7 Rings That Breaks With Negative Energy

Rita Smith
7 Rings That Breaks With Negative Energy

Negative energies are powerful. If you keep them in your body for a long time, you will become susceptible to illnesses. This is why it is always advisable to stay clear of negativity. 

Now, I understand that there are cases in which negative energy cannot be avoided. Therefore, some latches of this energy can follow you around and linger on for days or weeks

In this article, we will be discussing 7 powerful rings that can be used to protect yourself from negative energy. With these rings, you can ensure that negativity does not affect you.

These rings protect you from negative energy but also let you know when it has completed its assignment.

They will break apart once they have absorbed enough negative energy

Read on to find out more about these special rings. 

Are there rings that absorb negative energy?

rings crystals

Yes, some rings absorb negative energy.

As discussed above, it is possible to make use of rings and feel protected from negative spiritual energies.

In spirituality, not just rings that can protect and absorb negative energy. There are other objects like crystals, necklaces, bracelets, and so on.

I strongly believe that metal, crystal, and some precious ornaments have the power to absorb negative energy, and rings fall into that category. 

Rings have been used for a long time to absorb negative energy. Especially the rings that have been known to possess healing and divine powers

Whenever these rings are used, we can be assured of enjoying the divine powers of the universe, which combat spiritual evil forces that send these dangerous energy signals into our consciousness. 

People who hate using necklaces might find rings good enough to protect themselves from negative energy.

When rings absorb negative energy, they will not be heavier than they should be.

Don’t worry about that. They absorb energy just like an evil eye bracelet, for example.

These rings can break with a lot of negative energies?

black crystal ring

Yes, these rings can break with a lot of negative energies

You need to know that there is a limit to what every natural object can get. Even spiritual objects have their limits.

When they absorb too much negative energy, they will break.

Sometimes, you will notice a simple crack, while at other times, they will split into two, and fall off your finger.

When this happens, it means that it has taken in enough negative energy and cannot take in anymore.

Sometimes, it might also signify that it has absorbed all the negative energy in you and there is nothing left. 

Does this mean you should not trust these rings? No, it does not mean that. It means that you should try as much as possible to have them in bulk.

Whenever I go out of the house, I carry 4 extra rings with me — especially when I realize that I am going to a place with deep negativity.

You should begin to practice this. 

Rings will fall apart when they have absorbed too much. However, it does not imply that they are not effective. 

7 Rings that break with negative energy

7 Rings that break with negative energy

Let us discuss the 7 rings that breaks with negative energy. 

Don’t forget that we discussed earlier the fact that rings can break, but it does not invalidate their effectiveness. Always keep this in mind.

The reason is that when you begin to doubt the power of these rings, they won’t work for you.

Having said that, let us delve into these 7 rings that can break with negative energy.

1) Hematite Ring

The Hematite is one of the most powerful stones in the universe.

It is believed to have the divine power to provide spiritual grounding and also protection from negative energy

Whenever a ring is made out of this stone, it is believed to carry the divine ability to absorb negative energy for a very long time.

Some believe that the hematite ring can absorb negative energy for as long as 8 days in a row before it begins to show signs of weakness and falls apart. 

If you are looking for a ring that can absorb negative energy, the hematite ring falls into the category of these special rings.

When you use it, expect to be protected from negative energy. However, also watch out for it consistently because it will fall apart after a while.

2) Mood Ring

This ring has a blue gemstone attached to its peak. This stone is believed to be absorbent.

That is, when you purchase a mood ring, you should expect to see a slightly light blue colored gemstone at its peak, which is a sign of emptiness. 

However, once you begin to notice a dark blue color, it means that negative energy has been absorbed by the ring and might break very soon.

For this ring, the peak will only crack. Be on the lookout for this.

3) Rose Quartz Ring

The Rose Quartz ring has often been used to attract love and romance.

Therefore, whenever you are in an atmosphere of hostility and unfriendliness, the rose quartz ring will absorb all the negative energy. 

The power of this ring ensures that you are protected from malice, hatred, and evil eye

However, after a while, it will begin to fall apart.

You will notice the weakness and fragility of the ring, which automatically takes up that form when it has absorbed negative energy.

4) Obsidian Ring

This is a dark-coloured ring. In the spiritual world, the color black is known to be a sign of protection from negative energy, spiritual attacks, and bad luck. 

Wearing this ring protects and keeps negative energy far from you. It helps you to stay safe from the negative effects of negativity.

Just like other rings, the Obsidian ring will break after it has absorbed negative energy for a while. Be on the lookout for this. 

It is dangerous to wear this ring after it breaks. You might simply be taking in negative energy again, which will affect you in ways beyond imagination.

5) Amethyst Ring

The amethyst stone is known for calmness and clarity of mind.

Wearing a ring made with amethyst stone protects you from the confusion of the mind. It ensures that your mind is calm — even when things are rough on the outside.

Just like others, it can begin to lose its vitality after a while and will often break when it has absorbed enough negative energy.

6) Selenite Ring

The selenite ring also has the divine ability to absorb negative energy.

Just like the stone, wearing this ring will cleanse you from negativity. It also absorbs the evil eye effects of jealous people.

Wearing this ring is one of the ways to ensure that negative energy doesn’t linger around you. It also protects you and keeps negativity far from you.

After a while, it will also break. However, it is strong enough to protect you for 2 more days after it breaks (just to give you enough time to get another one for yourself).

7) Carnelian Ring

The Carnelian ring brings good luck. I have used it countless times and enjoyed its benefits. 

Whenever you use the carnelian ring, expect bad luck to be expelled from you. With this ring, everything will fall into its proper places. 

However, be sure to not wear this ring to places like hospitals or graveyards.

It does not have enough strength to withstand the negative energy in those places.

What are the best crystal to collect negative energy?

red crystal ring

There is no best crystal for collecting negative energy.

There are several crystals in the world, which are powerful enough to collect negative energy. I will list 10 of them for you:

These, and many more are the various crystals you can use to collect negative energy. Use any of these stones you feel comfortable with.

They are equally powerful enough to keep negativity far from you.

My ring broke! Should I get a new one?

green ring

Yes, you should get a new one.

There is no point in trying to use a ring that has fallen apart. It has served its purpose. Therefore, discard it and purchase a new ring

I always advise that you get a dozen rings (I am sure it will be cheaper than buying them in bits). 

Final Words

These 7 rings can protect you from negative energy. However, also engage in purification and cleansing rites. Practice other spiritual protective activities like smudging sage, and so on. 

Doing all of these together with wearing these rings will keep negativity far from you. Did you learn something from this article? Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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