Who Should NOT Wear Labradorite? 9 Side Effects

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Who Should NOT Wear Labradorite? 9 Side Effects

Commonly, labradorite is known to open the throat chakra or the third eye chakra. However, as time went by, other spiritual powers and benefits were uncovered. 

Now, as beautiful as this stone is, there are potential side effects of using it you should know. 

In this article, we will explore labradorite even as we seek to understand its side effects and zodiac sign incompatibility. 

Therefore, if you intend to use this stone but don’t know if it’s for you or not, read this article for answers

Is Labradorite dangerous?


Labradorite is not dangerous. Using it does not pose any form of threat to the life and health of individuals on a large scale. 

However, this does not mean we should be careless in the usage of this precious gemstone. 

It is important to exercise caution in your interaction with labradorite

This stone has a complex chemical composition. It is a calcium-enriched feldspar mineral. The usage of labradorite should exclude inhaling and ingesting. 

Because of its chemical components and mineral properties, you might expose yourself to health hazards by ingesting or inhaling the crystal. 

During my research, I discovered that crystals are not as dangerous as we think.

But, the way we use these stones determines if they can eventually become dangerous to our health or not. 

Therefore, ensure you are cautious in how you use the labradorite gemstone. Avoid inhaling it, or ingesting the stone or water filled with the stone

By avoiding all of these, you won’t have to worry about the possible health issues that might arise from the use of labradorite crystals

There are side effects! We will discuss this later. Read on for more information.

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Can everyone use Labradorite stone?

Holding Labradorite

No, not everyone can use the labradorite stone

It is best to understand that labradorite is composed of not just mineral components, but also spiritual powers.

Now, these powers are for specific purposes. If your intentions do not align with the specificity of the labradorite’s powers, it won’t work for you. 

Furthermore, it is also important to understand how your body works. If your body chemistry is not in sync with the properties and components of labradorite, there might be negative reactions such as rashes, inflammations, and discoloration

This is why adequate knowledge is important in your understanding of this unique crystal.

Not just that! You must also understand if this stone is suitable for you or not.

To help you achieve this, we will discuss the zodiac signs that are not compatible with the use of labradorite. If your zodiac sign falls within this category, then, you should stay away from it

Read on to find out more.

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Who should NOT wear Labradorite stone? Zodiac signs


One of the ways to understand if labradorite is for you or not is by checking your zodiac sign. 

In this section, we will discuss the zodiac signs that are not compatible to wear or use labradorite

Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius can wear labradorite close to their body. This is because the energy frequency of this stone is in sync with the personalities of these zodiac signs. 

Here are the zodiac signs not compatible with labradorite stone:

  • Capricorn: This zodiac sign has a lot to do with logic. People with the Capricorn zodiac sign are seen as more disciplined and structured in their lives. They don’t waste time imagining or making myriads of wishes. Now, this personality is not in sync with the imaginative qualities of labradorite. Therefore, as a Capricorn, don’t wear this gemstone;
  • Taurus: Taurus wants to be practical in its approach. Labradorite does not want to do this. People who use this stone harness its energy to see more beyond logic. For Taurus, this is a contradiction of personalities. To prevent unnecessary emotional turmoils or personality disorders, it is advisable to stay away from the labradorite gemstone;
  • Virgo: The personality of Virgo is similar to that of Taurus. Virgo is more practical and detail oriented when it comes to making sound decisions and judgments in life. Now, the labradorite crystal does not emit such energy. Therefore, it might be hard to harness its energy for yourself as a Virgo. 

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9 Possible side effects of wearing Labradorite stone


In this section, we will discuss the 9 possible side effects of wearing the labradorite stone

As we have discussed earlier, this unique gemstone has spiritual powers and benefits to offer. However, not everyone has the advantage to enjoy these benefits.

Rather than exposing themselves to the potential side effects of using this stone, it is best to stay away from it whilst focusing on other crystals that have similar energy frequency but do not pose any threat. 

1) Anxiety

One of the side effects of wearing labradorite is an intense feeling of anxiety. This stone constantly reminds you that the universe is in control of everything that happens around you. 

Because of this reminder, you might suffer from anxiety. That is, you are always going to be eager to know what lies ahead of you – since the universe controls everything from up there

If you keep the stone on you for a long period, the anxiety might become too intense and eventually lead to fear

The moment you notice an intense feeling of anxiety (after wearing this stone), it means that you are suffering from its side effects.

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2) Headaches

Because of the mental pressure that happens due to the usage of labradorite, you might probably suffer from constant headaches

Now, this won’t be thumping or migraine in nature. It might come and go. However, it is a sign that you are prone to suffer from more side effects if enough precaution is not taken. 

Headache is one of the side effects of using this crystal. Once you notice this, it indicates that you are not compatible with labradorite stone.

Keep it far from direct contact with your body

3) Not learning from past experiences

The transformative power of labradorite stone fosters and enables quick inner transformation and growth. It helps people to easily let go of old patterns and beliefs

However, there can be a side effect!

Rather than learning from past experiences, this stone makes you more eager to forget what happened and move on with your life, which can be detrimental to future happenings

4) Emotional overload

The intense energy vibrations of labradorite crystal could lead to emotional overload – especially for empaths

Because empaths absorb energies around them, they can become extremely sensitive. For them, the use of labradorite is not a good idea. 

They might suffer from emotional overload, which makes them vulnerable to depression, constant crying and mood swings. 

5) Obsession

When you wear labradorite, if you suddenly become obsessed with accomplishing a task, it is a side effect. 

Obsessing blinds you to other aspects of your life, which is not good for your mental well-being

6) Skin sensitivity

For those who suffer from rashes after wearing this stone, it means you are not compatible with the labradorite crystal. 

The side effects of having sensitive skin towards this crystal are inflammations, discolouration, and rashes. 

7) Pride

If you have healthy self-esteem, it is advisable to stay away from using the labradorite stone.

One of the spiritual benefits of using this stone is self-confidence. 

For those who are already confident in their abilities, this stone amplifies that feeling and the adverse effect brings about pride. 

Therefore, if you have great esteem, don’t use labradorite.

8) Health challenges

Those using this stone are prone to health challenges like exhaustion, headaches, stomach disorders, and breathing difficulties

When you notice one or more of these health challenges, it means you are suffering from the side effects of wearing the labradorite stone. 

9) Personality clash

If your personality clashes with the energy from the labradorite crystal, you might go through mental turbulence as you navigate through your daily life. 

Because of the highly intuitive energy from this stone, pragmatic people should not use the stone for any reason. 

There are better alternatives like Amazonite, chrysocolla, and blue aventurine.

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Should I wear Labradorite?

Labradorite stone

The answer to this question depends on your intention, personality trait, and zodiac sign. 

Using crystals goes beyond its beauty! The inherent metaphysical properties of these stones should be put into consideration. 

If you’ve experienced one or more of the side effects mentioned in this article, then, it indicates that the labradorite stone is not meant for you. 

Look out for other alternatives.

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Final Words

Staying away from labradorite does not mean you won’t enjoy its benefits.

Using other alternatives like blue aventurine, chalcedony, chrysocolla and so on gives you the same spiritual benefits of this stone, but takes out its side effects. 

As discussed in this article, having adequate knowledge about the crystal you plan to use equips you properly. It positions you to harness the energy from this stone whilst trying to avoid stones that are not in alignment with your body sensitivity and zodiac sign. 

Did you learn something from this article? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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