How to Charge Smoky Quartz? 5 Powerful Ways!

Rita Smith
How to Charge Smoky Quartz? 5 Powerful Ways!

Just like a human being detoxifying his mind after the hustle and bustle of the day. The mind has absorbed many things, both good and bad.

Some people do yoga, others go to the gym, and some others just take a few moments of meditation to filter out the negative things their minds have absorbed during work hours. 

Similarly, crystals have a bad habit of absorbing the energies they’re exposed to. When they protect you from bad energies that you come across, they do the protecting by absorbing those bad energies you come across. 

So charging of crystals generally has to do with first of all clearing up those negative energies in the crystal, and filling it up with pure energy from nature. 

In the proceeding texts, I’d be showing you other things about the charging of your crystals and particularly how to charge Somy Quartz. 

Should I Charge Smoky Quartz?

Smoky quartz crystals

Yes, you should

If it’s a crystal, then you can never be wrong charging it.

That’s the proper thing to do. Not charging your crystal from time to time, is like owning a toothless guard dog, useless. 

Just like we human beings take a shower, eat and then sleep to refuel and recharge our energy after a long day.

Now imagine yourself, going for 3 days with neither food nor sleep. You’d probably be unproductive and disoriented. 

Your smoky quartz crystal is not any different. Without charging it from time to time, it’s like a toothless guard dog. And I know no one wants to own a toothless guard dog. 

So yes please, you should charge your smoky quartz.

Did you know that you can also combine smoky quartz with other crystals to increase their powers?

How often should I charge my Smoky Quartz crystal?

holding crystals

This is a relative question. There’s no set-in-stone rule as to how often you ought to charge your crystal, not a single rule

It’s just like asking “how often should I fuel my car?” That depends on some things; how much fuel does your car engine use per km? How many kilometers do you drive in a day? 

So similar to that, there are certain things to consider when trying to answer the question of how often a crystal should be charged.

One should consider the energies you’ve exposed your smoky quartz crystal to in recent times.

If you feel you’ve been in really toxic spheres lately, then you might want to charge your crystal so you can clear all the negative energies it’d have absorbed. 

And beyond that, even if you don’t remember exposing your crystal to a copious volume of negative energies, you should still charge your crystal at least once a month.

Just to clear it up and fill it with pure energy, restoring it to its natural state.

Learn more here about how often you should charge your crystals.

How to charge Smoky Quartz? 5 Ways 

Smoky Quartz

Charging your crystal as we’ve seen, is very important. If you won’t charge your crystal, you could as well not bother to have one or throw the one you have away. 

Now, even in the charging of crystals, some modes of charging are general to all crystals while some are more specific to certain crystals due to the properties of those crystals or stones

As I said earlier, when you charge your crystal, you’re doing two things, you’re cleansing your crystal of the negative energies it has absorbed and you’re also infusing pure energy into your crystal. So it’s this process that’s called charging. 

Here are five ways you can charge your smoky quartz crystal:

1) Set it in sunlight for 2-3 hours

Setting your smoky quartz crystal in the sun would effectively clear out all the negative energies that your crystal has absorbed while infusing it with pure energy. Restoring it to its natural state

You should be watchful not to leave your smoky quartz crystal exposed to the sunlight for so long, as the intensity of the sun rays can affect the color and the smoky quartz generally.

A sun time of 3 hours is enough to charge your crystal. 

It’s even advisable that you don’t put the smoky quartz crystal under direct sunlight. You should use indirect sunlight. It’d still be charged. 

2) Soak in clean water

Water generally is used for cleansing and refreshing, so this is not just in the crystal world. Water renews and it reinvigorates.

You know how you feel when you drink cold water when you’re dehydrated or after you broke a sweat in the gym. Such a blissful feeling, you just want to continue gulping. 

Pour some water into a bowl that’s made of natural things, like wood or metal. This is because we’re trying to get pure and natural energy into the crystal.

Using artificial things would hinder this. 

You can then soak the smoky quartz in clean water for 3-4 hours. Ensure you dry it with a towel when you’re done to keep it dry. 

Did you know that you can also put crystals in water and drink to strengthen your mind and body?

3) Set in the moonlight overnight 

The moonlight provides you with a more gentle and less penetrative form of energy as compared with the sun.

So it takes longer with the moonlight than it does with the sunlight. You have to leave it under the moonlight overnight.

You might need to expose your crystal to the moonlight for about 7-10 hours for it to be effectively charged

This is more effective on the night of the full moon. As the skies are clear, the light from the moon can reach the earth in an uninterrupted descent.

Read which crystals are the best to be charged using the moonlight.

4) Soak in full-moon water 

This is also related to the moon. You place a bowl of water under the full moon.

Don’t forget that the bowl has to be made of natural material. Plastic is a no-go area. You can use wood or glass.  

Leave the bowl of water under the full moon for at least 8 hours. The water would absorb in all the pure energy from the moon, and when that is done, you then soak the crystals in that water for about 4-5 hours.

Also, you should remember to dry it with a towel when you’re done. It’s not good to leave the surface of your crystal damp. 

In case you’re wondering why we don’t have sun water as well. Well, the sun dries up the water placed under it. 

5) Bury in the soil 

The charging of crystals has to do with clearing off negative energies and filling them with pure and positive energy.

Now, this energy must be natural, seeing that crystals themselves are a natural phenomenon. They occur naturally in nature. 

So burying them in the soil is a good way of purging them of negative energies and filling them with pure and natural energy from the ground.

You should bury your smoky quartz crystal for 12-15 hours. This can be in the garden in your front yard, it could also be in the soil of a pot plant inside the house.

You then dust the sand off when you bring it out. You can go ahead to soak it in water for another hour or two. Then you dry off the moisture on the surface of the crystal. 

Is a charged crystal more powerful?

Crystals and candle

Yes, it is! Seeing that when a crystal is newly charged, it‘s almost as though it’s restored to its natural state when it was first found.

A charged crystal is therefore more powerful and more effective than an uncharged crystal. 

An uncharged crystal is low on pure and natural energy but high on negative energies it must have absorbed. But a charged crystal is low on negative energies and is high on positive energy

How do I know when I need to charge my crystal again?

Woman worried

Well, there are no definite rules as it were about this. It all depends on the connection between you and your crystal.

And unlike in a vehicle, where the fuel meter will let you know you’re out of fuel and you need to refuel, crystals don’t have “charge” meters.

It would have been cool if they did though, wouldn’t it?

However, the more pure energy your crystal contains the better. So there’s nothing that says that you cannot charge your crystal as much as possible.

You want to keep your crystal fresh and highly effective at all times. 

So if you’re feeling like you’ve exposed your crystal to too many negative energies. That feeling itself is a sign, you should charge your crystal straightaway. 

Final Words 

Charging your crystals is as important as owning a crystal. If you don’t know that before, I believe you know that now. 

And having seen what charging crystals entail, you should take advantage of these pieces of information, and take good care of your crystals. 

Taking good care of your crystals can go a long way to strengthen the connection between you and your crystals

This will also help you to not keep ineffective crystals around you. You now know that you can charge them anytime you want as long as you deem them worthy of charging. Hope you had a good read. 

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