7 Best Crystals for ADHD You Should Really Try (With Images)

Rita Smith
7 Best Crystals for ADHD You Should Really Try

ADHD is a brain disorder. It is referred to as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

This is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects the attention span of people. In some cases, it also tampers with the overall productivity of people daily.

You also need to be extra careful with the things you try to manage. With ADHD, you can lose out on amazing opportunities because of your persistent lack of attention strength.

Also, your mental clarity and focus can be affected if care is not taken. This is why you should treat ADHD as soon as possible. You can make use of medical means and spiritual means

Now, you might have heard of crystals. These are strong gemstones with several physical, spiritual, and metaphysical properties.

Over the years and centuries, these precious stones have been used for several spiritual reasons and purposes. 

However, in recent times, I discovered that crystals can treat ADHD. Therefore, if you are looking for the easiest spiritual method to treat this mental issue, you should try crystals. 

Now, not every crystal in the world can treat ADHD. There are special crystals you should really try. Have you been looking for the best crystal to use? Then, read till the end to find out. 

Can I use crystals to deal with ADHD?

crystals with ADHD

Yes, you can use crystals to deal with ADHD.

This disorder can be treated through spiritual means and one of these means is using crystals yourself. 

Crystals have certain psychic properties that can help you with this mental issue.

Also, the calming and relaxation properties of these gemstones can prove helpful to this effect. 

Whilst it is not recommended to ingest any of these crystals, there are other ways to use them and harness their energy for yourself. 

When I discovered a lack of attention in my mind, I turned to my crystals and got better after a few days. Afterward, I sought out medical attention and I am totally recovered. 

Now, the question is this: what are the crystals to use for ADHD? Well, read what comes next to discover them.

7 Best Crystals for ADHD

7 Best Crystals for ADHD

The following are the 7 best and most efficient crystals you can use for ADHD.

Are you ready to discover these crystals? You should also choose one according to your intuition and attraction to that specific crystal.

1) Amethyst

holding amethyst

This beautiful gemstone is commonly known as a major gemstone that takes care of ADHD symptoms.

It is a violet gemstone that exudes divine cooling and soothing properties for the soul. 

For centuries, amethyst has been known to be in the possession of healers. They placed this stone by the bedside of sick people and recorded massive results and testimonies of healing. 

In today’s world, the healing power of this gemstone can be harnessed as well. For ADHD, amethyst is a stone that provides ease from anxiety, stress, and hyperactivity.

That is, this gemstone ensures that you are not easily agitated. It keeps you in total control of your emotions and your mind. 

Once this happens, you will find it easy to stay composed and focused on what lies ahead of you. 

All you need to do with this stone is hold it in your hands and meditate or play some humming sounds.

As you do this, bask in the energy that runs through your vein and you will begin to notice gradual relief.

You can consistently perform this spiritual task till all your stress and anxiety dissipate. 

From the testimonies we have recorded:

People with ADHD have been recorded to sleep off immediately after using amethyst during meditation. Afterward, they wake up feeling refreshed.

2) Lepidolite


This is another special crystal you should try out. 

Lepidolite is not commonly known as one of the best crystals to cure ADHD. You might probably be reading this for the first time. 

This precious gemstone possesses the divine power to soothe the mind, calm the mind, and restore sanity. 

Just like the amethyst gemstone, it helps you to stay in control of your emotions.

The common benefit of using this precious gemstone is that it brings peace of mind. It also keeps your emotions balanced

With a balanced emotion, you will find it easy to think, assimilate, and become productive. With a balanced emotion, you can finally overcome the ADHD symptom/problem.

3) Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

From its name, there is only one thing that comes to mind. Can you guess what it is?

Well, clear quartz brings about clarity of mind

People who suffer from ADHD cannot achieve anything substantial if their mind is not clear. For them, it takes a whole lot of mental energy to make clarity of mind possible. 

However, by leveraging the power and energy of the clear quartz, this feat can be possible faster.

With a clear mind, they can achieve the things they have planned and remain in control for as long as they deem fit.

4) Hematite

Hematite Stone
Hematite Stone

This precious gemstone offers spiritual grounding and stability.

Over the years, I have known hematite to be a very strong mineral with protective properties. It keeps out negativity and embraces positivity.

This is also something you should expect and look forward to. 

When you use hematite crystal for ADHD, it clears out every emotional and intellectual negativity.

This means that every negative energy that might be disrupting your mind and attention span will be absorbed by the hematite crystal. 

Your mind will become fresh and full of light

5) Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz

This is responsible for gathering together the scattered energies, emotions, and thoughts of people suffering from ADHD.

One of the reasons why people lack attention strength is because of the mental distractions they allow in their minds. They are always thinking about so many things at the same time.

Well, using smoky quartz can prevent that from happening. It gives the mind focus and eliminates every internal noise you have allowed to distract you.

This is one of the known best crystals you should try for ADHD. Its metaphysical properties are strong enough to reduce the ADHD effect on your mind.

6) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

This special stone helps with relaxation as well.

Just like the amethyst stone, one of the ways to harness the power of this stone is by holding it in your right hand and meditating with humming sounds playing in the background. 

Also, you can make use of this crystal by keeping it around you everywhere you go.

The lapis lazuli crystal is believed to have a strong spiritual atmosphere of peace. This means that wherever peace is preeminent, lapis lazuli might be present in that area. 

For ADHD patients, this special crystal is one of the stones you can use for yourself. It brings peace of mind and helps with better and stronger concentration. 

Now, it will not magically eliminate ADHD. However, you will notice a gradual improvement in how you focus your mind during meditation and this will help you in other aspects of your mental life as well. 

7) Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite
Blue Apatite

The blue colour is a symbol of peace, calmness, relief, and good luck. 

Using the blue apatite crystal is one of the best ways to also calm your mind. It is one of the ways to heal from ADHD.

You can use this crystal in the following ways:

  • Holding it in your right hand and close to the right side of your chest while you speak positive affirmations;
  • Shaking it all over your bed before you sleep;
  • Wearing it as a pendant;
  • Buying a bracelet with the blue apatite as a signet.

What is the best crystal I can use?

Holding clear quartz

Among the seven crystals I have mentioned above, there are 3 crystals I will recommend for you:

  • Amethyst;
  • Hematite;
  • Lapis Lazuli.

Now, this does not mean that the other crystals are less effective. If you check closely, each of these crystals has its functions

However, based on my experience with these 3 crystals, I believe that they are efficient and powerful enough to take away your ADHD problem. 

Can I use more than 1 crystal?

holding amethyst

No, don’t use more than one crystal

Here are the reasons why this is not advisable:

  • Using more than one crystal affects your mental clarity and focus;
  • Making use of more than one crystal disrupts the flow of spiritual exercise you begin with a different crystal;
  • It might make the healing process slower than it should be;
  • When you use more than 1 crystal, it might affect your chakra points.

Therefore, stick with only one crystal of your choice and keep using it till the result you want is achieved. 

Final Words

I am sure you found this article helpful. 

Harnessing the power of crystals begins by believing in them. Afterward, follow all the instructions and guidelines as prescribed in this article and you will begin to get results. 

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