7 Black and Blue Crystals: Healing Properties

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7 Black and Blue Crystals: Healing Properties

Black and blue crystals have 7 healing properties and spiritual meanings. In this article, we will talk about these spiritual truths. 

When you see black and blue stones, you don’t have to know their specific names to properly channel their powers.

Their common color provides a common ground for you to channel their energies. 

In this article, you will be taught how to accomplish that

Are there Black and Blue Crystals?

Black crystal

Yes, there are black and blue stones. You will find them scattered all over the world. Black and blue crystals are not uncommon crystals.

They can be found in rivers, underneath the ground, and so on.

Crystals come in many colors. There are:

  • White crystals;
  • Dark crystals;
  • Red crystals;
  • Green crystals;
  • Oranger crystals;
  • Yellow crystals;
  • Pink crystals;
  • Silver crystals;
  • Gray crystals;
  • Golden crystals;
  • Blue crystals, and so on.

The messages that come with crystals are sometimes associated with their colors. Black and blue gemstones also come with such a message and intention to speak concerning their own peculiarity as well.

The black and blue stone is not just ONE gemstone.

Several gemstones are black and blue.

Don’t go around looking for a particular gemstone called the black and blue crystal. You will have a hard time finding such.

In spirituality, you must understand that the colors of crystals are given intentionally.

This means that crystals don’t accidentally form the color they choose. They are given colors because of the energy they emit, and the message they want to release to people.

For example:

  • The green crystal is often seen as an omen of abundance and good luck. That is, anytime the universe wants to communicate a message of good luck to people, the green crystal can be sent. It possesses the unique ability to release the energy of abundance into people’s lives.
  • The orange crystal comes to show us the power of determination and self-will. Anytime you begin to miss your step in life, orange crystals will find their way into your life to encourage your heart. 

Having established this fact, let us turn our attention to the spiritual meanings of black and blue gemstones.

7 Black and Blue Crystals Meanings and their Healing Properties

Black and Blue Crystals Meaning

Black and blue gemstones have 7 spiritual meanings and healing properties. These are the spiritual benefits you stand to enjoy by using black and blue gemstones.

Just like every other crystal, this set of crystals can be given as divine messages from the universe.

Furthermore, they can be used as an activity in our lives.

This is why you should carefully try to read through these 7 spiritual messages and healing properties to know how to properly use these crystals for yourself.

Don’t forget: When you have adequate knowledge about the power of crystals, there is no limit to what you can enjoy.

1) Peace and Stability

The energy that comes from these crystals are sufficient enough to grant peace and stability to people.

When things get out of hand, keeping a blue and black crystal restores peace to your soul.

Additionally, it ensures you are stable emotionally and mentally

If you want to get a hold of your mind and emotions, start using black and blue stones today.

2) Help with clarity

Do you know that these crystals can give you instructions on what to do? Yes, they can.

Whenever you are lost, try holding a black and blue gemstone in your hand.

As you do this, release your thoughts into the wind as you seek to channel the energy of this crystal for your current situation.

During this exercise, your mind will be calm enough to pick messages that bring clarity.

Whenever you are confused about what to do, the black and blue stone possesses the ability to help you out of your situation.

These crystals help with clarity.

3) Trust in your inward self

When you dream of holding black and blue gemstones, this is a spiritual message from the universe.

Earlier on, we mentioned that the universe can speak to us through crystals and their colors.

One of the messages we can get through black and blue stones inspires inner trust. 

This is telling you to trust in your inward self.

The inward self is also referred to as the inward intuition.

Inward intuition is the voice of our spirits that tells us what to do, what decision to make, and how to act in situations. Black and blue stones are telling you to trust that voice.

4) Confidence in yourself

Another message we can get from these crystals is the message of confidence. The spiritual world can help our minds to become more confident through black and blue stones. 

Meditating on black and blue stones keeps our minds and helps us become confident in our abilities and skills

Through black and blue gemstones, you will love yourself much more, appreciate yourself more than ever before, and trust your guts.

In addition to this, you will be confident enough to put your abilities and skills to use.

5) Emotional Healing

With black and blue crystals, your emotions will be healed.

Emotional healing happens when you are ready to embrace the hurts of the past and leverage them as strengths for the future.

For this to happen, it takes a huge amount of self-will, determination, and focus. Now, this does not just come by mere wishes. 

It takes a huge amount of energy to pull this through. Most times, an external energy orb is always needed. This is why you need these crystals.

With this set of crystals, you will not have problems with emotional healing. It supplies you with extra energy to get out of your shredded feelings.

6) It takes out pressure from our minds

Whenever you feel pressured, take a lapiz lazuli gemstone, rub it on your chest seven times and lay your back down for a quick rest.

You will wake up without pressure.

The lapis lazuli is a dark blue crystal that works wonders when it comes to attaining peace of mind.

Just like every other crystal with that color, the lapis lazuli has the unique qualities and properties to release pressure from your heart. 

7) Support your intentions

It is believed that your intentions can be supported using these crystals.

When you dream of holding a black and blue stones during prayer, it is believed to be the sign of answered prayers.

The reason for this belief is that black and blue stones are connected to the purest source of power, which is the ocean.

Therefore, it has the power to support your intentions. It is said that holding a black and blue gemstone while wishing for a thing speeds up the process of becoming a reality. 

The 7 spiritual meanings and healing properties of black and blue gemstones make these crystals powerful enough to grant your desires.

Depending on your need, use these crystals with an intention.

Can I use Black and Blue Crystals in Bracelets?

Black and Blue Crystal Bracelet

Yes, you can use black and blue stones in bracelets. Black and blue stones in bracelets have the following spiritual benefits:

  • The black shade of black and blue stones is a strong protective color. When you use these crystals in your bracelets, you can be assured of protection from negative energy. 
  • With these crystals in your bracelets, your mind will be free from the negative effect of the evil eye. The dark blue color of the crystal shields you from the evil eye.
  • These crystals also restore peace of mind. Even when you are going through pressure, the black and blue stones in your bracelets ensure that your mind is not disturbed by what happens around you.
  • In the physical world, using black and blue stones in your bracelets makes your hand look more beautiful. It blends perfectly with the skin and exudes brilliance, splendor, and beauty.

Black and blue gemstones in bracelets are spiritually important and physically relevant. It is okay to use them in bracelets.

Can I use more than one crystal?

Light blue crystals

You don’t need to use more than one crystal.

Black and blue stones have a lot of common spiritual powers and properties.

Using one of these crystals will give you all that you need.

However, we cannot also deny the fact that black and blue gemstones have various gemstones with individual spiritual properties and benefits.

Therefore, if what you need is particular to a blue and black crystal, then combining them to meet your peculiar need is recommended.

From my experience, you don’t need to use more than one crystal.

Final Words

In spirituality, these crystals cannot be sidelined. They are commonly found around us, in pieces of jewelry, in paintings, and so on. Therefore, be open in your heart to their energies and channel them for your benefit, need, and intention.

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