Who Should NOT Wear Aquamarine? 7 Side Effects

Rita Smith
Who Should NOT Wear Aquamarine? 7 Side Effects

Aquamarine is a powerful gemstone. When you use it the right way, there are unending spiritual and metaphysical benefits you stand to enjoy. 

However, there are possible side effects of using this stone. Does this mean aquamarine is deadly? No, not necessarily. 

In this article, clearer perspectives will be given concerning the potential side effects of wearing aquamarine. 

Therefore, if you have experienced side effects from aquamarine, read this article to understand why and who should not wear it.

Additionally, you will get the perfect solution to eliminate these side effects – which is considering an alternative to aquamarine

Is Aquamarine dangerous?


No, aquamarine is not as dangerous as many people think. This stone possesses chemical components that require caution. But, this does not mean it poses a threat to life. 

How can aquamarine be dangerous?

Well, aquamarine can be dangerous based on how we use it. Since it has chemical components and structures, you should not inhale this stone.

That is, if you work in an industry that granulates aquamarine crystals, take precautionary measures to ensure that you don’t inhale the dust from aquamarine. 

If aquamarine is soaked in water, ensure to not drink such. Doing this exposes you to health hazards.

To reduce the risk of suffering severe health conditions, stay away from water soaked with aquamarine

Whenever aquamarine is exposed to constant heat, it can be dangerous when used. Radiation does not bode well for the mineral component of this stone.

As long as it is kept in a cool place, it poses no threat to people. 

Beyond all of these precautionary measures and tips, it is safe to use this stone for fashion and spiritual purposes. 

To find out more about this stone, read what comes next as we explore the side effects of using this stone.

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Can everyone use Aquamarine stone?

Aquamarine stone

No, not everyone can use aquamarine stone. 

You need to understand that every gemstone or crystal has its unique spiritual and metaphysical properties. These properties perform unique tasks

Therefore, if your intention is not in sync with the powers of aquamarine, you might not enjoy its benefits.

Your intention releases energy that stirs up the crystal you are directing it to. If the crystal does not have the power to bring your desires to pass, you will simply be wasting time

Furthermore, your body sensitivity comes to play in this. If you react to aquamarine, it is not a great idea for you to use the stone.

Because of these reasons, I believe that not everyone should use aquamarine.

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Who should NOT wear Aquamarine stone? Zodiac signs

Aquamarine stone crystal

Do you know that wearing crystals can be decided through people’s zodiac signs? That is, you can choose the stone to wear based on your zodiac sign. 

For example, there are zodiac signs that are not compatible with the aquamarine stone. 

Do you want to know? Then, read what comes next.

Generally, it is believed that the zodiac sign Pisces is associated with the aquamarine crystal.

If you were born between February 19 and March 20, then, aquamarine is the best stone for you. 

I discovered 2 zodiac signs that are not compatible with aquamarine stone. If your zodiac sign does not fall within this category, this means you can use the stone – whether you are Pisces or not. 

  • Scorpio: As a Scorpio, it is advisable to stay away from this gemstone. You are mostly known for your intense and transformational energy. The aquamarine stone has soothing energy, which is not compatible with your spiritual vibration;
  • Leo: As a Leo, you should use gemstones like ruby or peridot. They align perfectly with your energy frequency. Your domineering personality is not in sync with the calm energy of the aquamarine stone. This is why you should not wear it or use it for any spiritual practice. 

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7 Possible side effects of wearing Aquamarine stone

big Aquamarine stone

If you’ve experienced one or more of the following side effects, it means that the aquamarine stone is not for you.

Rather than use this stone, find out other alternatives (which will be discussed later) to aquamarine.

Here are the 7 possible side effects of wearing the aquamarine stone

1) Skin Rashes

Before choosing to wear a crystal, it is important to consider the effect of wearing this stone on your skin. 

Whenever you notice a reaction on your skin, it indicates that such a stone is not for you. 

If your skin is highly sensitive to aquamarine, wearing it exposes you to skin rash, inflammations, and skin discoloration.

To ensure this stops, take out aquamarine pendants from your necklaces, or stop wearing the aquamarine bracelet. 

Most times, this happens when your aquamarine jewelry has allergens like nickel

Therefore, to prevent skin problems and discomfort, keep aquamarine out of your crystal collection – if your skin is sensitive to the stone

2) Low self-esteem

Aquamarine is a stone known for its soothing energies. It is mostly used by those who need to be calm and balanced emotionally

However, there is a side effect to this stone. This is for those who have a calm or silent personality. 

Because of the soothing energy from this crystal, people with a silent personality should stay away from this stone. Using it exposes them to having low self-esteem. 

For these people, rather than feeling calm and balanced, they will get to the end, which creates fear in their hearts and affects their self-confidence.

They need a stone with stimulating properties.

3) Skin Discoloration

When you use aquamarine for a long time, you might suffer from skin discoloration. This is because of your fragile and sensitive skin. 

Therefore, even if you will use the aquamarine crystal, remove it at frequent intervals for air to pass through that patch of your skin. 

Without doing this, that part of your skin might be a bit darker and dense than other parts of your skin. 

Once you notice this, it is a sign that you should probably stay away from using this stone, or reduce how frequently you use the crystal

4) Frequent discomfort

One of the ways to know the stone that’s good for you is by observing how mentally comfortable you are with wearing the stone. 

Whenever you wear the aquamarine and feel uncomfortable in your mind, it could be a sign of incompatibility with the stone. 

A lot of people might have experienced this; but, not having adequate knowledge made them ill-equipped to understand how to interpret that sign. 

The moment you feel uncomfortable at intervals, it is a side effect of wearing aquamarine. It indicates that your mental self is not in sync with the energy from this stone

5) Emotional fatigue

The energy from aquamarine enhances compassion, empathy and love. 

If you are an empath, using aquamarine exposes you to emotional fatigue. Do you know why?

This is because your mental and emotional self will continuously absorb the pains and negative feelings of people. 

If this continues for a long time, you will begin to feel emotionally exhausted and this might be physically demonstrated through the sudden rush of anger or depression that flows through you. 

It isn’t bad to be compassionate. However, the use of aquamarine (as an empath) causes you to absorb other people’s negative energies without control

6) Intense dream experiences

If you wear aquamarine to sleep, your subconscious will be awakened, and this exposes you to intense experiences in your dream life

Because of this, you might wake up feeling exhausted, or with serious headaches

7) Heightened memory

If you recently went through a betrayal, it is best to stay away from the aquamarine crystal.

This stone has the power to awaken your memory.

If this happens, the situation you are trying to get over will replay itself in your mind, and this reawakens all unresolved and bottled-up emotions.

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4 Excellent alternatives to Aquamarine stone


To prevent suffering from the side effects of using the aquamarine stone, it is advisable to stay away from the stone. 

Here are other alternatives to aquamarine stone you should consider:

1) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

This is an amazing alternative to aquamarine stone. It promotes clarity of thoughts and self-awareness.

If you have a silent personality, you won’t suffer from low self-esteem by using the lapis lazuli stone. 

Its aesthetic qualities make you look alluring.

Before you use this stone, read here some possible side effects.

2) Amazonite

Amazonite real stone

This vibrant green stone is another excellent alternative to aquamarine. Its balancing and grounding properties promote mental stability. It also reduces emotional fatigue.

As an empath, rather than using aquamarine, consider amazonite as a perfect crystal alternative. 

3) Moonstone

Blue Moonstone
Blue Moonstone

The feminine energy from this crystal promotes emotional healing. It exposes suppressed emotions and unresolved issues in your heart.

Afterwards, its soothing energy is released, which aids forgiveness and an emotional release

4) Blue Lace Agate

blue lace agate

For self-expression and effective communication, try using blue lace agate. It is a perfect alternative to aquamarine stone. 

Furthermore, using this stone exposes you to the spiritual benefits of aquamarine whilst leaving out its side effects. 

Final Words

Is aquamarine a good crystal? Yes, it is a good crystal. However, it is not meant for everyone!

Now that you’ve read this article, I am sure you can tell if Aquamarine is for you or not

If aquamarine does not seem suitable for you, try out one of its 4 excellent alternatives and experience several spiritual benefits. 

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