How to Cleanse and Charge Amazonite? 8 Safe Ways

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How to Cleanse and Charge Amazonite? 8 Safe Ways

The stunning and rare Amazonite gemstone which got its name from the Amazon River is among the most powerful crystals on earth

Chemically, it consists of silicate and comes in a wide range of blue, green and greenish-blue colors.

Although, they hardly come as solid gemstones of color with streaks of white quartz throughout the green and blue.

Amazonite, just like other gemstones is believed to have some healing properties which are attributed to its great energy and vibration.

It helps to resolve emotional issues by improving physical ailments that result from emotional trauma.

Other healing properties include the healing of muscle tissue and the improvement of the nervous system.

You will recover faster from any ailment or disease while wearing it and will also prevent future ailments or diseases. To keep them active, they need to be cleansed from time to time.

Should I cleanse amazonite?


Yes, you should cleanse amazonite. Amazonite Crystals are believed to radiate a great amount of energy.

As a result, they are very strong and active when it comes to absorbing any negative energy around them. and radiating peace and serenity.

Before healing, it is necessary to eliminate this accumulated energy before you can use them. To get the most out of them, there’s every need you cleanse them. 

Also, some allow cleansing to purify the gemstone before cleaning. The purpose is to reactivate their energies so that they can perform their function very well. 

When it is properly done, it will help you reestablish your connection to the earth. This is a powerful secret that many people do not know. 

You can even cleanse crystals with other crystals!

Should I charge amazonite?

Amazonite jewlery

Yes, you should charge amazonite.

Amazonites are charged to revitalize their healing properties to get the most out of them.

Charging of Amazonite is often done first after purchase. The next time is after every healing process. 

The reason is that the energies tend to wane after the healing. By charging them, they are revitalized to perform more healing. 

How to cleanse amazonite? 4 Easy ways

Using sage

The process of cleansing amazonite crystals is the only way we overload them with the negative energies they have accumulated after healing. 

There are so many possible means to achieve this with Amazonite, and we’ll be discussing some of them here.

1) Water

Water is naturally a cleanser, not only for crystals but for almost everything within our environment.

 Amazonite whose score on the Mohs hardness scale is 6-6.5 which is above the threshold level can survive well in water

However, you should be careful not to submerge the crystal in water for too long as it might have some side effects. 

In the process of cleansing, the crystal is held over running water for a period of 15 to 30 seconds, after which they are allowed to dry. 

You can also see this list of crystals that can’t be cleanse in the water.

2) Sage or incense

Amazonite is also cleansed using sage or incense

Sage is a special plant with a multitude of healing properties. It requires a fire-safe bowl, a lighter or matches and a loose or bundled sage. 

The process involves holding the Amazonite in one hand and wafting the smoke from the sage over it with your other hand

Allow the smoke to envelop the stone for about 30 seconds. If you think the stone contains a lot, you can smudge it for an additional 30 seconds. After that, your stone is ready

If you are using incense, you will first have to light your incense stick at the top till it solders. After which you waft the smoke over the crystal to cleanse it of any negative energy. 

You should stay in a ventilated environment while doing this so that the negative energy can flow out while fresh air flows in

3) Natural light

Amazonite can be cleansed using natural light

Ritual cleansing is properly done around certain points in the solar or lunar cycle. However, you can set them out at any time under the sun to cleanse them. 

It is better if you set the stone out a little before nightfall and then bring them back in before 11:00 am. This will enable them to bathe in both the moon and the sun. 

Do not leave them for too long under the sun as it may weather the stone’s surface

Also, make sure they are not tampered with by wildlife or passersby. 

4) Sound 

Sound is another element that can cleanse Amazonite. It does it by allowing a single pitch to wash over an area of the crystal, hence bringing it into a similar vibration as the tone. 

You can chant, use singing bowls, tuning forks or even a nice bell.

The key if the sound doesn’t so much matter here as long as the sound remitted is loud enough for the vibration to go around the stone

It is very ideal for a large number of stones which will not be moved. 

How to charge Amazonite? 4 Powerful ways 

moon light

Amazonites are charged from time to time because every healing process uses up positive energy and fills them with negative energy

The negative energy is however decluttered by the cleansing process. At this point, the crystal is void of energy. 

There’s therefore every need that the crystals to be filled with positive energy so that they can be effective in the healing process. 

Charging the crystals is a means of achieving this. It enhances the positive effect of the crystals making them more effective for the healing process. 

1) Moonlight 

Moonlight is among the most effective natural elements that can charge an Amazonite. There are two ways applicable to this method.

You can place it directly in the moonlight, or you can charge the Crystals with moonlight. 

  • Charging with a full moon: In this method, the crystals are placed in the moonlight on the 14th day of the lunar cycle. It can stay outside the entire night to receive enough energy to charge it. If the moon is full, it can still be effective if the crystals were placed on the window. 
  • Charging with moon water: Here, the crystals are placed in a bowl of water and then kept in the moonlight for an hour. It shouldn’t be done all night because it can damage the crystals. 

2) Sunlight 

The Amazonite can as well be charged in the sunlight.

This method is considered faster especially when the amazonite has been thoroughly cleansed of every negative energy

You can set an intention before placing an Amazonite crystal in the sun. If you want something from Amazonite, you can hold them in your hand while thinking about what you want

The stone should bathe in the sunlight for a few hours so that it can charge fully. The strength of your mind can equally help it to charge fully. 

When strong intentions are placed on the Amazonite, it helps it gather more positive energy. 

It shouldn’t stay for too long under the sun to avoid damaging the crystals.

3) Burying them under the earth 

When crystals like Amazonite are buried under the earth, they can receive positive energy from the earth’s core when they are right in the deeper layers of the earth.

This energy reduces as they approach the surface

This method of recharging requires putting the crystals in the soil for one whole day. You should first dig a hole, then put the crystals inside and cover them with the soil. 

You will notice an increase in the healing effect after this procedure. 

4) Sage 

Sage is also effective when it comes to charging the amazonite. It is believed to give a faster result

The process involves making a bundle of sage herbs. Most of these herbs are very thin so it is better if you make a bundle of them to enable it to make enough smoke. 

If you want you can place the sage in a bowl while you place one end out of the bowl for burning. Candles can also be used to burn the herb, it depends on what’s more suitable for you.

The Amazonite is placed above the sage to allow the Crystals to bathe in the smoke coming from the sage for a while till it has acquired enough positive energy. 

Can amazonite go in the sun?

sun in window

Yes, Amazonites do very well in the sun

Just like other crystals, there’s always a need to cleanse and charge them regularly under the sun.

That way, you can get rid of the negative energies it has absorbed from the environment and fill them with positive ones. 

However, the exposure to the sun should not be too much at most 4 hours. This is because it can lead to discoloration which will damage the crystals.

To prevent this from ever happening, you can place the crystals on a window. The glass is believed to filter out most of the UV light that can cause discoloration.

To be on the safe side, you can rather put them under the sun in the morning, before noon when the sun is still gentle. 

If you stay in an environment that is more cloudy or doesn’t have many sunny days, you can consider other methods of charging crystals. 

Can I put amazonite in salt?

cleanse with salt

Yes. You can put Amazonite in salt

Throughout history, salt has been effective in absorbing unwanted energy from the environment and banishing negativity.

As a result, it can effectively cleanse a crystal of any clutter of negative energy before it can be revitalized by the charging process. 

Nonetheless, In cleansing Amazonite, dry salt is much preferable when compared to saltwater. There have been cases whereby the stone became brittle and ended up breaking when submerged in salt water.

You should be careful to make sure this method is effective for your Amazonite crystal, otherwise, it’s advisable you go for other means of cleansing. 

Final Words

Amazonite is a very powerful crystal that is known as the crystal of hope. It has been known to eliminate negative energy in or around its environment and fill it up with enough positive energy. 

This positive energy comes from healing emotional issues, curing physical ailments and quick recovery from sickness or ailment.

Nevertheless, there’s every necessity that crystals are regularly cleansed to declutter the negative energy they have acquired from the environment and during every healing process.

After which they are charged to reactivate their positive energy by the different charging processes. That way they can be well effective in carrying out the healing process.

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