Howlite Turquoise: 7 Healing Properties and Crystal Meaning 

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Howlite Turquoise: 7 Healing Properties and Crystal Meaning 

The howlite turquoise is a beautiful healing stone that connects us to our communication center.

This stone is closely aligned with the fifth chakra, the throat chakra, which is the blue chakra that helps us to stay connected with our truth and authenticity.

But that is not all there is to the Howlite turquoise. Turquoise is a stone and a color that goes back thousands of years as a powerful stone and color that heals and unites populations, our individual notions of the collective consciousness, and our ambitions.

The collective consciousness is the mental stream of perceptions and realities that pervade our communities and societies.

So we may all have one idea or vision of what the world looks like and feels like. What the Howlite turquoise will do is help you to hone in on your individual experience in that collectivity.

This is a stone where communication is paramount, and you will find you experience many other healing benefits when you can fine tune that center of yours.

Learn more about the key seven healing properties you can expect from Howlite turquoise here. 

About Howlite Turquoise Crystal


The Howlite turquoise crystal goes back as a stone used for healing from thousands of years ago.

Turquoise in its own right is said to be among the oldest healing crystals in the history of time and has been used as far back as 6000 B.C. in Egypt and in the Middle East.

When turquoise and howlite combine, it is a powerful stone that can connect you with a higher realm of consciousness that is authentic and miraculous.

The ancient Egyptians would bury their dead with some howlite turquoise in order to help them to transcend into a new journey.

The Aztecs use it for deeper connections with a realm, that we typically do not understand.

Indigenous populations and Native cultures also see and feel the power of this stone and you will see it in many amulets, jewelry and ritual tokens or items.

Howlite typically comes to us in white and black and is dyed different colors for different purposes.

When it is in turquoise hues, it takes on additional properties to cleanse and heal where those colors are needed in our lives.

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Howlite Turquoise Crystal Spiritual Meaning

Howlite Turquoise

Howlite turquoise is typically used to enhance your own truths. You can use it to dispel and remove any negativity from your auras, and it will help there.

This is a stone that will bring a sense of calm into your life because that sense of peace and calm is natural when you are living in your truth.

The howlite turquoise stone is connected to your fifth chakra, the throat chakra, which is marked by the color blue.

This chakra helps you to communicate more clearly and to communicate with more authenticity. It also helps you to detect when other people are not communicating this way.

You will also find more emotional balance and feel like the warmth of a good friend all around you when you use the howlite turquoise stone.

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Howlite Turquoise Metaphysical Properties

Howlite Turquoise Metaphysical Properties

The howlite turquoise stone offers a lot of different metaphysical properties that can help to improve your life.

This is a stone that helps you to communicate in a consciousness of unconditional love. You will naturally feel less anger when you are using this stone.

You have more peace, and communicate that better when you are working on your own inner healing and peace. 

This stone is getting you closer to communicating at higher levels.

Howlite turquoise is connected to the fifth chakra, the throat chakra, which helps you to progress towards an aligned third eye chakra and crown chakra.

Those chakras will connect you and your relationship to your guides and angels at the highest level possible, whether you are aware of what is happening or not.

You will experience greater dreams, stronger memories and recall, and sleep better overall. The metaphysical properties of this stone are tremendous. 

7 Healing Properties of Howlite Turquoise

7 Healing Properties of Howlite Turquoise

Howlite turquoise is a stone that will connect you to a greater dimension of healing and communication.

Expand your consciousness and your sense of awareness in your world and in the world with Howlite turquoise.

You can clear your mind of the negative self talk and love yourself and your purpose more thoroughly. 

There are many benefits and healing properties of this healing stone. Let’s now explore them:

1) Improve Communication

The power of Howlite turquoise on your communication center can not be said enough.

Work with Howlite turquoise as you do any other healing stone, and you will naturally see your communication improve.

You will feel more authentic, and you will begin to see those around you that are not. You do not always need to address this.

This way, you will simply be expanding your awareness of the greater potential and energy fields around you by improving your communication centers.

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2) Recall Dreams Better

Dreams are an important communication tool that our angels and guides use to send us messages.

Our Higher Power does too if we have that in our lives and believe in that. The reason this happens is that great revelations in life would scare people if everybody got them.

So our Higher Powers send us messages and signs in a way that is safe and helps us to grow the way that they want us to grow.

We don’t always understand these messages, but that is not the point. The point is the message that you are not alone, and someone can see what you are going through.

Dream recall helps us to understand this, and is very difficult for most people. The howlite turquoise can connect you to this power that you may not even know that you have. 

3) Sleep Better and Experience Improved Overall Health 

With greater dream recall comes improved sleep, and with improved sleep comes better overall health.

It is important for our physical selves to be recharged every day in a healthy way.

Improved sleep will result in better days. You will eat better, feel better, and interact better in your daily life.

If you struggle with chronic pain or ailments, improved sleep patterns help you to find more relief. Making improved sleep a priority can come more naturally when you use this stone.

4) Bring More Calm and Happy Into Your Life 

Having a connection to our guides and angels that is authentic is naturally going to make us feel more positive and loving.

You will feel happier. They are deities of unconditional love, and even when they are helping us through our errors, they are loving.

This helps us to feel good and connected to our higher purpose and truth.

Using Howlite turquoise is going to bring more calm and happiness into your life. 

5) Find the Patience You’ve Been Looking For

When our communication centers are more pure and more authentic, we have more patience in our lives.

We realize and intuitively see the greater picture of the people we are working with and interacting with on a regular basis.

We have more patience with negative energy because we know the negativity that is right in front of us is about something other than what is right in front of us.

There is always more to the story. Telling this story is an important component of using the Howlite turquoise. You will have more patience and enjoy life more as a result. 

6) Talk to Your Self More Lovingly 

Negative self talk is a symptom that every human on the planet struggles with.

When our throat chakra is in good condition, we can speak our own inner truth better as well.

We are all wonderful people somewhere inside. Finding the courage to want to tap into that part of you is an important part of your soul’s journey.

As we learn to communicate better with those around us with Howlite turquoise, we also learn to communicate better with our Selves.

Life changes a little bit for you when you seek these gifts, and the howlite turquoise stone can help you to do that. 

7) Become More Ambitious With Your Truth 

Ambition was a large part of indigenous and Native history, and this stone can certainly help you to find yours.

When you are feeling like you do not have the focus that you need to grasp for your success, howlite turquoise can help you to do that.

Howlite turquoise can help you to speak words of courage and ambition so that you are not only more motivated to pursue your success but so that you can communicate in the way that will land it for you.

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Is Howlite Turquoise Really Powerful?

tree pose yoga

Yes, Howlite turquoise is a very powerful stone that can help you to achieve great success in life.

This is a stone that can connect you to your inner truth, and with the energy fields that you need to connect to in order to communicate it.

Howlite turquoise is not one of the most popular stones, but that does not negate its potential and power.

You can and will experience greater dream recall and improved communication in every area of your life when you use Howlite turquoise. 

Should I use this crystal?

Howlite Turquoise

Yes, you should use this crystal.

We would always say to use any tool that is available to improve your communication skills and live a more authentic life. The Howlite turquoise will accomplish that goal.

Harness the power of an improved fifth chakra and communication center, and you may well be surprised by the results in a delightful way that brings more peace into your life. 

Choose Howlite Turquoise for Improved Communication

When you have Howlite turquoise in your life you experience improvement in many areas.

Your communication center becomes more clear and authentic, and your ambition is driven by the power of your ability to communicate more clearly.

Develop your fifth chakra the throat chakra more and see a deeper connection with your higher Self and who you are in the world. Choose Howlite turquoise today and see the magic for yourself

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