7 Black Tourmaline Side Effects: Is it too Strong or Dangerous?

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7 Black Tourmaline Side Effects: Is it too Strong or Dangerous?

Black Tourmaline, also known as schorl, is among the different varieties of the Tourmaline crystal. 

It comes with a polished sheen appearance. But when it contains Mica, it gives a dazzling combination of dark and light appearance, making them of a higher value in industries.

Black Tourmaline Crystals are believed to possess some healing properties. It’s among the strongest crystals in existence.

They provide solutions to a whole lot of emotional and physical problems. It works by nurturing your root chakra and helping you reinforce and stabilize to face any life challenge.

However, there are side effects that can occur with using the stone. This could usually be associated with an imbalance between the vibrations from the stone and the bearer.

For this article, we’ll be looking at some of these side effects.

Can a crystal be too strong?

box black, pink purple crystals
Real Black Tourmaline

When a crystal is said to be too strong, it has so much to do with its compatibility with the energy of the bearer.

Crystals vibrate at a particular frequency which is usually different from one another.

When it connects perfectly well with the energy of the bearer, the result entails finding comfort, and peace and lifting the overall well-being. 

Some crystals, however, can cause discomfort and ignite overwhelming feelings.

Such crystals have very different vibrational frequencies and are not in any way connected with the energy of the bearer. 

Also, when the frequency of the crystal is almost the same as that of the bearer, the effect will not be noticed. It is only feasible when both energies are opposite of each other.  

At these points, they are said to be too strong for you.

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Is Black Tourmaline dangerous? 

Real Black Tourmaline
Real Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is not necessarily dangerous, but among the most powerful crystals in existence (unlike Moldavite, for example).

Its high energy is strong enough to neutralize any form of negative energy

Because of its strength, it is not always compatible with everyone.

The high energy composition sometimes does not connect with the energies of a certain environment. 

It could be that the energy of the environment is too similar to that of the stone, causing them to repel each other.

It can also mean that they vibrate at different frequencies and fail to connect. At this point, the crystal can be said to be dangerous and unsafe. You should keep away from it.

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Does Black Tourmaline really work?

working with black tourmaline

Yes, Black Tourmaline works. It is believed to contain higher energies that give rise to a lot of physical and emotional healing.

The Black Tourmaline is great for:

  • Clearing the root chakra;
  • Help the bearer bask in self-confidence;
  • Help them connect well with their environment;
  • Make quality decisions without fear. 

It takes good care of anxiety, anger, and unwanted thoughts. It does it by absorbing these negative energies around you and purifying them

If you are battling with old habits that seem to stick with you for a long, Black Tourmaline is the best crystal for you.

It is believed to have the ability to absorb this negative energy around you and transform them into something pure and positive. You can now head on to becoming the best of yourself

If you are finding it hard to recollect yourself; it seems like you are already losing it and the world is about to crash on your head.

The crystal is believed to help you ward off this negative energy that often comes as anxious and depressing thoughts.

It will protect you from these energies and help you stay calm and collected, and fill you with pure and positive energies that promote serenity. 

It is equally known for its protective abilities. It can protect the bearer from any psychic attacks.

You do not have to be mindful of your environment because of these dangers because the crystals will take care of them.

All you have to do is to have them around you either by carrying them or wearing them as bracelets.

That way, you can open up your heart to living, trusting, and learning from people without any fear or panic. 

7 Side effects of using Black Tourmaline

7 side effects of using Black Tourmaline

Despite the many benefits associated with using black Tourmaline, some side effects have also been associated with them. While some are negative, others are positive.

We’ll look at some of them:

1) Triggers Anxiety

Black Tourmaline is said to trigger anxiety when it is not compatible. This is a result of the strong energy it possesses. 

Bearers often complain about the high energy they feel which usually gets them agitated when they put on the crystals

Sometimes, even without touching the crystals, just being around them is enough to make a person feel weird. 

This, however, is not observed by everybody

If you notice any discomfort when wearing the Crystals, it can only mean that the energy is not compatible with yours. It is, therefore, recommended that you try out other crystals instead

2) Being grounded 

Although it is believed that the crystals can help you connect to the root chakra, it can be too much. 

When you are too grounded, you become overly energetic and unaffected by whatever is happening around you.

You tend to be too carefree which is not the best

Black tourmaline is supposed to help you to be grounded to the earth, however, when it’s too much, the effect could be damaging.

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3) Headache  

Headache is among the negative side effects of the crystal. 

Black Tourmaline is believed to possess the unique power of absorbing any negative energy around the environment.

These negative energies are reflected as negative emotions.

However, when the crystals are not compatible with your body’s energy, they can manifest as a headache

At this point, you should stop using this crystal and try alternate ones to avoid further problems 

4) Fatigue  

The negative side effect of black Tourmaline crystal can come as fatigue. 

As a result of its powerful energy, sometimes it could repel the energy of the bearer.

That means they fail to connect. This can reflect unusual tiredness due to these conflicting energies.

Continuous usage, might result in more severe symptoms, therefore, you should quit using the crystals. You can meet an expert to recommend better crystals for you. 

5) Keeps negative energies away

Our environment is usually filled with negative energies. These negative energies do not have a good impact on the body. 

There’s therefore always a need to shield this negative energy away. 

This is where black Tourmaline comes in. It helps absorb every negative energy around you, filling them up with positive energies

Black Tourmaline can surprisingly banish negative thoughts. It helps you fill your mind with positive, energy-giving thoughts. 

6) Supports weight loss

Black tourmaline can help you lose excess weight in your body

Black Tourmaline, as one of its physical healing benefits, can boost the immune system and aid in healthy digestion. By this, you experience good health in your overall well-being

Also, when it comes to weight loss, it is not usually an easy task. Most of the time, people start with them and give up along the way. 

With black Tourmaline, it is believed you can stay motivated till the end of the process. It does this by helping you focus on healthier food choices for better results. 

Another way it is believed to be of help regarding weight loss is through water retention. 

7) Protects against EMF

The devices we use every day are believed to emit electric and magnetic energies.

This negative vibration is believed to lead to headaches, depression, fatigue, or even difficulty in carrying out the task 

Black Tourmaline can absorb these EMFs hence preventing their negative effect on the environment.

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I am feeling some negative effects! Should I stop using Black Tourmaline? 

black crystal stone ring

Due to the high strength associated with black Tourmaline, there are situations where bearers experience negative side effects.

Instead of the many benefits associated with the crystal you experience the opposite as described above. 

This is a sign of incompatibility. The crystal is not suitable for you, probably because the energy is too strong or your energy and that of the crystal somehow repel each other.

Therefore you should stop using this crystal.

Although, sometimes, it might not necessarily be the crystals.

This is why you will need to confirm with your expert first to inquire whether to continue or change to another crystal that is more suitable for you.

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Final thoughts

Black Tourmaline Crystals, among the many powerful crystals in existence, are believed to possess some healing properties.

It gives both emotional and physical healing by wading off any form of negative energies from the environment. 

However, the effect can turn out to be negative, which usually occurs when the energy of the bearer and that of the crystals are not compatible.

It is either too strong for the bearer or almost at a close range that they repel each other. 

At this point, it is advisable you quit using the crystal and try out other crystals that might be more suitable for you.

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  1. I once got a Black Tourmaline and had severe side effects. I got bad headaches, brain fog, fatigue and anxiety. It took me about five months to realise it was the tournamline crystal that was causing it. This article just confirms it. This may not be the case with everybody, but in my case the crystal was not suitable.

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