What Crystals Should NOT Be Kept Together? Be Careful!

Jorge Silva
Which Crystals Should NOT be Kept Together? 

Ah, crystals… A piece extremely worshiped across the globe due to its metaphysical properties and consequently benefits.

Although most people are impressed by the unmistakable beauty of these stones and they are irrefutably an attractive collector’s item, it is important to be responsible when it comes to combining certain crystals.

Each crystal has unique traits in itself. For this reason, sometimes these stones influence each other in an unplanned and not so beneficial way.

These conjugations can even decrease the energy of the crystals or generate energetic conflicts.

Given this and in this brief journey of crystal conjugation, we will decode the compatibilities of these instruments, thus discovering which crystals should not be kept together. Let’s go?

Are There crystal combinations I should avoid?

crystals on table

Indeed, yes! There are combinations that you may want to avoid when it comes to crystals and possible negative repercussions.

Some of these stones collide energetically and therefore enter into an energetic confrontation or energy declines.

In addition to the more obvious outcomes, a terrible combination of crystals may also result in:

The loss of energy from one or both crystals.
A very great emotional intensity that we may not be able to handle properly.
On the other hand, an intensification of emotions, which results in our emotional discomfort charge it. 
Resulting in the neutralization of the traits of both crystals or in the disruption of our balance due to an excess of energy.

Although these are models of some of the consequences that we can experience due to a bad combination, we always have to take our intuition into account.

But, be aware that this is not a rule. Therefore if our intuition is well worked out and tells us to combine two crystals, we must, of course, do a brief research but above all give that vote of confidence in our abilities.

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What crystal should not be kept together? 5 terrible combinations

hand full holding crystals

When it comes to stones and crystals, their energies, colors and shapes are priceless and fascinating.

However, and also for this reason, it is necessary to take precautions and exercise our wisdom before making certain conjugations.

As I have already mentioned, each crystal has a vibrational frequency that goes hand in hand with its respective metaphysical qualities.

Therefore, some conjugations can result in less beneficial collisions that corrupt our harmony, our well-being and the flow of our own energy. 

So let’s embark on this wave of wisdom and uncover the secrets of crystal comparability through this brief list of 5 combinations to avoid.

Citrine And Smoky Quartz:

Citrine And Smoky Quartz

Citrine is a stone with an immense link to abundance and positivism in general.

Smoky Quartz, on the other hand, is more famous and used for grounding and mutating negative energies.

This misaligned combination could very well result in a chaotic, foggy and labyrinthine energy field that contaminates us with these three characteristics.

Selenite and Malachite:

Selenite and Malachite

Selenite is a healing, purifying and cleansing stone widely used as a tool in the cleansing rituals of other crystals.

While Malachite is celebrated for being a bold radicalist and for having a very vigorous energy.

In other words, we have two opposite poles here and one energy is lighter than the other.

For this reason, this combination could cause Selenite to inhale some negativity from Malachite which, consequently, could damage its own traits.

Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz:

Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz

Used mainly for protection and being an emblem stone of our spiritual shield, Black Tourmaline naturally absorbs negative energies.

While on the other hand, Clear Quartz is a strengthening stone.

Therefore, when these two wonders join hands, Clear Quartz strengthens the grounding properties of Black Tourmaline, which ends up being negative as this makes the energy excessively heavy.

Carnelian and Rose Quartz:

Carnelian and Rose Quartz

Carnelian, let’s say, is an emblem of courage and vitality and Rose Quartz, as we are tired of knowing, is the stone of love and compassion.

When two beauties come together, a duel of energies begins.

For this reason, the environment becomes confusing and unsuitable for intentions to be well established and for the stones to work effectively.

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Hematite and Moonstone:

Hematite and Moonstone

Two more unequals, because if Hematite is a grounding stone on the other hand we have Moonstone which is a stone recognized for its emotional and intuitive weight in the lives of those who use it.

And therefore, when these energies intersect, they incite a potential imbalance around us.

Once again, my words are not rules, they are mere standards based on other people’s individual experiences.

And therefore, as we already know that these crystal sphere experiences vary from person to person. So, if your intuition indicates a combination, do your research, analyze the joint work of the crystals for a while and trust in your abilities.

What happens if I use the wrong crystal combination?

Rose Quartz aos other crystals together

Personally, I consider that the promise of healing and positive energies, in addition to the aesthetics of the crystals themselves, are two of the aspects that most attract people to discover and search for these stones.

And although they help us in terms of personal growth, this enchanted world has its “if nots” and this can become a tale of caution. A tale that warns us of the consequences that can be created when the least compatible combinations are applied.

Navigating the intriguing tides of crystal therapy and metaphysical tides, we uncover some of the repercussions and sabotage that can arise when we accidentally or out of sheer ignorance make a bad combination of crystals.

For this reason, we recognize that the combination of energies in a range of crystals is a fragile art. Because when the artist’s hand or in this case wisdom fails, a collection of less good situations and incidents may knock on our door.

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In this next debate and this next list, we will analyze a little the possible results of a bad combination of crystals.


Crystal Damage

Because they have such different energies, the interaction of crystals with each other varies in ways that can potentially alter the physical properties of each one. For example, when we keep some crystals close together or when we work with them together, they can end up scratching or even cracking, which ends up reducing their aesthetics and energetic value.

Energy Imbalance

As I have been indicating, each crystal has very unique and particular vibrations and properties. Therefore combining some crystals could result in energy clashes that make it impossible to achieve the objectives linked to your intentions, which consequently leaves you disoriented. This is the most common consequence of a bad combination.

Physical Discomfort

Sporadically, in more specific episodes, misuse and poor combination of crystals may cause some physical discomfort. Therefore, on some occasions, you already know that these terrible partnerships can result in headaches, sudden and additional tiredness and disconcerting restlessness.

Decreased Effectiveness

When the energies of the crystals and the crystals themselves do not resonate with each other, this can limit their individual effectiveness and extinguish their joint effectiveness. As a result, the follow-up we intended to obtain will not be the same, in other words, the healing and manifestation may never actually occur or it may take much longer to achieve what we desired and which led us to work with our crystals.

Negative Emotions

Although positive energies are the biggest point of attraction in crystals, a bad connection could result in just the opposite. A bad combination could result in the expansion of negative energies or negative thoughts. Therefore, instead of clearing negative energies and thoughts, feelings such as fear, anxiety and emotional confusion will proliferate and increase, especially if we do not correctly inform ourselves about these combinations.

Once again, there are no universal laws that dictate that these combinations cannot be made. You are just advised to be cautious so that you can avoid all these repercussions.

And that is why it is good to debate this subject and delve into it as much as you need and desire. 

Are there positive crystal combinations?

The balance of crystals energy

The negatives do not exist without the positives and vice versa.

In view of this, in the same way that until now we have spoken of terrible combinations, there are obviously powerful, harmonious and very beneficial combinations that enhance our spiritual practices.

These amalgams not only enhance the individual features of each stone, but also create a synergistic effect.

Carnelian and Red Jasper.
Lapis Lazuli and Aquamarine.
Rose Quartz and Amethyst.
Clear Quartz and Selenite.
Black Tourmaline and Hematite.
Citrine and Green Aventurine.

These can be six of the most pleasant combinations.

From them, we can expect the most diverse benefits such as the elevation and purification of energies around us, the promotion of self-love and inner peace, an additional potency for manifestation, prosperity and the appearance of new opportunities.

In general, our energy levels are elevated, our spiritual clarity sharpened and, of course, we become much more protected and rooted.

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Final Words

In this context of metaphysics, of crystals, the selections that we make have great weight.

Some pairings can lead us to general imbalances, a certain disorder and hostile consequences. The opposite, that is, pairings that enhance intentions, protection, healing and personal growth that elevate our spiritual journey, are also a great possibility.

When we sail through the colossal sea of crystal energies, it is essential not to lose our way and consult the properties of each crystal, define our intentions and respect and give our intuition the trust it deserves.

In this crystal pairing adventure, which is also ultimately an era of self-discovery and learning, embrace the positive energies, but also the subtext of spiritual practices and the precautions you should take due to these respective subtexts.

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