Shungite bracelet

A shungite bracelet is made from shungite stone or beads. The shungite stone is a black mineral substance that is majorly found in larger parts of Russia.

One of the popular knowledge of the shungite mineral is that it absorbs electromagnetic radiation.

This is why people who make use of a lot of electronic devices use the shungite bracelet for protection.

Now, this bracelet is not just spiritually fashioned alone. When you wear it in combination with proper matching outfits, you can look very pretty, fashionable, and exquisite.

This means that the shungite bracelet can be very fashionable. This bracelet comes in several forms, fashions, and designs.

The design might be simple, complex, or intricate. It can also be mixed with other colors of stones for a perfect blend

A lot of people are making use of this bracelet for fashion purposes alone. Sometimes, it is due to their ignorance.

Over 700 years ago, this bracelet was worn by the high priestesses and can be given to people as a gift for protection.

Fast forward to this day, it has become common and many people don’t realize that the bracelet on their wrist is a powerful spiritual amulet.

Am I saying you should only wear this bracelet for spiritual purposes alone? No!

You can wear it for fashion purposes as well. However, it is much better to be aware of its spiritual properties even if you are wearing it for just an occasion.

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Is a Shungite bracelet powerful?

shungite stone

Yes, this bracelet is very powerful. I have been using this bracelet for years and I must affirm that there is deep spiritual power embedded in the core of this amulet.

At first, when you wear it, you won’t feel any different – especially if you don’t have an idea of the power it carries

I carried out a study and discovered that 20% of those wearing this bracelet are the only ones who know about the power embedded in it. The other 80% are oblivious to this reality.

If you fall among the 80%, this is more reason to read this article till the end because I am about to share the spiritual benefits and healing properties with you.

9 Benefits and healing properties of Shungite bracelet

9 Benefits and healing properties of Shungite bracelet

If you have read this article to this point, then, I am sure you are eager about the benefits and healing properties of this special bracelet. Well, there is no need for further delay. 

Therefore, let us delve into it right away.

1) It heals you of depression

When I started using the shungite bracelet, I battled greatly with depression. At that moment, I had lost my job and the only hope I had (which was a friend of mine) also betrayed me.

With nowhere to turn to, I started spending time alone and depression took a hold of me. 

One day, I went to the store to get groceries. This was where I found the shungite bracelet. It only seemed fashionable to me (because I love the black color a lot).

However, the moment I put it on my wrist, I suddenly felt a cold chill running down my spine. This was when I knew there was something powerful about the bracelet. 

Guess what? In less than 3 weeks, all my depression was gone and I was strong enough to start afresh, which has gotten me 10x where I was in the past. 

Therefore, if you are battling depression, the shungite bracelet can help you to overcome that.

2) It helps with memory loss

Having memory issues can affect a lot of things in people’s lives.

For example, imagine forgetting the birthday of your son or daughter. This can endanger the relationship you have with them

Getting a shungite bracelet will help you with memory loss. It is believed to possess the divine power to heal you of this issue. 

3) Protection from evil spirits

Spiritual attacks are real! Even if you have never experienced these attacks before, you need to protect yourself from them.

By using the powerful shungite bracelet, you are guaranteeing your safety and protection from evil spirits.

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4) Healing of headache

Headaches can also be healed by using this bracelet. Especially the headaches that are caused by too much exposure to blue light (phone, laptops, television, and so on).

Once you use this bracelet on your wrist, you will be relieved of the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation and other things that cause headaches. 

5) It takes away anxiety

Are you anxious about the next step to take in life?  One of the ways to deal with this feeling is through the shungite bracelet.

A lot of people approach this through therapy, which is fine. However, if that seems too much of a big deal, then, using the shungite bracelet can take away your anxiety.

This bracelet possesses the ability to calm your nerves and assure you that everything will be fine.

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6) Detox the body

The purifying elements of this shungite stone make it a perfect catch for detoxing the body.

When you notice too much negative energy or impurities in your body, this is a perfect way to remove those impurities or negativity.

The elements combined in this stone make its bracelet powerful enough to detox the body.

7) Anti-inflammation

In addition to everything that has been said above, this bracelet also has the unique and divine power to take away inflammation

Scientifically, shungite has analgesic properties, which are known to cure inflammations in people’s bodies.

Therefore, if you have inflammation or swelling, wearing this bracelet can help.

8) Helps with better sleep

Wearing this bracelet promotes better sleep. Not only does it take away the negative effect of electromagnetic radiation from your body, but it also puts you in a relaxed state and creates the perfect mood in your mind for a good sleep.

It is believed that wearing this bracelet helps the mind to relax better and faster.

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9) It is good for mental clarity

One of the ways the shungite can help with mental clarity is by increasing energy levels and reducing distraction

This means that once you notice that your mind is becoming clogged, take this bracelet and wear it on your arm.

It instantly boosts your energy levels (morale) and eliminates every form of distraction that might affect your productivity in the long run.

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Which hand to wear a Shungite bracelet?

shungite bracelet

You can wear this bracelet on any hand

The right side of the body is seen as the masculine part of the body, which is responsible for intellectual power, mental soundness, and so on.

Therefore, wearing the bracelet on the right hand can help with that aspect of your life. 

The left side of the body is seen as the feminine side of the body, which is responsible for emotions. When you wear the shungite bracelet on the left hand, it affects your emotions and also your spirituality.

Therefore, wearing the bracelet on either hand has its spiritual advantage.

Can I use a Shungite stone for protection?

shungite stone

Yes, you can use a shungite stone for protection.

In the spiritual world, the black color is known as an omen and symbol of protection from malevolent forces. Therefore, it is okay to use the stone for protection

Shungite stones possess divine powers to protect you from bad luck, negative energy, spiritual attacks, and evil spirits. 

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Can I also use a Shungite necklace?

shungite necklace

Yes, you can use a shungite necklace.

Using this necklace heals your chakras and also ensures that you are shielded from the evil eye of negative and jealous people. 

You can also enjoy other spiritual benefits similar to what you will get when you use the shungite bracelet.

Final Words

As a spiritually inclined person, this is one of the best articles you will ever find on this subject because I combined my experience with deep spiritual research concerning the subject of this article. 

Therefore, make use of this information to the best of your ability and watch the beautiful changes that happen afterward.

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