7 Side Effects of Black Onyx: Who Should Not Wear?

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7 Side Effects of Black Onyx: Who Should Not Wear?

Onyx, formed from the Greek word “onus” which means fingernail or claw, is the parallel striped variety of Chalcedony that comes in alternating colors. The black onyx which has only white and black stripes is the most common.

It was formed from silica deposits that were percolated by silica-rich water passing through the cracks and fissures in their rocks at low temperatures.

Since ancient times, it has been used for hard stone carvings, engravings, and pieces of jewelry, especially beads.

Different cultures have their beliefs about black onyx. Some believe it can absorb negative energy. 

The ancient Romans carry amulets made of them to war with the belief that it has protective powers. 

Ancient Persia used them to treat diseases like epilepsy. Some others believe it can detect and keep good love relationships. 

Nonetheless, the black onyx stone with all its numerous benefits also has some possible side effects which we’ll be discussing in this article.

Do Crystals have side effects? 

Holding many crystals

Yes, crystals do have side effects

Because of the numerous benefits that come with wearing them, some precautions must be followed to enjoy these benefits. When they are neglected, you will become prone to their side effects. 

That is why you should choose your gemstones, like the black onyx, from trusted dealers and reliable suppliers. Also, you must handle them appropriately

Does Black Onyx work for everyone? 

Black Onyx bracelet

No, Black Onyx is not for everyone.

Individuals that possess Gemini as their Zodiac sign are advised not to wear the black onyx. It is often known to result in ill effects. 

Nonetheless, people with other birth signs can wear it.

However, you should check your compatibility with the gemstone stone on a three-day basis to ascertain if it will be the best fit for you. 

Zodiac signs like Leo and Capricorn, on the hand, are very compatible with the black onyx gemstone as it is believed to help them become masters of their destinies. 

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7 Possible side effects of wearing black Onyx stone 

7 Possible side effects of wearing black Onyx stone 

Individuals who are not compatible with the black onyx stone are prone to suffer different side effects. Usually, it is in the opposite direction.

Some of them include the  following:

1) Headache

The black onyx gemstone can cause headaches when handled inappropriately or incompatible.

Normally, it has a therapeutic ability that helps you calm your nerves through meditation and focused thinking. 

It can effectively drive away distractions and help you think more clearly and be conscious of your environment

But, on the other hand, if it is used wrongly or it is incompatible, it can take away your peace of mind, muddling up your thoughts and invariably inducing mental stress which will result in headaches and fatigue in the long run. 

2) Physical exhaustion

Black onyx gemstones can cause physical exhaustion. It is a powerful stone known for its ability to absorb and drain negative energies in or around anyone wearing them. 

They are therefore filled with so much energy and strength. Emotionally, they are sound and are well in charge of their space. 

But when the stones are not suitable, the reverse becomes the situation. Instead of warding off negative energy, they accumulate, leaving you exhausted and drained.

This can also happen when certain precautions are not observed during usage. For instance, Black onyx is more effective when worn occasionally and purified from time to time. This side effect can occur when these are ignored.

3) Psychological Fatigue

The gemstone can also lead to psychological fatigue. Because of its ability to connect a person to higher realms when worn, the black onyx gemstones can improve your intuitiveness. 

The individual can easily understand the meaning of any form of change around them, and it also helps them follow the right direction for their life

The result becomes the opposite when the gemstone is not compatible with the person wearing it.

They intend to experience confusion and a lack of direction. This can result in psychological fatigue and even mental disorder in most cases. 

4) Skin Irritation 

The black onyx gemstone also causes skin irritation. It has been shown to improve the health and overall well-being of people wearing them. 

Due to its ability to clear and enhance the root Chakra invariably helps the different body organs, including the skin, function very well. 

It also balances the sensory organs and strengthens the immune system. 

Nonetheless, when the gemstone is not compatible, it could lead to organ malfunction which could be in the form of skin irritation, difficulty in hearing and sensory imbalance. 

5) Somnolence

Black onyx gemstones can cause Somnolence. The effect of the gemstone on the root Chakra gives it the power to balance energy flow.

It tends to ward off negative energy flow leaving you full of energy. 

Nonetheless, when it is worn wrongly or inappropriately, it can turn around to sap all your energy leaving you stressed and often drowsy. 

6) Vomiting and Nausea 

One of the side effects of this gemstone is vomiting and nausea. It brings relief for different gastrointestinal issues or ailments.

This is attributed to its ability to boost the function of the root Chakra which does the work of relief. 

Gastrointestinal disorders, however, could occur when the gemstone is worn wrongly and not properly cared for. The symptoms could manifest as vomiting and nausea and other serious symptoms in some cases. 

7) Feeling of lack of energy  

The primary benefit of using the black onyx stone is that it leaves the bearer with a surge of positive energy by warding off any negative energy in or around them. 

It can bring a negative result of lack of energy when it is not compatible with you or not correctly used.

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I’m feeling side effects! Should I stop using these Crystals?

sad woman

When we spend our money to buy these gemstones, logically, the intention is to enjoy the benefits that come with having them. 

If a particular gemstone is not suitable for you, it does not mean you can’t use gemstones any longer. 

It only means it’s not suitable for you. It could be due to your birth sign or probably something else. 

Nevertheless, there are many other gemstones you can choose from. All you need to do is check whether or not it’s compatible with you.

4 Crystals to use instead of black onyx

Crystals combination

There are many other Crystals you can choose from if black onyx seems not to be suitable for you.

Some of them are non-selective and can be worn by anyone while some others still behave like black onyx.

We’ll be discussing four of them for this article.

1) Black Agate  

This is a banded gemstone of the variety of Chalcedony of the Quartz crystal family. It comes in black and dark brown, or black and dark gray patterns. 

It usually looks like an opaque solid rock but appears translucent when viewed over different light sources. 

It has a lot of healing and therapeutic benefits. Being connected with the root Chakra signifies protection, success and courage. 

Unlike the black onyx, black agate does not have any side effects as anyone can wear it, which makes it a perfect substitute for it. 

2) Black Anatase

This gemstone comes in a variety of beautiful colors including black, deep indigo and ambient yellow. These are a result of impurities, as they appear white or colorless when pure

The jewelry is also known to provide some health benefits like the healing of sinus problems, and mental and spiritual difficulties.

It can, however, be won by anyone regardless of their birth sign. 

Aside from their use in jewelry production, they have a wider function in industries, from air cleansers to solar cells and environmental cleansing.

3) Black Garnet

Garnet comes as a black or coloured gemstone. The black gemstone is mostly from the Andradite and Pyrope variety. 

In Jewelleries, it is mainly used for decorative purposes due to its abrasive features and it is universal in its usage. 

It is also known to have some healing powers. It can regenerate and trigger energy, and improve a negative mood to a positive one. 

It is also known to bring prosperity mostly to those in the cosmetics trade, lottery sellers, share market dealers, professionals in film, and television serial sectors and chemical laboratories staff. 

4) Ilvate

Ilvate exhibits Pleochroism; the ability to change color depending on its angles

This makes it rare and expensive and therefore, much more desirable and attractive in jewelry production. As a result, it is better to substitute when compared to the  black onyx

It usually comes in deep black and dark grayish black beautified with a sub-metallic Luster. 

It also has some superpowers for protective energy

To conclude

Although the black onyx gemstone has a lot of benefits, it is not suitable for everyone. To avoid these side effects that could result from using them, you should check your compatibility before usage. 

If you are not compatible, it is still okay. There are many other gemstones you can choose from such as the ones discussed above that have little or no side effects. You will instead, enjoy the luxury and benefits of wearing gemstones.

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