15 Lepidolite Healing Properties and Benefits (With Images)

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15 Lepidolite Healing Properties and Benefits

Crystals are known for their healing abilities due to the metaphysical energy they possess.

The Lepidolite crystal is incredibly reputed for emotional healing and balance. It is highly recommended if you’re looking to heal and enjoy calmness of mind.

It contains the healing energy of lithium which is potent enough to treat mood disorders, bipolar disorders, and other neurological disorders. 

In this article, we’ll explore 15 Lepidolite healing properties, benefits and how you can use it to improve your life.

What is Lepidolite Good for?


In medicine, lithium in lepidolite is also a vital compound in mood-stabilizing drugs, which is why energy healers and the holistic world recommend carrying this powerful crystal.

In low states of emotion such as anger, stress, anxiety, and depression, energizing one into happiness and satisfaction with its high frequencies. 

You can place a Lepidolite crystal in your bedroom, close to your bed, bringing about a quiet mind for a sound sleep in the night or in your worn jewelry to calm your nerves. 

It is known as the “grandmother stone” and “calming stone” for its nourishing and calming energy.

The Main Benefits of Lepidolite Crystal

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Lepidolite crystal with its effective metaphysical properties is a versatile healing crystal that is beneficial for quite a number of things.

It revolves around emotional stability, spiritual development, self-growth, cleansing energy, and maintaining balance in significant life changes that one may face. 

Your chakras, which are the centers of spiritual energy in your body, are highly receptive to Lepidolite crystal energy due to its incredible components. 

This is why a Lepidolite crystal makes an ideal companion if you’re looking to connect with your inner wisdom and intrinsic intuition.

15 Lepidolite Healing Properties You Should Know

lepidolite healing properties

Although just discovered recently, Lepidolite crystal has excellent healing potential that has been tested, revealing mind-blowing results.

Here are 15 healing properties of Lepidolite you should know:

1) Ameliorates Insomnia

If you have a problem sleeping, consider getting a Lepidolite crystal.

This crystal gives relaxing vibes that may help calm the mind and brain, hence, useful in ameliorating insomnia or sleepwalking for both children and adults.

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2) Relieves Pain

It is believed by holistic healers that carrying this crystal can soothe and relieve painful nerve conditions.

Lepidolite can provide some uplifting that also subdues emotional pain such as heartbreak.

3) Relieves Anxiety

Due to lithium as the primary content of Lepidolite crystal, most of its benefits are linked to its effects on the nervous system.

As aforementioned, carrying a lepidolite crystal in your pocket can help calm your nerves, reducing anxiety even in pregnancy and childbirth.

4) Clear Electromagnetic Smog

According to crystal experts, carrying a piece of Lepidolite crystal is an ideal way to clear electromagnetic pollution and reduce the side effects of “sick-building syndrome,” which can include breathing difficulties and headaches.

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5) Encouragement in Life Transitions

Lepidolite crystal is also known as a stone of transition as it helps balance one during a transition era.

So, if you are going through a period of change or feel like you need a boost of confidence to forge ahead, carry your Lepidolite with you.

6) Improves Self-Growth

The calmness a Lepidolite gives and the strong energy it disseminates can enhance your self-awareness, leading to a more mindful lifestyle, especially while meditating with the crystal

It assists you in releasing old standards and psychological behaviors that you should no longer hold on to.

You can be guided to create new habits aiding to work toward a new you that’s more aligned with your purpose of existence.

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7) Stabilizes Emotions

Lepidolite crystal has nourishing energy suitable for aiding deep emotional wounds.

It’s a great companion for those with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) as well as other emotional and mental disorders. 

The energy of Lepidolite crystal can support them as they face their emotional turmoil, giving them the strength to overcome unsettled feelings which then leads to stability in their emotions.

8) Halt Dependence on a Drug, a Person or Any Addiction

If you are or know someone glued to a toxic relationship or is seriously under addiction and does not have the strength to pull away, a Lepidolite crystal could be highly beneficial

It is believed by expert crystal collectors that its frequency can calmly nudge one to overcome emotional and mental dependencies, fostering self-love and trust.

9) Aids Logical Thinking 

Lepidolite is a great crystal that aids logical thinking that prevents one from acting on impulse or random feelings

It can help you if you often deal with aggressive people.

Since it helps to keep your head calm, you are hence encouraged to respond to such hostility with an open heart and thinking mind instead.

10) Reconnects you With the Beauty of Life Amidst Past Troubles

The lepidolite crystal is great in nurturing, helping us to let go of useless standards, and restructuring our behavior. 

It also teaches one how to self-soothe.

Lepidolite guides one not only as a stone but as a part of the universe in making choices that come with a heightened sense of awareness and dedication to peace and happiness.

11) Encourages Spiritual Growth

A Lepidolite crystal helps you find a clear and peaceful way toward your spiritual birthing. It is also potent in helping to deepen your meditation exercise

Its high frequency activates the crown chakra, the center that connects you with the universe, intensifying your spirituality.

12) Connect with your Higher Self

Everyone has a higher self which is spiritual and universe-provoked.

Lepidolite high-frequency activates the crown chakra, the center that connects you with the universe and with your higher self. 

By entering this energy point, it’s likely you feel compelled to live your life in service of the greater good, with a clarity of vision of how you fit in this world and what your purpose is.

13) Balances Hormones

Among all the amazing healing properties of the Lepidolite crystal, its calm energy can help the body and mind deal with changes brought on by hormonal cycles and menopause.

It is an excellent crystal for women going through menopause.

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14) Aligns your Spirit, Soul, and Body

Lepidolite crystal balances the heart, third eye, and crown chakras, bringing the body, mind, and soul into balance and alignment.

It is a great energy cleanser that brings the chakras into balance, after clearing any blockages from the Heart Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, and the Crown Chakra that fosters emotional and mental breakdown. 

15) Healing Huge Neurological Problems

A Lepidolite crystal heals all chakras, but it is also great for healing your heart, crown, and third eye chakra.

As a valid stone for the third eye and crown chakras, medical experts often recommend wearing  Lepidolite jewelry if you’re facing brain chemical imbalances causing bipolar disorder, Alzheimer, and mood swings, among others.

How Can I Use Lepidolite in My Life?

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Lepidolite can be used in various ways. It’s not enough to know its properties, it is knowing how to use these properties that make the crystal more effective for you.

Here are ways you can use lepidolite crystal:

  1. Meditate with your Lepidolite crystal on your head to heal the crown chakra;
  1. While holding a Lepidolite crystal, take a few deep breaths which heal the chakra heart chakra, and speak affirmations. Then, relax and be open-hearted to the crystal’s healing energy;
  1. You can wear a Lepidolite crystal as jewelry such as a necklace, bracelet, anklet, and as a hair accessory. Wearing Lepidolite allows you to receive the crystal’s healing energy right into your pulse. It can maintain stable emotions throughout the day, week, or month, especially during low moments. It can also act as a protection from the universe;
  1. You can make use of rumpled lepidolite stones by carrying some, in your pouch, bag, or purse or putting them in your bath water, to spread calmness all around you;
  1. You can bury it with some seeds in your garden. When the seeds germinate, they grow and radiate the crystal’s energy in your surroundings;
  1. Place Lepidolite in your space such as your workspace or office to cleanse electromagnetic smog and create a conducive environment for yourself and your colleagues;
  1. You can place a Lepidolite crystal on your lampstand or under your pillow to quiet your mind or, you meditate with the crystal on your forehead to enhance a sound night’s sleep.

Can I Combine Lepidolite with Other Crystals?

selenite and salt

Yes! You may combine your Lepidolite crystal with other crystals to increase the frequency you desire. Here are some crystals that work well with Lepidolite:

1) Pink Tourmaline 

Pink Tourmaline is a soothing crystal with love energy. It is a crystal that is widely acknowledged for inciting love and inner peace, making it an ideal companion for Lepidolite.

2) Amethyst

Amethyst is also a spiritual crystal that is often used to support self-awareness and discovery.

Amethyst helps gain higher levels of consciousness and together with lepidolite can help one gain clarity in difficult situations.

3) Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a popular gemstone that also carries love energy.

It mainly deals with the heart chakra. Together with Lepidolite, they make a powerful combination for healing emotional scars.

4) Selenite

Selenite crystal aids spiritual growth. Selenite and Lepidolite are the crystals you’re looking for if you need a spiritual breakthrough.

It also develops your psychic gifts with powers you can harness to your advantage. 

5) Charoite 

Charoite is a beautiful purple crystal that helps you connect to your inner wisdom. It pairs greatly with crystals that connect to the upper chakras such as Lepidolite.

The combination of both crystals can help you make wise decisions, providing spiritual insights.

Is Lepidolite Really Powerful?

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Extremely powerful!

This crystal is the most lithium-rich mineral recently and it’s often used as a secondary lithium resource.

It has the highest lithium content of any crystal on earth and lithium is used in certain medicines in treating mental issues.

A Lepidolite crystal has the power to believe your low emotions like depression, moodiness, and disappointment. 

The deep purple colors evoke an overpowering sensation of peace, sorting any spiritual imbalances that may be affecting your emotions, brain, or spirit (your chakras). 

Lepidolite’s calming frequencies are also what makes it a powerful crystal for enhancing rest and meditation connecting you to the universe.

Final Words

Lepidolite crystal is all you need and more for your healing in all areas. Though rare, it is quite an affordable and soothing treatment, unlike other medications in terms of healing. 

Aside from the strong healing abilities of Lepidolite, it sustains your healing and emotional well-being, so that you may not get into another emotional wreck.

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