How To Cleanse and Charge Fluorite? 9 Powerful Ways

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How To Cleanse and Charge Fluorite? 9 Powerful Ways

Generally, crystals are important stones used for different purposes, and fluorite which is part of the many crystals found in this world has a unique use and appearance.

Fluorite is a small tumbled stone in which its color varies mostly between purple or green, although it comes in other colors like yellow, black, pink and other shades too. 

Fluorite is a form of calcium fluoride and has an interpretation around the lines of direction, confidence and self-love.

This stone is one of the crystals that is very effective in sweeping out negative energy and leaving you with fresh positive energy.

Also, it is considered to be one of the most colorful minerals in the world which makes it more adorable than most crystals.

Fluorite is used for different things like camera lens, jewelries, kitchen utensils and its healing properties is popularly used. Fluorite is a potent healing crystal.

It is used to absorb negative energy, also used in clearing minds in order to get focused and it helps in spiritual connectivity. 

In this article, we will be exploring different ways in which fluorite can be cleansed and charged.

Should I Cleanse Fluorite regularly? 

Green Fluorite
Green Fluorite

Fluorite is bound to absorb negative energy from time to time from its surroundings.

Unlike some crystals that can be cleansed with water, fluorite deteriorates when it gets submerged in water for too long

It is important to cleanse your fluorite of impurities periodically. If you take care of this stone very well, it can be used for years without any breakage

For a general rule, it can be cleansed once a month but your fluorite can also be cleansed according to the frequency of usage.

Make sure you’re very observant of your fluorite, if you feel like negative energy is flowing around you more often, that means it needs to be cleansed so as to allow more positive energy to flow.

Based on the connection between you and your fluorite crystal, you might be able to know when it needs to be cleansed or charged. This is largely based on your intuition.

If you have a good control over your emotions such that you’re able to pick out your intuitions, then you’d know when your fluorite crystal needs to be attended to. 

How often should I charge my Fluorite Crystal?

Rainbow fluorite

Your fluorite needs to be charged so it functions well, and so that it can keep on working effectively.

If you’re a person bothered about the effectiveness of your crystals then you should be very mindful of when it’s charged or when it’s not

Most crystals travel long distances and may change hands many times before they reach their permanent owner. So it is needed to be cleansed and charged before it can be used

The more you take care of your fluorite, the more it will be useful for you.

Cleaning and recharging your crystal is necessary for returning them to their natural state.

You can charge it once per month, but if you plan to use your fluorite for healing, it should be charged before and after the healing session.

So you can draw out a plan or timetable on how many times it can be charged, so that your fluorite will keep on shining bright and more useful to your satisfaction.

How to Cleanse Fluorite Crystals? 5 Easy and Safe Ways 

saging crystals

There are different ways you cleanse your fluorite crystal. And cleansing crystals aren’t just about picking a cloth and just dusting them off, or just dipping them in water.

There are certain things and certain ways to go about those things when it comes to the cleansing of crystals. 

How to go about the cleansing? What to use, and the best way of cleansing it will be discussed in the following texts.

Below are the 5 ways you can cleanse your fluorite crystal.

1) Clear bad energy from fluorite with your breath

Your breath will cleanse and deepen your bond with your fluorite

It ensures you have a deep connection with it, seeing it as though you’re releasing your essence on the crystal

You need to be in a meditative state as you focus on the task at hand, that is, cleansing your fluorite crystal.

Then you have to take deep breaths in and out three times, this will ensure that your breath channel is clear.

Afterward, take another long deep breath and then release the breaths on the crystal in three spurts

All the while you must not lose your intention of cleansing it. Ensure you don’t allow yourself to get distracted by the things around you. 

Set an intention for purity, healing, and growth to empower your crystal and open yourself up to its restorative abilities.

Meditate on your intention beforehand so your cleansing thoughts are fully aligned with your breath action.

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2) Visualize your fluorite glowing from within

With practice, your mind is enough to clear fluorite of spiritual impurities.

Hold the fluorite in one hand and picture a pure, white, cleansing light emanating from the crystal.

Visualize the light getting stronger and stronger until you feel that the stone is fully restored

Meditate on your intention before and during your visualization to own your thoughts and focus on connecting with the fluorite’s energy.

As you get more experienced with visualization, you’ll be able to cleanse the fluorite faster and faster. Eventually, it may only take you a minute or so to do.

3) Incense smoke 

Incense cleanses crystals as well as your home or ritual space.

Light an incense stick and place it in an incense holder when it starts smoking.

Move your fluorite back and forth through the smoke and imagine the bad energy fading away into the air, just like the smoke. 

This type of cleansing typically only takes a few minutes. If possible, use incense made from native herbs to where you’re from to deepen your bond with your fluorite.

Try using incense that aids your intention for using fluorite. For example, cedar or sandalwood will increase your fluorite’s healing powers.

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4) Smudge in sage smoke 

Sage has been used for spiritual cleansing by various people for years. Light one end of a sage stick until it begins smoking, then place it in a bowl.

Grab your fluorite and slowly move it around in the sage smoke while you visualize its negative energy drifting away into the air

Blow the smoke over the stone until you sense that its positive energy has returned. This shows that your intuition is very important in this case. This usually only takes a few minutes. 

Cleanse crystals with sage outside if possible, it won’t be good if the fumes get trapped inside your house.

However if you now have to do it indoors, open your windows to ensure the house is well ventilated, so the smoke can fizzle out of the house.

5) Place it on top of a selenite slab 

Selenite is a self-cleansing crystal that can clear other stones and crystals. Place your fluorite on a selenite slab.

The selenite slab is usually a thick and wide slab of selenite.  You can also place your fluorite in a bowl of selenite for a few hours or until you sense its energy has been restored.

A smaller piece of selenite works too as long as it’s making contact with the fluorite. 

For an extra powerful cleanse, put your selenite and fluorite in sunlight or moonlight together.

Selenite is also known to cleanse the air and spiritual energy of your home in addition to other stones and crystals.

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How to Charge Fluorite Crystals? 4 Easy Ways 

brown rice

While cleansing washes off the negative energies that your fluorite crystal has absorbed, charging fills it up with pure, natural, and positive energy

It’s important to charge your fluorite if you intend to get the best out of it upon every usage. Hence charging your crystal isn’t something you should treat with levity

There are different ways you can charge your fluorite. Below are the 4 ways you can charge them:

1) Rest it in a Moonlit spot overnight  

Moonlight is a pure form of energy that both cleanses and charges fluorite.

Lay your fluorite on a window where it can absorb direct, cleansing moonlight and leave it there all night. Make sure it’s in a safe spot where it won’t roll to the ground.

A full moon will provide the most powerful charging. Consider the phase of the moon during your cleanse and charging.

For example, cleanse and charge fluorite under:

  • New moon: to help with a new project;
  • Waxing moon: to build momentum towards a goal.

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2) Lay in sunlight for up to an hour   

Sunlight cleanses fluorite with rich, vibrant positive energy.

Set your crystal down on a window or outdoor space where it can absorb direct sunlight and warmth

Sunlight works fast and its workings are intense, so bring your fluorite inside after an hour (this will also prevent the crystal’s color from fading in the sun).

Lay your fluorite out during dawn or dusk so it can absorb the healing energies of the sun and moon at the same time.

3) Bury in the Ground   

Crystals come from the earth, so they’re naturally healed and charged by it.

Dig a small hole and completely cover your fluorite in the earth. If this is your first cleanse or the fluorite has absorbed some major bad energy, let it rest for 3 days

For regular maintenance charging, 24 hours or overnight is sufficient. Mark where you buried your fluorite so you can easily find it when it’s time to unearth it.

Try to bury it in a spot surrounded with lots of plant life and nature. 

Avoid mud or wet spots since fluorite should not get wet. After you dig it up, brush off any loose or clingy earth with a clean cloth. Like fluorite, earth has strong healing energy. Opt to cleanse and charge your fluorite this way if you plan on using it for a healing session soon.

4) Cover in brown rice for a day    

Brown rice is an easy, natural way to suck bad energy out of fluorite.

Simply fill a bowl with uncooked brown rice and your fluorite crystal, making sure it’s covered completely.

Let it rest in the bowl for up to 24 hours, or until you feel that the negative energy has been dissipated and is now filled up with positive energy.

Use a clean cloth to wipe away any rice dust on the crystal afterward. Throw away the rice after cleansing seeing it will be saturated with negative energy, so don’t use or eat it.

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How do I know when I need to cleanse and charge my fluorite again?

Fluorite in your desk

Well as it has been stated earlier, the more you cleanse and charge your fluorite, the more it will be effective for your use.

It should be cleansed and charged periodically, mainly based on how often you use it, you do not need to wait till it is filled up with negative energy before you start cleansing and charging it again.  

Although, it can be cleansed and charged once per month on normal circumstances but it still paramountly depends on the usage.

You can use ritual cleansing which is often centered around certain points in the solar or lunar cycle, you can set your stone out at any time to cleanse and recharge.

Set your stone out before nightfall and plan to bring it in before 11am, this will allow your stone to bathe in the light of both the moon and sun.

Final Words

We’ve already explored what fluorite is and how it can be cared for, so I believe you’ve been informed on the usefulness of fluorite. 

You’ve also been shown the different ways you can cleanse and charge your fluorite. I hope you will successfully take care of your fluorite crystal so that it can stay effective for your use. 

Now you’re more informed as to what you have or are planning to acquire concerning your fluorite crystal. 

Thanks for reading through. I believe you’ve learned a lot

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