Purple Fluorite Crystal: Meaning and 9 Healing Properties 

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Purple Fluorite Crystal: Meaning and 9 Healing Properties 

Just when you think you’ve gotten your healing crystals collection in order, along comes the purple fluorite.

This is a stunning stone with multiple stunning physical and metaphysical properties. It is a stone of healing. The color of the stone in itself will tell you that.

If you feel something when you think of the color purple, then you know the power this color has. The purple fluorite is a fluorite that bears the message of all other purple stones.

That is the message of wisdom and intuition. The crown chakra is a violet-colored chakra, and all purples crystals help you to align and hone this chakra so that you can grow spiritually.

Let’s now explore the meaning and healing properties of the purple fluorite crystal.

What is Purple Fluorite? 

Broken amethyst

Purple fluorite is a stone that has many nicknames. It can be called:

  • The Dream Stone;
  • The Genius Stone;
  • The Miracle Stone;
  • AWisdom Stone.

It is a purple stone that is fluorite, and it focuses on the mind. Inside the mind, there are many layers. One of those layers is spirituality, where the journey of spirituality begins.

However, the journey of spirituality also encompasses our hearts and our souls.

Purple fluorite is a stone that brings the mental part of you together with the emotional and spiritual parts of you.

It is much like amethyst this way, but fluorite has a tendency to bear more realistic or practical manifestations your way.

So, say amethyst can help you to recall and see your dreams more. Purple fluorite will help you to understand them more, and bring connections into your daily life.

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Purple Fluorite Spiritual meaning 

Purple Fluorite Spiritual meaning 

The purple fluorite has a stone of spiritual significance, and this is a significance that will tremendously improve your spiritual growth.

The purple fluorite begins by opening your Third Eye Chakra so that you can see the potential of an issue right in front of you.

Its primary focus however is with the Crown Chakra.

Once your intuition is opened or heightened through the power of work with your third eye chakra, the journey continues as you tap into your crown chakra.

This crown chakra gets you closer to your spirit guides and angels, and even the Divine Being.

Whether you believe in God, Allah, Buddha, or whomever you may choose, this relationship gets stronger through work with your crown chakra. 

As such, you harness the power of these powers as well, and in turn, are naturally more protected by those spirits and energies.

You find yourself having a much easier time fending off evil and recognizing it in your world. This stone brings with it a radiance that you can feel in your own life as well.

In addition to clearing your day and your energy of negativity, you will also have an easier time dealing with and managing stress, and overcoming physical and emotional blocks. 

Purple Fluorite Metaphysical Properties 

Purple Fluorite

There are many metaphysical properties of purple fluorite that you will enjoy.

This is a stone that works well with many other stones to enhance your overall spiritual journey.

On its own, however, you can delight in the many wonders that connecting with your crown chakra will bring.

You can find yourself in a world where astral traveling, lucid dreaming, and out of body experiences become the norm. 

This is not a wealth stone per se, but with your crown chakra aligned, that doesn’t matter as much anymore.

You have a stronger faith in the bigger picture and your monetary needs you know will be met when they need to be.

Physical abundance isn’t as important to you as spiritual abundance. And this spiritual abundance is available to you to see, feel, and touch when you use the purple fluorite.

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9 Healing Properties of Purple Fluorite 

9 Healing Properties of Purple Fluorite 

There are almost an infinite number of healing properties with the purple fluorite stone. Among the most powerful is the connection with the Divine.

This benefit alone will trigger many other benefits.

Discover the power of the many healing properties of purple fluorite today:

1) Let The Past Behind

Baggage and negative energy are stumbling blocks in life. Purple fluorite can help you to clear those pathways.

With purple fluorite, you can find an easier time letting go of negative experiences.

Just knowing this can make you feel better about your life. You may even think of four or five pieces of baggage in your life right now that you can do well by getting rid of them.

Purple fluorite can help you with this act of kindness to yourself.

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2) Clear Negativity From Your Path

Purple fluorite can help you to remove negative experiences from your journey.

It helps you to promote the most positive parts of yourself. This will give you the confidence that you need to move forward on an issue in your life.

If your home life, your relationship, or your work life feel stuck, purple fluorite can help you to get out of the tough positions that you are in.

It gives you the insight you need and the words to use to do that. 

3) Brings Clarity

One of the greatest benefits of purple fluorite is that it brings clarity into your everyday. It is called the genius stone for that reason.

You feel smarter because you are connected to Higher Powers. This gift helps you to see many things in your life more clearly.

You understand people and situations better than most people in those situations when you have this relationship. Clarity is something we all seek in every area of our life.

4) Confront and Release Fears 

When you have more clarity and are able to let go of a lot of extra baggage, purple fluorite can help you to take out the trash a little bit here.

Purple fluorite is key in helping you to identify the fears and negative things in your life that are preventing you from truly going for it.

Those things that hide under the surface that are preventing you from moving onto something wonderful can dissipate with time and work with purple fluorite. 

5) Become Braver

Sometimes we can’t release our fears. Purple fluorite can help you to identify them and construct your life in a way where those fears can be used more effectively.

When you have identified fears that you can do nothing about, you can become braver through them with this clarity.

Being a braver person means making bolder choices in your life.

You can do just fine in the world with what is safe, but taking a big risk that feels good will usually have a big payoff. Purple fluorite can help you with this

6) Get Creative

The crown chakra is all about expanding your awareness of the big-ness of the Universe.

With the purple fluorite helping you with your crown chakra, this awareness can be used productively.

The outcome will be more creativity in your life. With this renewed sense of creativity, you can find more creative solutions to your everyday problems, or even your life changing ones.

You can also find more personal freedom in your life by finding your creative gifts and purposes.

7) Make Better Decisions

With more creativity and bravery in your life, purple fluorite can guide you towards better decisions.

This can be something as simple as a minor daily work decision, or a big life-changing decision that gets you moving in a completely different direction.

Because you are connected to Higher Powers through this work, you are at peace with every decision, no matter what. 

8) Improve Psychic Abilities and Connections 

When you want to improve your life and succeed, a little bit of developed intuition goes a long way. The purple fluorite can help you to do this.

You can see what is ahead, good or bad, and adjust your gameplans accordingly.

Your life feels healthier and more free because of this. The purple fluorite helps you to find the spirit world, and use it in your life more effectively. 

9) Enhance Dream Recall 

The purple fluorite with its connection to the crown chakra will help you to remember your dreams better.

With this stone, you will see your dreams with more detail, and it is that ability that helps you to remember them more.

Find more significance in your waking life as purple fluorite helps you to find more significance in your sleeping life with you.

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Health benefits of Purple Fluorite

fluorite crystal

The health benefits of purple fluorite are many as well.

Not only do you have access to a stone that will give you greater mental clarity and more developed intuition, but you will have more access to a stone that can bring other kinds of healing.

For people with headaches, purple fluorite can be a significant stone to use for healing and prevention.

It’s also been known to be a stone that can help with your immune system.

You can use purple fluorite to fend off negative energy, and also negative energy that will impact your immune system.

The respiratory tract is said to have improved function when you are working with purple fluorite

Is Purple Fluorite really powerful?

Purple Fluorite

Purple fluorite is a very powerful stone and is also underestimated because of that.

The purple fluorite is a stone that can help you to regain clarity and understand your future. It also enhances your own psychic abilities which is a special secret superpower in itself.

See ahead, become braver about your past, and move forward in your life with the power of purple fluorite. 

Should I use this crystal in my life?

Fluorite in your desk

Yes, you should use purple fluorite in your life as much as you can.

This is a beautiful stone that brings magic into both your everyday waking and sleep life.

Use purple fluorite whenever you need a mental boost or want to tap into your inner Higher Self a little more.

Final Words

Decision making, the absorption of new information, and the expansion of your psychic world are all tremendous powers of the purple fluorite.

You will also find you have more creativity when you are using purple fluorite. This is not a stone that will make you smarter.

Instead, it will show you how to tap into your own mental gifts and purposes. Discover the power of purple fluorite today. 

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