Is Moldavite Dangerous? 7 Side Effects You Should Know

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Is Moldavite Dangerous? 7 Side Effects You Should Know

These crystals have been found in large deposits near the Moldavian Mountains, so it’s no surprise that people have been using them as medicine for centuries!

Moldavite is a type of mineral that has been used in the making of jewelry, soaps, and other products.

It’s also thought to be a powerful healing stone that can help you with anxiety or stress, but it may also have some side effects.

However, there are some things you should know about this stone before you decide whether it’s right for your needs. As Moldavite can have side effects.

Is Moldavite dangerous?

Real moldavite stone
Real Moldavite Stone

Moldavite is not a dangerous stone and has been used for thousands of years to help people heal.

Its power comes from its ability to connect you with your deeper desires and needs and those around you.

This can lead to some side effects if you need to be more careful with your use, so be aware of your body and how it reacts when using Moldavite crystals!

Moldavite is not dangerous to your health. But it has some side effects.

When you use moldavite, many things can happen to you and your body. This can cause problems for people who use the crystal to improve their lives or get healed from illness.

But remember that it’s important to cleanse and charge it regularly.

Is Moldavite toxic?

Real Moldavite
Real Moldavite

You may be wondering if Moldavite is toxic. The answer to this question is “no“. Like many other stones, Moldavite is not harmful.

However, it may cause some side effects in certain people.

Moldavite can affect your body and mind if exposed to too much of the stone’s energy or imbalance in your energy field (chakra system).

The high vibration of this crystal can bring out negative emotions buried deep within you since childhood or traumatic events in your life.

Suppose these emotions resurface during meditation sessions with Moldavite. In that case, it may cause anxiety attacks or panic attacks that come on suddenly without warning—this could be especially dangerous if someone is driving while having a seizure!

Is Moldavite Stone Suitable For Everyone?

Authentic Moldavite

Moldavite is only suitable for some. It’s not recommended for pregnant women and children under 16 years old, as well as people with a pacemaker or epilepsy history.

If you’re pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition, it’s best to check with your doctor before using Moldavite.

The stone is considered safe for most people, but there are some precautions you should take:

  • Avoid wearing gold jewelry that contains moldavite if it can be worn at all (see below).
  • Don’t use too much of the stone in one day because this can cause nausea and headaches.

7 Possible side effects of Moldavite

Moldavite crystal

Moldavite can have quite a few side effects, so it’s important you know them. If any of the following problems appear when using a Moldavite stone, please stop immediately.

As your body isn’t responding well to this stone, you may seek a special guide from a former crystal user.

Here are 7 possible side effects of using Moldavite:

1) Itching and Rashes

You may experience itching or rashes from the stone.

If you experience this, stop using the stone immediately and consult a doctor for further treatment options.

You should also be aware that Moldavite is a natural stone, that’s why it may cause irritation to your skin.

2) Feeling of despair and hopelessness

Moldavite has been known to help some people who had difficulty letting go of the past. It can be combined with Citrine.

You may find yourself in this situation where you feel like you need to let go of something but can’t because it is too painful.

For example, if you were a victim of childhood abuse and now have anger toward your abuser, Moldavite may not be able to help with this issue.

It would be best for those dealing with this type of emotion (offense) to use other crystals or meditation techniques instead of Moldavites, which may cause more harm than good due to its lack of anxiety-reducing effect on us all!

3) Anxiety and panic

The other side effect of Moldavite is anxiety, panic, or agitation.

If you are experiencing these symptoms after using Moldavite, stop using it immediately.

Moldavite has a high energy level and can be very helpful to some people but also dangerous to others who may not be able to handle the intensity of its energy.

You may experience heightened anxiety and stress levels. In this case, you can use Amethyst for anxiety, as this stone is softer but also powerful to start.

It is important to be open to these issues, but it’s also important not to try and suppress those feelings.

Moldavite can bring up issues you have been avoiding, which can cause you to feel anxious or stressed out.

You may initially feel overwhelmed by these emotions, but they will pass eventually with time and practice.

4) Increased heart rate

You may experience increased heart rate, fluttering, or heart palpitations.

While it’s not common, some people experience these symptoms when using Moldavite stone.

The stone can also cause dizziness and headaches. In rare cases, moldavite may cause chest pain (palpitation).

If you have any of these symptoms after using the stone: stop using it immediately and contact a doctor if they become more severe. If you have high blood pressure, you can reduce the risk of this side effect by lowering your blood pressure.

5) Shakiness and fainting

Due to its intense energy, Moldavite can cause shakiness, dizziness, fainting, or feeling weak. Be aware of your power, and use it to do something productive.

If you can’t control it, take a break from the stone until your emotions settle down.

This is because it affects the nervous system. Moldavite can cause these side effects if you have an underlying illness, such as high blood pressure or low potassium levels.

6) Exhaustion and fatigue

Exhaustion and fatigue are very common side effects of moldavite stone.

These symptoms can be caused by the moldavite stone itself and other conditions that affect your health.

Moldavite is not good for pregnant women.

Excessive vomiting can signify a more serious medical condition, so consult your doctor immediately if you experience this while taking Moldavite.

If you have been diagnosed with a mold-related illness and are worried about your liver or kidneys being harmed by the stones, talk to your doctor about how long it will take before they start working again and what other symptoms might occur during this period.

7) Disruption in sleep patterns

Many people experience disruptions in their sleep patterns when they use this stone.

The problem is that you might wake up at night or sleep through your alarm clock because of moldavite’s effects on your body.

I have side effects! Should I stop using this stone?

When reacting to Moldavite, it’s important to know that the side effects are temporary.

They go away after a few days or weeks and don’t affect your health. If you feel any side effects from using this stone, it’s important to stop using it immediately.

You may have developed an addiction, and it will be hard to quit if you aren’t in withdrawal.

You can slowly reduce your dependence on the stone over time by using other energy sources such as crystals, candles, and incense instead of Moldavite.

But if you’re a beginner or can’t use Moldavite you can also try other crystals like rose quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, or fluorite. These are lighter crystals but extremely powerful.

4 Best alternatives for Moldavite

Clear Quartz

If you’re looking for a safe alternative to Moldavite, some other crystals have been used in the past. They are as powerful as Moldavite and can be easy to find at a shop.



Amazonite is one of them, and it comes from Brazil.

It has been used in healing practices for thousands of years because it can help balance your energy levels and bring peace into your life.

It brings a strong sense of hope into your life and fills it with confidence and optimism. This is also a great stone for manifesting.



Labradorite is an extremely beautiful crystal that brings such radiant light into your life.

If you’ve been struggling to find your path in life, Labradorite is the right one for you. It will help you see past the problems and connect with your inner self.

It’s also an amazing healing stone that works great for manifesting.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystal
Clear Quartz

Crystal lovers often consider clear quartz one of the most versatile stones available today.

It has strong healing properties and has a similar look and feel to moldavite.

Clear Quartz will help you to free your mind of worries and doubts. It will give you the boost you need in life to focus on your ambitions and goals.



Jade is often considered one of the most powerful healing stones available today!

It is known to help increase the flow of chi through your body and improve your connection with Mother Earth.

People who practice Buddhism or Taoism often use it because of its healing nature. It’s also said to be good for those who want to strengthen their intuition or psychic abilities.

Final Words

Moldavite is a powerful stone that can positively impact your life. Be aware of the possible side effects, and consult a doctor if you experience any adverse reactions.

If you decide to use Moldavite for yourself or others, read all labels carefully before purchasing it.

Some companies may sell low-quality products containing toxic materials or heavy metals such as lead; others may also use adulterants (like sand) to increase their profits without telling customers what they’re getting into when they buy from these companies.

But anyhow, Moldavite is a great option for anyone looking for an alternative to other stones. It is an effective tool for healing, and it’s easy to use in your daily life with no side effects. However, if you experience any problems with this stone, please don’t be afraid to see your doctor!

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