Who Should NOT Wear Sodalite? 9 Side Effects

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Who Should NOT Wear Sodalite? 9 Side Effects

There are side effects to sodalite crystal

Is sodalite for everyone? Who should not use sodalite? What are the side effects of using sodalite?

In this article, we will extensively discuss all there is to know about these side effects. I will be answering all of your questions through this article. 

Therefore, if you have any questions concerning sodalite and its compatibility with you, read till the end to have the perfect answer

Is Sodalite dangerous?


No, sodalite is not considered dangerous

When worn or used in its natural state, it might not pose any real threat or harm to life. 

However, the way we use this stone could expose us to risks and health hazards. 

This stone is composed of sodium aluminum silicate and is found in igneous rock. Its blue vibrant color makes it one of the best picks for jewelry, decorative purposes, and artwork. 

Now, as beautiful as this stone looks, there are certain ways you should never use it

If you work in an industry that deals with the remaking or cutting of sodalite into smaller pieces, it is important to keep yourself safe from inhaling the sodalite crumbs.

As harmless as sodium aluminum silicate looks, it can cause respiratory problems when it’s inhaled. 

For those who suffer from respiration conditions like asthma, inhaling sodalite can be problematic for your breathing. 

Additionally, it is important to stay away from swallowing sodalite. Now, you may be wondering how possible it is for anyone without a death wish to swallow the stone. 

Well, there are other ways to swallow sodalite without actually swallowing the stone. One such way is by drinking a glass of water that is soaked with sodalite.

Most times, this act is carried out by those who intend on using the stone for spiritual purposes

Please, kindly use other means! Drinking this kind of water exposes you to health hazards.

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Can everyone use Sodalite stone?

Sodalite stone

No, not everyone can use sodalite stone

Because of its chemical components and metaphysical properties, it is important to check if this stone is suitable for you or not

The fact that every crystal possesses spiritual powers does not make them suitable for you.

This is why knowledge is important – especially about your body sensitivity, zodiac compatibility, and crystal spiritual properties and powers. 

To understand more about zodiac compatibility, read what comes next in this article.

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Who should NOT wear Sodalite stone? Zodiac signs

Sodalite bracelet

Earlier on, I made it clear that in the use of crystals, your zodiac sign is an important element to consider.

In this section, we will discuss the zodiac compatibility with sodalite stone. 

That is, which zodiac sign is compatible with sodalite, and which zodiac sign is not compatible with sodalite? 

Trust me, what you are about to discover will answer 90% of the questions you have about the best stone to use for fashion and spiritual purposes. 

The sodalite crystal is compatible with Virgo, known to be intuitive and adventurous. This complements the soothing energy of this precious gemstone. 

Other zodiac signs like Sagittarius, Aquarius and Gemini can also use sodalite stones. 

The following zodiac signs should stay away from sodalite stone as much as they can.

  • Capricorn: This zodiac sign is fueled with determination. It needs a stone with stimulating and energizing properties. Therefore, sodalite, which has a soothing energy is not suitable for this zodiac sign. It could lead to a loss of motivation and focus;
  • Cancer: Astrologically speaking, if your zodiac sign is cancer, this implies that you are easily emotionally overwhelmed by situations. For you, sodalite is not the perfect crystal choice. Using sodalite exposes you to intense emotions, which might break your boundaries;
  • Pisces: According to research, Pisces is known for intuitive decisions. This zodiac sign does not make decisions based on logic. On the other hand, sodalite enhances logical reasoning. This is why it isn’t compatible with Pisces. 

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9 Possible side effects of wearing Sodalite stone

The best way to cleanse Sodalite

Wearing this crystal has 9 possible side effects you should know. Whenever you experience one or more of these side effects, it is best to stay away from this crystal. 

There are other alternatives to sodalite stone you can use. 

Read on to find out more about these side effects and the best way to curb or avoid them

1) Emotional Imbalance

One of the side effects of wearing sodalite stone is emotional imbalance.

Because of its soothing and calm energy, empaths, or those whose zodiac sign is cancer might suffer from emotional imbalance. 

This stone is known to enhance our emotions. It connects with the core of our essence and heightens all of our feelings, which can make an individual vulnerable. 

This explains why your emotions are all over the place.

Therefore, if you are cancer or an empath, the best alternative stone to use is rose quartz. Its color is different from that of sodalite, but you will enjoy the spiritual benefits you seek in sodalite. 

2) Loss of Focus

Another side effect of using sodalite stone is a loss of focus and passion. For those with a calm personality, the soothing energy of this crystal makes you passive towards your dreams and ambitions. 

It makes you lose focus on what’s important. Rather, you will start living in your imagination without producing anything tangible. 

The reason is that its soothing energy extra douses your mind. It eliminates the little energy you have and leaves you crumbling within

The spiritual properties of sodalite are similar to that of fluorite. This makes fluorite the best crystal alternative. It suits your personality and does not bring about a loss of focus.

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3) Headaches

If you have an unsettled mind, sodalite might cause headaches. This is because it has absorbing properties, which absorb the energy in its wearer. 

Now, when the energy is absorbed, sodalite transmits that energy back to the wearer at an intense frequency.

This explains the headaches you’ve been having after wearing your sodalite jewelry.

Therefore, lapis lazuli is the best crystal alternative for people with an unsettled mind.

Rather than absorb the energy, lapis lazuli releases positive vibes, which extinguishes the flame of mental disarray. 

4) Confusion

If you rely mainly on your intuition for decision-making, don’t wear sodalite when you are about to make a decision

The energy from sodalite promotes logical thinking.

Now, if you have not been used to this form of thinking, there will be a lot of issues – especially when it comes to decision-making. This leads to confusion

5) Low self-esteem

One of the side effects of wearing sodalite is having low self-esteem. Majorly, this happens to those who already have doubts about themselves. 

The amplifying energy of this stone brings your inner feelings out. It makes those feelings real to you, and this might mess up your mind

Therefore, if you have doubts about yourself, or have recently suffered a traumatic event, don’t use sodalite. Rather, go for healing stones like moonstones.

6) Body reactions

If your body reacts harshly to sodalite crystal, then, it is not advisable to wear this stone. Seek out other alternatives without similar chemical components as sodalite. 

With those alternatives, you won’t react harshly as you would have done with sodalite gemstone. 

7) Fear of self-expression

Because of the calm energy from sodalite, you might probably experience fear. Most times, this happens when you want to communicate your feelings to someone. 

The moment you experience this, it is a sign that the crystal is not suitable for you. It douses your confidence and affects your throat chakra.

8) Stomach Issues

An overexposure to sodalite can result in stomach issues, like diarrhea.

Whenever this happens, it is because you are not mentally ready to take in the energy from this crystal for a long time. 

This does not mean you shouldn’t wear the stone. However, avoid wearing it for a long time.

9) Emotional Vulnerability

It is believed that people with emotional vulnerabilities should stay away from sodalite crystals.

Its amplifying properties will amplify their vulnerabilities, and this might affect their relationship with other people. 

Furthermore, it might expose them to the risk of being manipulated by people with evil intentions

Therefore, if you easily cry or feel hurt, don’t use sodalite very often.

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Should I wear Sodalite?

sodalite stone

The answer to this is relative. 

Yes, you should wear sodalite if:

  • Your zodiac sign allows it;
  • Your personality is in sync with its energy;
  • Your intentions and desires can be granted through the stone’s metaphysical properties. 

No, don’t wear sodalite if:

  • Your personality does not flow with the stone’s energy frequency;
  • Your zodiac sign contradicts the nature of the stone. 

Final Words

Sodalite is a powerful crystal! However, when you notice side effects in using the stone, it’s a clear sign to stay away from its usage

The information in this article has provided enough clarity concerning this. Make decisions based on that.

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