You Found an Evil Eye Bracelet on The Ground? Do This!

Rita Smith
You Found an Evil Eye Bracelet on The Ground? Do This!

Different ideas and persuasion surround finding something on the floor generally.

Some folks don’t touch anything they find on the floor, others are quite indifferent about it.

Irrespective of the belief you grew up with, it doesn’t change the fact that we come across things on the ground from time to time. 

In this instance, certain questions are worth asking: What’s an evil eye bracelet? What exactly is it used for? Is it dangerous to pick it from the ground? 

An evil eye bracelet falls in the class of totems, talismans, and other items used to ward off evil spirits, bad luck, and even curses.

It has served this purpose for several years. 

I found an Evil Eye Bracelet on the ground. Can I use it?

I found an Evil Eye Bracelet on the ground

To many people, all that there is to life is all they can see in this realm. Their families, their pets, their jobs, their cars, and luxuries and that’s about all there is to their lives. 

But to live like that is to live like an ignoramus, that is in total oblivion about how the world around him works

Certain things happen beyond our control, things that we might not be able to logically explain. This is to prove that the spiritual controls the physical.

Things we can see are controlled by things we cannot see. 

Finding an evil eye bracelet on the ground is one such scenario that you can call a spiritually orchestrated event.

The evil eye bracelet is not such a common item that you can just see around anyhow.

Hence, if you find one on the ground, it’s not just a coincidence, you’re meant to find it on the ground. It’s the universe itself interested in keeping you safe from every negative energy and happenings using the evil eye bracelet.  

If you happen to find an evil eye bracelet on the ground, pick it up with all confidence, you can use it.

However, you must cleanse it!

This is so because you might never be able to tell the number of owners that particular bracelet has served before you.

It might have stored up some negative energy. Cleansing it would ensure that the bracelet is ready for your use. As good as new.

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What you should do before using the Evil Eye Bracelet 

Evil eye bracelet

Finding an evil eye bracelet on the ground doesn’t automatically mean that you can start using it straight away.

There are certain things you have to do to ensure that the bracelet is compatible with you and to see to it that it’s ready for use

Finding an evil eye bracelet on the ground is like finding raw gold, for it to look beautiful, it has to go through some processing and then it’d come out beautiful and shining.

This bracelet is like that gold that you need to refine and furnish for you to be able to use it effectively

Some people have gone ahead to use an evil eye bracelet immediately after they found it. They later found out that it brought more negative energy into their lives than positive energy.

Below are certain things you must do before you use the evil eye bracelet: 

1) Cleanse the bracelet

Cleansing your Evil Eye Bracelet is very important.

I can liken it to cooking your food before eating, you can’t eat your food raw, and foodstuffs and groceries are mostly useless when they’re raw as far as eating them is concerned. Same way, the bracelet is useless without cleansing.

One could as well just tie a ribbon around the wrist instead of it. 

Cleansing generally has to do with clearing off the bad luck and negative energy that this Evil Eye Bracelet has accumulated over time before it found its way to you.

This will ensure that it’s cleared and has more capacity to ward off negative things around you.

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2) Charge the bracelet

After cleansing the bracelet, the bracelet is now ready to serve you. However, just before you do it on your wrist proudly, you have to charge it

Just the way you use the word “charge” in your day-to-day life, to charge your devices and gadgets to keep them fired up for the things you want to use them for.

When you fail to charge your gadgets, you stand a risk of them shutting them down, rendering them useless till you charge them

You have to charge the bracelet to fire it up to be effective. It’s synonymous with strengthening it, seeing it might have used up its strength in places it has been before it found its way to you.

You should treat this with utmost importance. 

3) Mentally prepare yourself 

This is as important as the first two because there’s no point in using a bracelet that you’re not mentally prepared to use.

Usually, we underrate the power of our minds, but whatever our minds don’t agree with cannot work for us

Mentally preparing yourself would include rehearsing to yourself the uses of the evil eye bracelet. And putting your trust and faith in it to do just as it has been said that it would. 

Because without you believing in it, the evil eye bracelet would just be like any other bracelet in your hand.

What then would be the whole point? Why would I have something that can do so much and then settle for it just being an ordinary bracelet?

That’s not wise.

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The right way to cleanse the Evil Eye Bracelet you found on the ground 

Smudging the evil eye bracelet

Cleansing this bracelet isn’t just like the cleansing of just anything. You can’t just soak it in soapy water in the name of cleansing. There are certain ways you have to go about it. I’d share some of the ways you can cleanse it with you. 


You can cleanse the evil eye bracelet by passing it through the smoke of burning ceremonial herbs like sage.

Once you light one end of the plant, hold it in your left hand and use your right hand to immerse the bracelet in the smoke from the sage plant.

The smoke will carry with it all the negative energies that might be lurking inside the evil eye bracelet. 


All through Man’s history, the moonlight has been known to be a source of pure natural energy.

This is preferably done on the night of the full moon because the moon’s energy is said to be at its peak on this night.

Just make sure the bracelet is exposed to the moon overnight.

The natural and pure energy from the moon would replace all the negative energy inside the bracelet. 

Cleanse with moon water:

Rather than put the bracelet under the moon overnight, you can just get a basin of clean and pure water, and place this water under the moonlight overnight.

Then at dawn, you can use this water to cleanse the evil eye bracelet gently.

Ensure you dispose of the water when you’re done.

It’s now filled with the negative energies from the bracelet. 

Cleanse with crystals:

Some crystals have cleansing abilities such as selenite or black tourmaline.

Selenite is popular in this sphere, so you can get a selenite bowl, place the bracelet inside the bowl and leave it there for 12 hours

After you start using the bracelet, you have to ensure you repeat the cleansing process. Cleansing isn’t a once and for all thing.

As the bracelet serves you and keeps absorbing evil energies, you have to keep cleansing it.

You can develop a routine for cleaning.

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Can this bracelet bring me bad luck?

Evil eye necklace
Evil eye necklace

Well, the evil eye bracelet isn’t designed to bring bad luck your way.

It’s designed to do just the opposite of that, keep bad energy away from you… Ensuring that only good energies and vibes reach you.

It wards off or absorbs any kind of negative force or bad energy that might come your way

However, if you don’t clean the bracelet when you find it, it can bring bad luck.

This is because it must’ve absorbed that into itself as a means to protect its previous owner before it found its way to you.

That’s why you need to cleanse the bracelet. 

Can I wear the bracelet every day?

Waring the evil eye bracelet

Yes, you can! As long as it is cleansed and charged, you can even wear it to bed, it’d ward off evil spirits that might want to prey on you while you sleep. 

You should however note that wearing it every day means that it’d wear out often. Because it’d be exposed to more negative energy as you go from place to place. Hence, you need to cleanse it from time to time. 

Final Words

If you happen to find an evil eye bracelet on the ground, it’s the universe letting you know that they’re interested in guiding and guarding you through life. It’s definitely not wise to turn down such a gesture. 

Pick it up, cleanse it, charge it, and start using it right away.  

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