Can the Carnelian go in Salt and Salt Water?

Jorge Silva
Can the Carnelian go in Salt and Salt Water? 

Today I will reveal if you can put Carnelian in salt and in salt water. So, just keep reading below!

The Artist Stone, The Fire Stone, and The Sunset Stone are all names for Carnelian.

The carnelian stone is a crystal that is most frequently found in Brazil, India, Serbia, and Germany. But it is also found in some places in the United States, like Oregon, Washington state, and New Jersey. 

Carnelian is assumed to be named after the Kornel cherry, which it resembles in color. Carnelian has been found in artifacts on the isle of Crete that date back to the Bronze Age around 1800 BC. 

This crystal is microcrystalline quartz and is a variety of chalcedony. Chalcedony comes from the combination of two silica minerals, quartz, and moganite, which have different crystal structures. 

Carnelian gets its reddish tint from iron oxide contained in it. But most are further dyed and heat treated to achieve their different coloring variations. 

When you think of the carnelian crystal with its fire coloring, think of The Phoenix rising from the ashes.

The carnelian crystal has this kind of energy. The carnelian represents the Sacral Chakra because it helps spark inspiration, creativity, confidence, and passions. Carnelian is used by many for its energetic properties associated with its fiery nature.

To maintain healthy carnelian crystals, it is essential to understand that they must be periodically cleansed and recharged. 

But what do cleansing and recharging mean?

Cleaning crystals
Cleaning crystals


Throughout a crystal’s life, it encounters many entities from which it absorbs different energies.

Periodically it needs to be reset to its natural state by cleansing.

You can cleanse using light, water, breath, sound, visualization, sage, rice, or other stones and minerals.

It is recommended that you cleanse your carnelian crystal, at a minimum, monthly.

You can cleanse it more often if you feel it is encountering negative energies that can bog it down. It would be best if you also cleansed it after each healing session. 


Over time, a crystal becomes out of sync with its natural frequency and loses its intensity.

Charging the carnelian crystal back to its natural frequency will allow it to work longer and more effectively.

You can recharge your carnelian crystal with moonlight and/or sunlight, sound, intention, water, or by burying it in the earth.

How often you charge your carnelian crystal depends on numerous factors, including how often you use it and your preferred method of charging.

You can charge it daily if you want, using sunlight. Some prefer to use moonlight and find a full moon to be best, so they end up charging it monthly.

There is no set timeline for charging. This will be discussed in more detail later.

But what about salt?

Can Carnelian go in salt?

Can Carnelian go in salt?
Carnelian Bracelet

The short answer is yes, but it is essential to use salt cautiously.

Many crystals are cleansed and recharged with salt. Remember that we are talking about natural salts, such as Himalayan pink salt or natural sea salts, not the ordinary table salt that comes in that round blue container with the girl on the front.

You will find a much richer cleansing from natural salts than you will table salt. 

Now that we have established what suitable salt is, there are some things to consider when cleansing and recharging crystals with salt.

As stated previously, the purpose of cleansing crystals is to reset the energy frequency back to the original energy of the crystal when it was extracted from the earth.

That’s why natural salts are often used to cleanse crystals. Table salts are frequently overly processed, far removed from their natural state, and lack the cleansing capacity that crystals need. And because natural salt is a softer crystal than carnelian, it will not harm the outer surface of carnelian. 

Can Carnelian go in salt water?

Salt water

Again, the short answer is yes, but cautiously.

A thoroughly cleansed carnelian crystal can have many healing properties for the mind, body, and soul. 

The carnelian crystal that has had a complete restorative cleanse will bring the human body its fiery energy to help the physical self by stimulating muscles.

It also stimulates organs and tissues, detoxes, and even boosts libido. Carnelian can also help the mental self by getting the creative juices flowing, giving confidence to its user, creating warmth and heat, and increasing vitality.

Saltwater is often used to do a complete restorative cleansing of many crystals.

Although salt water will give a crystal a good cleanse, salt water may not be the best choice to achieve a comprehensive restorative cleanse for the carnelian crystal.

So the question is, is there a better method than the use of salt water to restoratively cleanse carnelian?

Let’s consider that carnelian is harvested from freshwater rivers and streams.

This means that carnelian derives its original energy and healing properties from freshwater, not salt water.

Carnelian will be ok in saltwater, but salt water is not the crystal’s natural environment. Salt water will not give the carnelian the most effective restorative cleanse the crystal needs.

How to recharge Carnelian in salt?

Carnelian Bracelet
Carnelian Bracelet

In addition to being cleansed, crystals need to be recharged as well. The cleansing will rid the crystal of stale, unwanted, and negative energies that are placed on the crystal with use.

The recharging is also necessary, so the crystal does as you wish.

“Crystals by themselves are like ingredients in your pantry: It’s not until you do something with them that the magic happens.”

Azalea Lee writes in her book.

Recharging carnelian is essential, so it will have the fiery healing property that we all love the crystal for.

A recharging station is a beautiful way to recharge not only the carnelian but many other types of crystals as well.

One way to make a recharging station is to use a small glass terrarium typically used for plants and fill the bottom with Himalayan pink salt.

After placing your crystals in the salt, put the terrarium in a window that gets nightly moonlight. 

Simply placing the carnelian crystal in the salt and submerging it overnight is another way to recharge your crystal with salt. 

What are the risks of putting Carnelian in salt too long?

Risks of salt in Carnelian

As stated in Encyclopedia Britannica, a mineral’s Mohs hardness is determined by observing whether its surface is scratched by a substance of known or defined hardness.

Many crystals are on the softer side of the scale, but the carnelian crystal is on the harder side of the scale.

When a crystal is harder, it is okay to put in salt.

Carnelian is a seven on the Mohs scale, while salt is a three, so it will hold its own in salt for some time.

That said, carnelian should not be kept in salt, particularly salt water, for long periods.

Adding salt to the water and placing carnelian crystal in the mixture can encourage tiny cracks in the crystal as the saltwater works its way into pores and natural fissures.

This causes the carnelian crystal to break apart.

Is there any way to recharge the carnelian instead of with salt?


Crystals have many ways of recharging. A lot depends on the individual’s intention for the crystal, so following your intuition is very important.

Carnelian can be recharged with salt, as we have already explored. In addition to salt, carnelian is also responsive to a plethora of recharging methods.

Other common ways to recharge a crystal include Sound, like a tuning fork or singing bowls, being buried in soil, burning herbs or incense over them, or even speaking positive intentions to them.

These are all recommended ways to recharge crystals.

Salt and these standard recharging methods work in addition to unusual methods like using other minerals like gold, silver, copper, and iron. Others include magnetic and plant energy; some even believe that spirits, dragons, fairies, and angels can recharge crystals.

However, the carnelian crystal is most responsive to the following three methods:

  1. The crystal is placed in the moonlight overnight to recharge; a full moon will deliver optimal moonlight recharging.
  2. Alternatively, a 24-hour cycle of sun and moonlight is an excellent way to recharge the carnelian.
  3. The third method is simply placing it in river water for 1-7 hours.

Final Words

Carnelian, the birthstone of the zodiac sign Virgo, was used in ancient times by warriors to give courage and protection. Historically the carnelian crystal was thought to help rid households of plagues

In ancient Egypt, the orange hues found in carnelian were symbolic of female energies of passion and love. Carnelian’s orange colors also represent fertility. Its red coloring symbolized the male powers of desire in their times.

Carnelian has the healing powers of increasing blood flow, which is even used to treat boils, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids.

All these healing properties and uses show us that the carnelian crystal can cleanse and recharge us when it is cleansed and recharged properly.

Although the carnelian can “handle” salt and salt water, I think it is happiest in its natural elements of sun, moon, and fresh river water. 

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