Which Crystals Cannot be Cleansed in Water? List of 21

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Which Crystals Cannot be Cleansed in Water? List of 21

To maintain healthy crystals, it is essential to understand that all crystals must be periodically cleansed. But what does cleansing mean?

Throughout a crystal’s life, it encounters many entities from which it absorbs different energies.

Periodically it needs to be reset to its natural state by cleansing.

It is recommended that you cleanse your crystals, at a minimum, monthly.

You can cleanse it more often if you feel it is encountering negative energies that can bog it down.

In addition to monthly, it would be best if you also cleansed all crystals after each healing session. There are many ways to cleanse crystals, water being just one of them.

Is water the best way to cleanse a crystal?

Cleaning crystals with water

To understand cleansing crystals with water, we should first start with the basics.

It may sound elementary but helps to review what is water and what are its cleansing abilities?

Water is H2O. By bonding together two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, this makes up the molecule of water. This molecule is known as the Universal Solvent because of its ability to break down other materials.

Science is now showing that water has memory and picks up informational energies from its surroundings.

This memory affects the quality of the water.

This is very important to know and understand before cleansing crystals with water.

Water can unknowingly have a negative effect on your crystals because of this “memory”.

Which crystals cannot be cleansed in water?

Which crystals cannot be cleansed in water

Minerals are classified on a scale of one to ten regarding how resistant they are to being damaged by other minerals.

This classification scale is called Mohs Hardness Scale.

The higher the number on the scale, the harder the crystal is. Crystals with a Mohs score of 4 or less are generally considered unacceptable in water.

Crystals with a score of 4 or less include: 

Black Tourmaline:

Black Tourmaline is said to help increase physical vitality, increase one’s energy levels, and help one function on a higher positive level. You can not cleanse this crystal with water.


Turquoise is a stone that heals holistically and is noted as being particularly effective regarding matters of the heart and mind.


Ruby is known for healing exhaustion and detoxifying the body. You can’t use water to cleanse Ruby. So, you need to find another way to cleanse this crystal, like moonlight.


Moonstone is believed to connect you with your feminine energies and to connect you with your intuition and passions.

Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most precious and sought-after crystals known for its ability to promote spiritual and emotional healing.


Amazonite is nicknamed the stone of hope, restoring a sense of balance to your inner world.

Desert Rose Selenite:

Desert Rose Selenite is the perfect meditation tool to be grounded and balanced.


Selenite is nicknamed liquid light and is used to clear out stagnant and heavy energies.

Orange Calcite:

Orange Calcite is known for boosting your awareness and improving creativity. This crystal can’t be cleanse in the water. So, you need to find another way.


Amber, this stunning crystal is thought to bring good luck, relieve headaches, and boost immunity. You also can’t cleanse Amber in water.

Imperial topaz:

Imperial topaz, when gifted to someone, represents a promise of everlasting love and fidelity. Furthermore, a person that wears topaz will be blessed with intelligence and strength.

Red Coral:

Red Coral stimulates the base chakra and helps to focus energy in the pursuit of one’s goals as well as boosting leadership qualities.

Fire Opal:

Fire Opal is far rarer than regular opals, and because of its coloring, it symbolizes pass and love and is known to heal back injuries and kidney ailments.


Azurite is known for its wealth of healing energies and for tapping into one’s clairvoyance and those seeking guidance from spirit guides.


Mothers have used hematite through childbirth and warriors in the battleground for thousands of years for protection against excessive bleeding.

Leopard Skin Jasper:

Leopard Skin Jasper, this crystal’s primary healing property is that it boosts physical strength and is useful if you need assistance making big life decisions.


Lepidolite is commonly referred to as “the stone of transition” because it assists in the release of stagnant negative energies and behaviors. 


Kunzite is one of the few naturally pink stones and has a strong connection to the heart. As a body healer, this crystal helps its bearer regulate the circulatory system by keeping the breath flowing.


Labradorite helps heal against the negativity we often have and helps tap into your well of creativity, connection, and higher consciousness.

Aquamarine Marches birthstone:

Aquamarine Marches birthstone is said to have been carried by sea merchants to protect them from drowning and for a safe passage across stormy seas. It is also a brilliant immune system booster, helping the body not overreact when it comes to hay fever and other allergies.

Why can’t we cleanse some crystals in water, and what happens if they get wet? 

A lot of crystals

Although many crystals should not come in contact with water, the crystals listed above are twenty of the most common that either cannot come in contact at all or should only come in contact for very short periods.

It is important to remember that water can cause irreversible damage to these crystals for many reasons. One is that water is a solvent.

Remember too that water has a memory, so it takes on energetically what it has been around.

So if you want to wash away negative energies from a crystal and use water that has unknowingly taken on negative energy, you may transfer that negative energy to the very stone you are trying to cleanse.

Some stones like malachite, brazilianite, and copper become slightly toxic if exposed to water.

Because of the minerals crystals contain, there are many stones and crystals that can be damaged by water, including many stones and crystals that are higher on the Mohs scale, so even though they are hard water still has a detrimental effect.

Some other examples of the damage that water can do include:

Calcite: It will dissolve in water.
  • Black Tourmaline: It is acceptable for a quick dip in the water, but long dips in water can seep into the pores and cause damage to the crystal.

  • Turquoise: The quintessential color of Turquoise can be lost with water exposure.

  • Moonstone: This stone is water damaged very quickly, so it is best not to get it wet at all.

  • Lapis Lazuli: Because Lapis Lazuli contains calcite which dissolves in water, and pyrite, which is toxic in water, Lapis Lazuli should never be cleansed with water.

  • Amazonite: This striking green crystal may absorb water and cause damage over time.

  • Gypsum: This crystal is soft enough that it will break down very quickly in water.

  • Calcite: This crystal will dissolve in water.

  • Labradorite: It will lose its sheen and disintegrate if left in water for long periods.

  • Opals: can crack or break in the water, especially at extreme liquid temperatures. 

How to clean and cleanse crystals that are not water safe? 

Cleanse crystals with sunlight

To make sure your crystals are free of the negativity you want to release or just simply want to clean your crystal, there are many ways to do so without the use of water.

The use of your own breath is one of the simplest ways to cleanse a crystal. Breath cleansing is done by simply holding the crystal in your hand and blowing on the crystal three times.

Try smudging:

Smudging is a favorite cleansing method of many crystal owners and was common among indigenous people.

Smudging is done with the use of smoke from herbs like Sage, Palo Santo, Lavender Sweetgrass, or incense.

All you have to do is hold your crystal in the path of the smoke for about thirty seconds.

While holding the crystal in the course of the smoke, it can also be beneficial and helpful to visualize the healing and cleansing of your crystal.

This method has the added benefit of making the house smell wonderful as well.

You can use the energy of the moon:

By timing the cleanse with the cycle of the moon, you can cleanse your crystal using the full moon.

This method can be used to charge and cleanse all crystals.

Moonlight will fill crystals with the moon’s feminine energy and then you can use it to your advantage.

Using the power of the moon to charge crystals is done by simply placing the crystal on the windowsill in your house with the most moonlight and leaving the crystals there overnight.

Use the sunlight:

The use of the sunlight is yet another way to cleanse crystals without the use of water. The sun’s rays will purify the crystal and release any harmful toxins.

Alternatively, a 24-hour cycle of placing the crystals in the sun’s rays and then placing them in the moonlight is an excellent way to cleanse and recharge crystals.

No-contact water cleanse:

A method that is popular among people with the water signs of Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio is the use of no-contact water cleanse.

This can be very energetically beneficial.

For this cleansing technique, place the crystal beside a glass of water and leave it there overnight.

This technique is particularly beneficial if you place the crystal and water on the windowsill on a night of a full moon.

In the morning, you can use this now energized water to water your plants as an added benefit.

Use the power of sound:

Certain sounds and vibrations can wash over an item, causing it to match the same vibration as the tone.

This is known as sound healing and can be used as a non-water cleansing technique.

This technique is done by using a tuning fork, singing bowl, or even simply chanting over the crystal.

The key and pitch of the sound are not as important, provided the sound emitted is loud enough that the vibrations will envelop the stone.

Try rice:

Burying the crystals in brown rice for a few days is another way to cleanse crystals that cannot be placed in water.

The rice will absorb any impurities and neutralize any harmful toxins.

You can try another crystals:

You can use other crystals to cleanse your crystals.

Crystal clusters of stones like amethyst and selenite are popular cleansing tools.

Simply place your smaller crystals on top of the crystal clusters and leave them for about twenty-four hours.

Earthing is algo a good option:

This method is a fantastic way of cleansing crystals without the use of water.

Earthing is a very natural way to cleanse and recharge crystals and stones at the same time.

This is done by simply burying the crystals in your garden or a plant pot for a day or two.


Lastly, visualization is a waterless cleansing method, although not for everyone.

Visualization requires a deep connection to your sense of self, making it hard for some.

With this technique, you can redirect your energy to the stone in order to restore it to its natural state.

This is done by sitting in a quiet space with your eyes closed and taking a few deep breaths to ground your energy.

With stone or crystal in hand, visualize white radiant light surrounding your crystal.

Envision all the negative energies leaving the stone, thus leaving the crystal bright and ready to serve a new purpose. 

Final Words

The bottom line is that it is important to know that some crystals just do not do well in water.

Primarily because water is a solvent and water has a memory.

The solvent of the water can actually break down some crystals and cause them to release toxins, lose their color, crack, break, deteriorate over time, or even dissolve.

The memory of the water can impart negative energies on your crystals defeating the purpose of having the crystals in the first place.

Luckily there are a plethora of methods you can use to cleanse your crystals that do not involve water.

Among these are: breath, smudging, moonlight, sunlight, the no-contact water cleanse, sound, rice, other crystals, earthing, and visualization.

This leaves the user many options for cleansing their crystal that doesn’t subject the stones to the possible damage water can cause.

Pick the one that feels right for you and matches the energy you are looking for. Experiment with different methods to find out what method is right for you and your crystals.

In this way, you can match your energy to that of the crystal and create a more symbiotic experience. One that is personalized to you, your energy, and your needs. This is the perfect way to create the perfect harmonious relationship between you and your crystals.

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