7 Stones That Look Like Emerald (With Images)

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7 Stones That Look Like Emerald (With Images)  

Who doesn’t want an emerald in their life? Whether you just love the shiny luster of a green gem or marvel at the untold stories an emerald can bring, it’s one of the most wanted.

The emerald is a beautiful stone and one of the most magical stones for crystal healing. Still, a real and true emerald is an expensive item that is often kept safe and sacred.

It’s not possible for many people to get a real emerald in their life. But you can get a stone that looks like a real emerald.

There are many shiny green stones and gems cut from the Earth that can still offer you the magic of an emerald, or even better spiritual powers.

Learn more about the many stones that look like an emerald, and can be just as powerful in your life. 

Are there stones and crystals similar to emerald? 


There are many stones and crystals that are similar to an emerald.

If you want something that is an emerald or is like an emerald, you want something that is green, beautiful, and has a relatively high level of hardness, you won’t have a hard time finding one that looks like an emerald. 

Some stones like jade, aventurine, and chrysoprase, can all be added to your crystal healing collecting.

This will help you to harness some additional healing from beautiful gems.

At the same time, you will add to your collection of beautiful jewelry or home décor. Yes, there are many different kinds of lustrous green stones. Learn about some of them here. 

What does Emerald look like? 


An emerald is a green stone that has a hardness level on the Moh’s scale of 7.5 to 8. This is a fairly hard stone.

Most green stones that look like emeralds are in the same category of hardness. You can use emeralds for a wide range of functions, including as jewelry or as a healing stone.

You will often see small inclusions or issues with an emerald inside the stone that look like dirt, cracks, or fissures. This is a natural part of any natural stone.

In most cases, a true emerald also has a blue and green tint to it as well.

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7 Stones and crystals that look like emerald 

7 Stones and crystals that look like emerald 

There are many different stones that look like an emerald.

To look like an emerald, a stone needs to have a shiny lustrous green to it, and must have a hardness to it that can be used for multiple purposes.

A stone that looks like an emerald can be used for many different things

1) Jade


Jade is much like an emerald in that it is a very hard stone. It has been said that even taking a hammer to jade will not break it.

Jade is a beautiful green stone that looks much like an emerald.

It is said that jade is a stone of wealth, and a great stone to keep around if you want to attract that into your life. 

2) Aventurine

Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine

Aventurine is a gorgeous green stone that is aligned with the heart chakra. This is a stone you would bring into your collection for love.

This stone is slightly less hard than emeralds with a hardness of 7 and sometimes lower.

When you want to enhance your love tools, aventurine is a good stone to have. 

3) Bloodstone


Bloodstone is a stone of crystal healing that has many metaphysical properties as well.

It is also very much like an emerald, but its inclusions are more red than the darker inclusions of emeralds.

Bloodstone is said to help with your creative energy flow, and can also help you to feel more courage and inspiration in your life. 

4) Green Diamond

Jade necklace

The green diamond is one that is very much the same in properties as a white or clear diamond. And, it looks like an emerald.

This may even be more expensive than an emerald in some respects, as it is the rarest diamond that one can find.

If you want a green diamond but don’t have the budget, a stone that has been irradiated will give you the same look without the same price tag. 

5) Maw Sit Sit

maw sit sit

Maw Sit Sit is a beautiful green stone that is slightly lower on the hardness scale than the emerald. It does look exactly like one though.

Instead of wealth, as is the case with many green gems, maw sit sit works on your inner peace and tranquility.

This stone helps you to heal from wealth or money wounds and embrace with peace what you have, and not what you have not

6) Green Chrysoberyl

Green Chrysoberyl

Green chrysoberyl is a stone that looks like a green emerald but is often lighter green than some of the other green stones on this list.

This is a stone that helps you to have more control in your money life than other stones.

Where other stones help you to attract wealth, this stone helps you to preserve it and control it effectively and intelligently. 

7) Green Chrysoprase

Green Chrysoprase

Green chrysoprase is a chalcedony with a bright green color. It can be translucent or even transparent on occasion.

This is a harder stone as well that comes from Australia. Like many bright green gems, this is one that is intended to help you attract prosperity.

It can also help you to get a good night’s sleep.

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How do I know if my Emerald is real?


There are many ways to determine the authenticity of your stone. There is no perfect stone, and emeralds are no exception.

In fact, they are known for their inclusions and cracks on occasion. A true emerald will have many imperfections. But you also want to look for hue, sparkle, and wear and tear.

At the same time, you can also often tell an emerald is authentic by its cost. These are not stones that the average person can purchase regularly. 

The Flaws of an Emerald:

When you are looking for the flaws of an emerald, look for the following:

  • Spirals: these occur when water is trapped inside the emerald;
  • Colors: you should see some blue and yellow hues inside the emerald that may alter its green appearance;
  • Growth tubes: a growth tube is a tube that will run parallel to another tube inside the stone;
  • Cavities or chips: these are small inclusions inside the stone.

Not every emerald will have every one of these flaws. Look for some minor flaws. If the emerald looks too perfect, it likely isn’t authentic. 

The Color of an Emerald:

The color of an emerald is to many its most important quality. The beautiful green is why people get this stone. But a true emerald is going to have some blue and yellow tones to it.

You may even see the green as a blue-green color. The color will also be transparent. This will not look like a dyed stone but will be a stone that has an even distribution of emeralds. 

A Chelsea filter can be used to shine light onto an emerald. This helps you to determine if the stone is real or fake.

The Chelsea filter will transmit only red or yellow-green. If you put the Chelsea filter on a stone and the filter glows red, this is not a real emerald

The Sparkle of an Emerald:

When a stone has a natural sparkle to it, it has what experts refer to as “fire”.

This fire is an inner sparkle of the stone that makes the stone sparkle.

When the stone is held to the light, you will see a myriad of rainbow colors that make up this fire.

You may also see little flashes and sparks inside the emerald if it is authentic. 

The Absence of Flaws of an Emerald:

The flaws of an emerald will be found inside the stone. You will not see flaws on the outside of a true emerald.

You may see some gems that have worn facets or wear and tear on their edges. This is not an emerald.

A real emerald has a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. These are not stones that are going to experience wear and tear on the facets.

If you aren’t sure, ask to look at the stone under a microscope. You’ll be able to examine the facets more closely that way. Or, get an expert to do this for you.

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Final Words 

When you want to have an emerald but can not afford its pricey tag, there are many different stones that you can get that will be just as beautiful.

This list is just a starting point of the many different green stones that can look just like an emerald and make you feel just as beautiful. Some of them will have healing crystal qualities.

Many of them will help you to attract wealth or make better decisions about it. When you want a real emerald, use this guide to help you to determine a fake from the real thing. 

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