Hematite Ring Breaking 9 Meanings: Is It Bad Luck?

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9 Hematite Ring Breaking Meanings: It’s a Bad Sign?

When a hematite ring breaks, it is an omen you should not take for granted

Whether it is a hematite ring or other types of jewelry; whenever they break or fall off, it is a spiritual sign anyone should pay attention to

Through these strange events, the universe can pass across an important message. They can bring warnings to us, and also stir up people’s hearts to pursue the right cause. 

When it comes to a hematite ring, there is a myth surrounding it! A lot of people believe that it is bad luck for the hematite ring to suddenly break

Well, is this true or not? 

In this article, we will unravel the mystery surrounding hematite rings. By doing this, it becomes easy to answer this question without ambiguity. 

Therefore, if you want to know if a broken hematite ring symbolizes bad luck, read this article to find the perfect answer.

My hematite ring broke! Is it a spiritual sign?


Yes, it is a spiritual sign. Anytime your hematite ring breaks, it is an omen from the spiritual world you should pay attention to. 

The reason for this is that hematite rings are incredibly strong. It is not normal for them to suddenly break apart – without spiritual interference.

Because of this, it is unusual to find a broken hematite ring except a spiritual message needs to be passed across. 

In spirituality, broken items, especially rings and pendants, are believed to be caused by energetic changes and shifts

When there is a shift in energy movement and vibration, it could happen because of a new season, or the presence of a spiritual entity.

This is why a broken hematite ring goes beyond a natural phenomenon. 

Later on, we will delve into the spiritual meanings you can give to the broken ring. However, let this sink deeply into your heart. It is not normal for your hematite ring to suddenly break

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What does it mean when a hematite ring breaks?

Broken hematite ring
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In the spiritual world, when your hematite ring breaks, it could be a sign of a protection cycle completion

What does this mean? Read on to find out.

In the world of crystals, the hematite crystal is seen as a stone of protection. Its metaphysical properties protect its users and wearers. 

Whether this stone is used in its crystal form or as a piece of jewelry, the same power is available for everyone’s benefit. 

This stone absorbs negative energies and spiritual attacks. However, it has a limit.

The moment it has taken in all the negative energies around you, it might suddenly break; thus completing its protection cycle. 

Another meaning of a broken hematite ring speaks of a phase-out. This means that you have come to the end of a season.

The ring is circular. It represents the unending cycle of life.

However, the moment it breaks, it is a sign that the cycle has ended, and it is about time to begin a new cycle. 

Hematite ring breaking: 9 Spiritual meanings

showing black silver ring

In this section, we will discuss the 9 spiritual meanings of a hematite ring breaking.

Pay attention to what you are about to read because it gives you further clues about what the spiritual world might be saying. 

1) A divine message for you

When your hematite ring breaks, it means that there is a divine message for you. The universe has something to pass across to you.

Sometimes, this could also be a message from your dead loved ones, or your guardian angel.

As you listen intently, the message will be communicated through signs and omens. 

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2) Protection

As explained earlier, your hematite ring will break when it has absorbed all the negative energies around you

In the spiritual world, this is seen as an omen of protection. It means that you are free from negativity and spiritual attacks. 

This is a spiritual sign of assurance from the heavens. Through this sign, God is telling you to fear nothing. 

Sometimes, you might feel vulnerable. However, the moment your hematite ring breaks, it is telling you to overcome the feeling.

You are under the watchful eyes of the spiritual realm

3) It is time to break out of your mold

Through the breakage of your hematite ring, the spiritual world is inspiring you to break out of your mold. These are mental barriers set in the mind.

Through them, it becomes impossible for you to achieve anything worthwhile because of your perceptions based on those barriers. 

Therefore, to become as successful as you desire, it is important to break out of the mental barrier you have created. 

This is why the universe gave you the hematite ring sign. It broke as a sign of a breakthrough from the shackles in your mind

It might take a lot of mental work, but it is something you need to do. 

4) A breakthrough is coming

While working, whenever your hematite ring breaks, it is believed to represent a positive sign from the heavens.

This is telling you to stay consistent at work because something good is about to happen in your life. 

Spiritually, this event means that you are on the verge of a breakthrough.

If you stick to the path you’ve chosen, you will hit a gusher of blessing, which ushers you into a season of unending blessing and good fortune. 

Let this sign be an omen of comfort and encouragement to you. 

5) Let go of what no longer serves you

If the hematite ring is old and got broken, it might not be a sign of a protection cycle completion. Sometimes, this sign might be telling you to evolve

This sign could be telling you to let go of what no longer serves you. It is time to shed limiting beliefs. It is time to break out of unprofitable relationships around you

Spiritually, when the universe wants you to evolve or become a better version of yourself, this is one of the signs they send.

Therefore, be on the lookout. 

6) Pay attention

In the spiritual world, whenever your hematite ring suddenly breaks, it is telling you to pay attention.

Sometimes, we can get careless about our lives. When this happens, we become vulnerable to spiritual attacks, and evil manipulations of people we trust. 

This is why you are getting a sign from your hematite ring. It is time to pay close attention to your life. 

Furthermore, if you’ve ignored an aspect of your life for a long time, the spiritual realm will cause your hematite ring to break as a way to warn you against this. 

Pay attention to every aspect of your life. Be in charge of your life. This message can be gotten when your hematite ring breaks. 

7) Sacrifice

If the hematite ring means a lot to you, then, it is a spiritual sign you should pay attention to.

Why did it have to break? It is because the universe wants you to learn the act of sacrifice

If you will achieve anything tangible in life, it is important to learn the language of sacrifice. You need to forgo your comfort to attain great heights in life. 

Through this message, you will become diligent and more deliberate about making the most out of your life. 

8) Stay focused on your goals

When your hematite ring breaks, it is seen as an omen of manifestation. To manifest your desires, you must ensure that your thoughts are focused on those desires.

Divert all your energy towards those desires. As you do this, there will be corresponding actions and forging of paths.

When this happens, the next best thing is to stay focused on those actions. Keep traveling down that path as it gets you closer to the physical manifestation of your desires. 

Your hematite ring will break to remind you to stay focused long enough on your goals. Doing this leads to success. 

9) You are not alone

It is believed that your hematite ring will suddenly break as a sign that you are not alone. This could announce the presence of a spiritual being. 

If you feel positive and happy, then, it means that your guardian angel is around, or the spirit of your lost loved one has come to check up on you

Furthermore, this sign lets you know that the universe is watching over you and cheering you on your spiritual journey. 

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My hematite ring broke into 3 pieces! What does it mean?

sad woman

Whenever your hematite ring breaks into 3 pieces, it has the following spiritual meanings:

  • This sign is telling you to stay determined on your path. Whenever you choose a course of action, ensure you are not distracted from doing all it takes to get to the end of the journey;
  • When your hematite ring breaks into 3 pieces, it is telling you to pay attention to the 3 major aspects of your being, which are your spirit, soul, and body;
  • Through this omen, the universe announces the end of a season. It is telling you to prepare for a change;
  • Spiritually, your hematite ring will break into 3 pieces as a spiritual sign that you are on the right track. It is a green signal;
  • When this happens, the universe wants you to break out of negative associations. Your hematite ring broke into 3 pieces because you have bad friends and influences around you;
  • This could also imply the need to be rid of pressure. Through this sign, the universe wants you to stay in control of your emotions at all times. 

These are 6 spiritual meanings of having this experience. They can be used together with the 9 general spiritual meanings of a broken hematite ring.

My hematite ring broke into 4 pieces! What does it mean?

black ring

Your hematite ring will break into 4 pieces as a sign from the spiritual world. When it happens, it is important to understand what it means for you

Read on to find out

Through this sign, the universe is encouraging you to take on new challenges.

Don’t be scared of taking up new responsibilities, which might seem more challenging than the previous ones. You are stretching yourself, testing your capacities, and setting yourself up for better achievements and opportunities. 

Whenever your hematite ring breaks into 4 pieces, it means you should stay away from negativity.

The moment your hematite ring breaks when you are sad or depressed, it indicates the need to stop taking in negative energy. 

Spiritually, the universe gives this sign as a call to attention. They want you to pay attention and stay present in everything you do daily. 

The sign speaks of supporting yourself. It means you need to take care of yourself. Stop ignoring yourself whilst pursuing a successful career or other important goals in your life. 

What to do with broken hematite ring?

black crystal ring

You can bury the broken pieces of your hematite ring. This is a way to honor the ring, return it to mother earth, and cleanse its energy by harmonizing it with nature. 

Also, you can use this as an energy amplifier. During charging rituals, place the broken pieces of your hematite ring near other crystals. It enhances the abilities of these crystals

Integrating the broken piece of your hematite ring with other crystals that align with your spiritual intention can be used for necklace pendants or bracelets

If the hematite ring broke due to other spiritual reasons apart from protection, then, it means there is protection energy left in the ring.

Gifting your friend or loved ones could be a good idea as well.

Before you leave, learn about the meaning and spiritual benefits of the Rose Quartz bracelet.

Should I replace my broken hematite ring?


Yes, it is important to replace your broken hematite ring.

Trying to glue the broken pieces together makes the ring ugly. It also distorts the energy of the ring, which can adversely impact your energy centers

Therefore, to prevent all of these from happening, it is important to get a new hematite ring. You can use the broken pieces for other things.

Final Words

As we have discussed in this article, your hematite ring is important. Beyond fashion, this ring can protect you from negative energy and restore comfort to your heart. 

Whenever it breaks, it’s because the universe has a special message for you, which we have exhaustively discussed in this article. 

Discover what the universe has to say and act on it.

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