9 Crystal Shapes Meanings and Uses (Healing Properties)

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9 Crystal Shapes Meanings and Uses

Crystals have been used as tools of magic and healing since the dawn of time, and they are still being used in the same way today.

Different crystal shapes have different meanings and properties, so it’s important to understand what each shape represents before incorporating them into your spiritual practice.

This list will discuss nine different crystal shapes, their meanings, and how to use them in everyday life or rituals.

Does a crystal’s shape affect its power?

A lot of crystals

Crystals are formed in unique shapes that each holds different energy.

Many people believe that certain shapes have more power than others, but it is more important to consider how you feel when handling a crystal than how it looks.

The shape of a crystal can affect its resonance – how well it vibrates with its environment.

A large crystal may not fit well on a small altar or in your hand; likewise, a small crystal might not feel powerful enough for larger spaces or bigger spells.

Crystal’s shape affects its power. If a crystal is held correctly and cleansed of all negative energies, there will be an effect.

It doesn’t matter what type of crystal it is as long as they have been washed properly before use.

Each crystal has a different meaning and purpose, so try another if one does not work for you.

You must also remember that crystals must be cleaned regularly to continue working at their best.

9 Crystal Shapes Meanings and Uses

Crystal Shapes Meanings and Uses

Crystal shapes are often used to refer to different crystal types. For example, a quartz crystal is a mineral that comes in many different shapes.

Quartz crystals are typically clear or white but can also be found in other colors.

Crystal shapes have been around for thousands of years and have been used for healing purposes.

The specific shape of a crystal can have an impact on its meaning.  Here’s what you need to know about nine common crystal shapes

1) Pyramid-shaped crystals

Pyramid-shaped crystal

Use crystals in pyramid shapes like quartz or calcite to harness your mental energy.

They are great at centering and helping you focus on a specific goal. Pyramid-shaped crystals are also great for meditation when placed point-upward over your third eye chakra.

Many healers say that pointy crystal tips can help activate meridians in your hands during energy work or healing sessions.

Use this kind of crystal when you need extra oomph in your intentions.

If a situation is overwhelming, try putting one of these pointed crystals under your pillow while sleeping.

You may wake up with clarity about how to handle it better than before!

2) Pointed crystals

Pointed crystals

These crystals are known to help focus energy.

This shape is usually used protectively; they’re often put into dream pillows and amulets to protect against bad dreams or nightmares.

Pointed crystals come in wide different varieties, but they all have one important quality in common:

  • Pointed crystals are used to magnify your intentions.
  • Sharp crystals can also be used for protection, especially when traveling or working on a new project.

Keep a pointed crystal with you to open your third eye chakra (the sixth chakra) and enhance your psychic abilities.

This is an excellent stone to use if you want to connect with past lives.

The best way to cleanse your pointed crystal is by using running water.

Afterward, place it out under sunlight for several hours until dry.

3) Egg-shaped crystals

Egg-shaped crystal

The egg-shaped quartz crystal is associated with spirituality, balance, and harmony.

Egg-shaped crystals are often used for meditation and healing.

For example, in 2007, researchers at The Australian National University showed that holding an egg-shaped crystal could reduce anxiety levels by over 20%.

In addition to promoting overall calmness, egg-shaped crystals have been known to enhance creativity, improve concentration and inspire insight.

Clear quartz is particularly well known for its egg-like shape, but other crystals are also often shaped like eggs. 

4) Wands

Wands crystal

for psychic visions, intuition, wisdom, creativity, and enhancing energy at work or during rituals. Also good for aid in astral traveling.

Chow out below a few ways to use this type of crystals:

  • Place under the pillow for psychic visions or meditation on psychic events that are about to take place;

  • Place one in each corner of a room when holding a ritual/prayer meeting to enhance energy in that room and all those inside it;

  • Also, place them around an altar for increased power when using them for prayer or rituals.

Use wands as you would use a candle flame by passing over items that need cleansing (such as tarot cards) or items you want to charge with your energy (such as crystals).

If you wish to send out some sort of message (whether it be positive or negative), pass your wand over some paper and write down your letter.

Then light it with your wand; let it burn until nothing is left but ashes.

Wand shape crystals can be used to direct energy into other crystals. Wands can also be used for healing purposes.

5) Heart-shaped crystal

Heart-shaped Quartz

The heart-shaped crystal is an attractive option that can work as an engagement ring or a way to say I love you.

This is a great gift to give someone in your life that means a lot to you.

Aside from personal use, these heart-shaped stones are very popular for decorating wedding bouquets.

This gem shape reminds us of beauty, compassion, and love; it’s perfect for anyone looking for happiness in their life.

When given to others, they’re sure to remember how much they mean to you forever.

Practitioners can use these beautiful crystals during healing sessions because they have properties that increase our capacity for love and forgiveness.

6) Tumbled crystals

Tumbled crystals

Tumbled stones, called tumbled crystals, are crystals that have been rounded, smoothed, and polished by dropping them with abrasive materials such as cloth or sand in a rotating drum.

Many people who work with crystals use these stones for healing and meditation.

They can also be used for other metaphysical purposes, like using them in grid patterns for spiritual or ceremonial uses.

Additionally, you can string these rough-cut or tumbled stones together to make a beautiful necklace.

Tumbled crystals come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. Tumbled crystals are very popular because they’re easy to use, inexpensive, and readily available.

7) Obelisk

Obelisk crystal

An obelisk is a four-sided, tapering monument that ends in a pyramid-like shape at its top.

Obelisk means needle, as its sides are often thin enough for sunlight to pass through.

These symbols are popularly associated with ancient Egyptian civilizations but can be found worldwide, particularly in Washington, D.C., where many government buildings contain obelisks made from stone or concrete.

Obelisk shape crystal jewelry can symbolize enlightenment and spiritual growth.

If you’re interested in crystals that help you learn about yourself, an obelisk-shaped piece of jewelry may be right up your alley!

8) Cube-shaped crystal

Cube-shaped quartz

The cube shape crystal represents strength and power.

The three sides of a cube represent energy, spirituality, and will. It is also used to repel negative energy from entering your life.

This can be achieved by holding or wearing them near your body.

Cubic Zirconia: CZ is one of the hardest materials synthetically created for use as a diamond substitute for jewelry.

This shape is to protect from negative en and attracts positive energy. It is also believed to bring wealth and success into one’s life.

9) Geodes

Geodes Amethyst

These are rocks that have hollowed-out interiors.

A lot of times, these types of crystals will have fossils inside.

Collectors pay big bucks for a cool geode with a perfect crystal formation inside it. Make sure to note them so that you can fit them in your pocket!

Geodes may be fun keepsakes; place some tealights in them and put them on display in your living room or bedroom.

This is associated with strength and stability. The ancient Greeks used to protect themselves from sea storms, while Native Americans believed they could ward off evil spirits.

What is the most powerful crystal shape?

Round shaped crystal

There are many different shapes of crystals.

What is the most powerful crystal shape? It all depends on how you wish to use them. You see, each crystal shape has its own attribute for healing or bringing in certain energies.

So in answer to your question I would have to say that there is no single most powerful one. But what may be more useful is knowing why they expand.

They come in a wide variety of shapes.

To understand that, we must first go back to when Crystals were just beginning their journey here on Earth with us.

As we know, some came here from space, but others were formed right here by Mother Earth as she was being created over billions of years. When crystals started developing, they did not always look like regular rocks as we know them today.

They had more variation in color and appearance than they did, as there were no set rules yet about how they should form themselves.

Once they began to take on their final form, Mother Earth decided that if her children would be used for our benefit, then she wanted them to fit into our lives easily.

She also wanted them easy enough for us humans to work with so that we could learn how to use her gifts effectively.

Therefore she gave each type of crystal its unique shape and color so it would stand out amongst other rocks and stones in nature.

Final Words

When it comes to crystal shapes, not all of them are used for healing or helping with issues. Many of these can be used as decor around your home.

For example, an egg-shaped crystal can be placed on a nightstand in a guest room.

The soothing energy will help guests feel relaxed during their stay. It’s important to note that some crystals should never be used for decoration but only for healing purposes; you should always consider a professional before the way.

If you have questions about which crystal is best for your needs, contact us today! We would love to help guide you through selecting crystals.

Remember, there is no one size fits for crystals – many factors to consider. Are you looking for a specific color? Do you want something clear or opaque? What type of crystal do you need?

All these things will affect how we match you up with a certain shape or stone. Just remember that we want nothing more than for our customers to feel happy and healthy – and maybe even help them grow spiritually along the way!

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