9 Orgonite Side Effects. Is it Too Dangerous?

Rita Smith
9 Orgonite Side Effects. Is it Too Dangerous?

Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metals, and crystals. Just like some other pure crystals, it also helps in protecting you from negative energies.

They’re capable of improving your life in a wholesome manner

Orgone is the active energy in  Orgonite. It’s usually made into a pyramid. Some call them Orgonite pyramids or Orgone pyramids. 

It’s possible to experience some unpleasant things as a result of using the Orgonite crystal. Those things are signals that your being is sending to you so that you can know that it isn’t compatible with the crystal. 

Hence, this article would be examining the side effects of Orgonite, so you can know and know early enough when you’re not compatible with the crystal.

Do Orgonite pyramids really work?

orgonite pyramids work

Yes, they do! Seeing the composition of Orgonite and the things that it’s made of, there’s no doubt that it’s ver powerful.

Even though it’s a combination of several things, crystals included, it can still be referred to as a crystal.

One could almost say that it could potentially be the most powerful crystal in that circle of powerful crystals. And as is typical with powerful crystals, some people tend to react to them. 

Two heads are better than one” if this statement is anything to go by, then that means that Orgonite pyramids are much more stronger and powerful than so many other pure crystals.

Orgonite has been used in different ways by different people across different walks of life. It’s known to help in purifying the atmosphere, and even purify water.

It also helps in inspiring joy and balance in people. It’s also an effective remedy for insomnia and nightmares. And noteworthy is that the uses of Orgonite pyramids stretch across the board.

Not only does it ward off negative energy from those that use it, but it also expels harmful forces into the environment as well.

Placing it in your house or office space might just be all you need for the critical and positive thinking that’d take your life and business forward. 

Orgonite pyramids are very effective for expelling negative thoughts, blessing a space, filling a place with good luck, healing emotional wounds, revitalizing the body, and cleansing toxic energies.

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Is Orgonite crystal too strong?


This is a case-sensitive question. The answer could go both ways. It depends on who’s asking. But there’s nothing like “too strong“.

It could be too strong for you but you cannot generalize in that manner. 

So, yes, it could be too strong for you. But does that mean the crystal is generally too strong for people? No! Some people are perfectly okay with such crystals. 

This is dependent on the energy level of the bodies of individuals.

If your energy level is low then it’s more likely that you’d be in the category of people that define this crystal as being too strong. And you can be sure that this will have a few side effects. 

Most times this is due to the large difference between the energy of the crystal and the energy of the person using it.

Some have held certain crystals and they were feeling their heart pound, some would feel a warm tingling sensation from their forehead to their toes.

Some others whose energy levels are way lower than that of the Orgonite crystal might feel something even more intense than that.

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Is Orgonite crystal dangerous?


No, it’s not, but it could be dangerous

The danger it poses is just case specific. It’s specific to those whose core’s energies are remarkably lower than the crystal.

In such scenarios, the usage of the crystal would yield some side effects. 

Those side effects are not things that are detrimental to your health as we’d see later in the article. They’re just your body reacting, letting you know that your essence isn’t compatible with that crystal. 

Hence, you must know these signals, that might ensue as a result of the Orgonite crystal.

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9 Side effects of Orgonite you should know 

9 Side effects of Orgonite you should know 

Some things can be responsible for Orgonite to have side effects when being used. These side effects can be physical, but they can also be emotional

We established earlier that when your being isn’t agreeing with a particular stone or crystal, it tends to send you signals so you can do something about it. It’s these signals that are called side effects. 

Also, if you combine Orgonite with a conflicting crystal, whose energy is not complementary to that of Orgonite. You might also experience some of the side effects listed below:

1) Insomnia 

Due to the high and intense energy of the Orgonite crystal, it emits vibrant vibrations that can make you stay awake full of work energy even in the dead of the night. 

Don’t be surprised that you can’t seem to find sleep again.

Or you noticed that it now takes longer for you to fall asleep, it might be a signal that your being isn’t agreeing with the Orgonite crystal on you. 

2) Loss of interest  

This side effect particularly has to do with your attention span.

If you notice that your tolerance is on a massive decline. You no longer laugh at jokes you used to laugh at.

You’re beginning to lose interest in things you normally find interesting. Then you can be sure that there’s a conflict going on between your being and the Orgonite crystal

3) Irritation 

Using the wrong crystal generally can cause you to be irritated by simple things. Things you would have just smirked at in previous times. 

Being irritated about many things can cost you a lot of things. It’d affect your relationships.

These relationships could be family, business, or even career-related relationships. Be careful, using the wrong crystal always ends the wrong way

4) Teary eyes  

Having considered and successfully canceled out other medical conditions that can cause one to have teary eyes constantly for days, you might want to keep some distance from your Orgonite crystal. 

It’s said to help in healing those with eye defects. But if your core energy isn’t as strong, it tends to affect the eye. Nothing goes wrong with the eyes, it just produces water from time to time.

5) Forehead headaches 

Sequel in number four above, one of the side effects is a mild headache around the forehead towards the eye area. 

Note that, this doesn’t replace seeking medical care when you’re feeling this symptom. It’s just to list out the side effects that holding onto the wrong crystal can have.

6) Divided focus 

The Orgonite crystal increases your effectiveness all around your life.

But when your body lacks the base energy to work with the energy of the crystals and subsidize it, it tends to release all that zeal for effectiveness all through our lives

You’d find yourself, committing to different things without prioritizing any at all. You’d then end up frustrated as you won’t be able to see any of the things you committed to through

7) Clouded emotions  

This makes it difficult to make logical decisions, especially about your relationships.

Your emotions are all on a positive roller coaster, due to the overload of the Orgonite crystal energy. You won’t be able to sense the danger that’s right in front of you

You might not be the one that’d notice this yourself. But if you have good friends they’d help you out. 

8) Nose bleed

Nose bleeds are typical with very cold and dry weather, particularly in deep winter.

But when you notice that your nose is bleeding from time to time and there’s no natural reason as to why it’s doing that.

You might want to take away the Orgonite crystal. If you feel you need a crystal around you, you can get another one

9) Body weakness  

When you notice that you’re almost tired by default. You’d sleep so you can rest and you’re still waking up tired.

Then your body might just be telling you something: change that crystal!

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Should I use Orgonite pyramids?

orgonite pyramid

Yes, you can and you should

Seeing that it boasts immense power and ability. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t if you have access to one. 

That a particular object has side effects with certain people, doesn’t automatically mean that you would also react negatively to that object.

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by using it. Hence, do not hesitate to use it.

Seeing that you now know the side effects that it can have, you just need to be alert and mindful of the things around you so you’d be able to detect any side effects early enough. 

I am feeling some side effects. Should I stop using this crystal?

Circle of crystals

Yes, you should stop

However, before you stop, you might want to check other things that might be responsible for how you’re feeling.

This is important so you can get to the root of the problem and deal with it there.

This will also help you ascertain beyond any doubt that what you’re feeling or experiencing is a result of using the Orgonite crystal. 

Having ascertained that it’s the crystal that’s responsible for the side effects you’re feeling. You should stop using the Orgonite crystal. You can get another crystal that’d be more compatible with your being. 

Final Thoughts 

Putting it simply, Orgonite is a powerful crystal. A crystal that you could say is good for heavy lifting. Having a powerful crystal on your side is never a bad decision

However, it can quickly become a bad decision if the crystal is too strong for you. And you can easily know this by paying attention to yourself concerning the side effects listed above

If your being isn’t compatible with the Orgonite crystal, then you should stop using it immediately. You can go ahead to get another powerful crystal that can serve its purpose. 

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