15 Crystals for the Third Eye Chakra (Help Opening Third)

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15 Crystals for the Third Eye Chakra (Help Opening Third)

The third eye, also known as the Ajna or brow chakra is located around the middle of the forehead somewhere in between the brows.

It symbolizes the power of knowledge and the detection of evil.

Also, it is regarded as the eye of consciousness which represents the vantage point from which enlightenment beyond one’s physical sight is achieved.

This sixth chakra is believed to be responsible for people’s strong intuition.

These psychic powers can enhance the experience in the real body by allowing people to trust their instinct and inner voice. They can experience their physical world with inner wisdom and light. 

It is therefore important that the third eye chakra is always open to being able to access all these benefits. 

Some crystals are used to open up the third eye chakra and for this article, we’ll be looking at some of them. 

Can I use crystals to open up the Third Eye Chakra?


The third eye is believed to be the connection between self and spirit.

When it is blocked, problems like confusion, uncertainty, cynicism, lack of purpose, and pessimism are bound to occur.

But when it is open, there is mental clarity, improved concentration, clear self-expression, strengthened intuition, a sense of bliss, decisiveness, and insight. 

Some certain crystals, however, have been effective in opening up the third eye chakra. When they are used in the opening up process, they help them work effectively for you.

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What are the best gemstones for the 3rd eye?

holding gemstones

Not all crystals can be used to open up the third eye chakra.

Certain crystals can align with the vibrational energy of a specific chakra, for instance, the third eye chakra.

Therefore, they have been effective in opening up this chakra and helping them improve the overall well-being of humans

15 Crystals for Third Eye Chakra 

Meditating with Crystals for Third Eye Chakra 

The following are different crystals that can perform the function of opening up the third eye chakra and unleashing their advantages.

1) Sodalite

Sodalite is a unique crystal that can restore balance to the third eye. This is because its blue color resonates utterly with the third eye Chakra. 

If you are looking for a way to encourage rational thinking, truth, and instinct, this crystal can help you achieve that effect. 

Also, it possesses the calming energy that can take away fear and subside panic attacks which makes it the best crystal for meditation. 

The mind-centered energy of the Sodalite stimulates creativity and clears any form of confusion

2) Lolite

This is yet another wonderful crystal that can help balance the third eye crystal.

It does this by intensifying the connection to the chakra which will help open intuition and higher consciousness.

It also has a way of balancing the male and female sides of one’s character. You can boldly express your true self without trying to please anybody. 

Lolite has the power to protect and can stimulate visions and Astral travel. It stimulates your imaginative ability making you experience creative thoughts. 

3) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is also known as the stone of truth. It has the power to balance your third eye chakra. 

The vibration from the stone enables you to engage in truthful communication and be able to express yourself. 

In addition, Lapis Lazuli can stimulate self-awareness. You will be able to reveal your inner truth. It can help develop instinct and guard your mind against psychic attacks.

It can help you release stress and anxiety and stimulate clarity and creativity. It is very effective for maximum performance at work

When your eye chakra is not balanced, there is an inclination to express being moody, volatile, and anxious.

With the Lapis Lazuli crystal, you can combat this problem as it fills you with positive energies like honesty, compassion, and focus.

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4) Amethyst

The stone of spirituality, just like Amethyst is often called, is another wonderful crystal that can help balance the eye chakra. 

Its transformative energy encourages self-reflection and the purple colour reverberates deeply with the third eye chakra. 

Because of the powerful energy it possesses, it is usually used for protection.

When you wear them or carry them around, they can protect you from harm, and transform negative energies into positive energies. 

Because of its connection with the third eye chakra, it can open intuition and enhance physical psychic abilities. It can encourage spiritual wisdom and help in understanding dreams. 

5) Fluorite

The popular stone of discernment is also ideal for balancing the third eye chakras. It can neutralize negative energies and stress

By improving your mental focus, Fluorite will help open up your mind to new ideas and encourage logical reasoning. 

Fluorite also helps in decision-making. If you are overwhelmed by some negative feelings, it can help relieve you of them. 

6) Mystic Merlinite

Mystic merlinite is another effective crystal for balancing the third eye chakra. 

This is because of its ability to calm the mind and suit emotions. It can enhance your image, and the power of concentration and prevent nightmares.

By stimulating your creativity, the crystal can enable you to solve your problems and bring up new ideas. 

In addition, they can bring clarity and strengthen attention when you wear them

7) Labradorite

Labradorite can open and heal the third eye chakra. 

If your third eye chakra is overactive; you tend to analyze things and often get overwhelmed emotionally, the stone has a way of helping you maintain balance by strengthening your concentration and intuition

It is also a grounding stone that promotes psychic abilities and the ability to reveal the truth. It can take away fear and stimulate the imagination. 

They can be worn as jewelry to be able to access their healing powers

8) Lepidolite

Lepidolite is among the many powerful gemstones that exist and can effectively heal the third eye chakra. 

It gives focus and clarity which will enable you to make the necessary changes in your life

It can bring about deep emotional healing of past hurts and helps you combat stress and depression. 

It recharges the third eye chakra by improving intuition and meditation. It encourages spiritual development, Astral level and intuition.

If you experience blockage; being unable to move forward in life, the gemstone is believed to be of great help to you.

It can open up this blockage and propel you toward the forward direction in life.

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9) Azurite

Azurite is another crystal that can open up your third eye chakras. 

Having difficulty with concentration and being unable to set goals are signs that indicate an imbalance with the third chakra.

By opening up the third eye chakra, Azurite can help you maintain focus and improve your mind to function properly. 

In enhancing creativity, Azurite will enhance your mind and stimulate your power of imagination. It is also believed to bring deep insight to anyone wearing it. 

10) Tanzanite

Tanzanite is another crystal that can help balance your third eye chakra. 

It specializes in helping you find your purpose by efficiently manifesting your power. 

It helps to enhance your psychic abilities and helps you connect to higher spiritual dimensions. 

Because of its ability to enhance balance and harmony, Tanzanite can inspire you to move forward and become more optimistic about life

If you are looking to get rid of old patterns that are not productive, Tanzanite can help you achieve that as it stimulates new insights and a higher perspective for any kind of situation. 

11) Kyanite

Kyanite is another crystal that can awaken the third eye chakra. 

It helps you embark on self-discovery through meditation.

It can enhance memory and help guide you towards logical reasoning especially when you seem out of balance and experiencing overwhelming emotions. 

12) Turquoise 

This is another powerful stone for activating the third eye chakra and also the throat chakra. 

It relieves you of negative emotions like worry and anxiety and fills you with enough courage to make your voice heard. 

It leaves the bearer with wisdom, truth, deeper thinking, and spiritual communication. By making you more empathetic, you can be free, yet soft and wise in a world of diversity.

13) Black Tourmaline 

Black Tourmaline is another powerful stone that can activate both the root and third eye chakra

It makes the bearer feel forever protected and is also able to bring focus, clarity, and balance to their mind.

That way you get to be more grounded and stable to go beyond living for survival to seek deeper wisdom and higher thinking. 

14) Moonstone 

Moonstone is known for its ability to clear out the heart chakra, connect the crown chakra to the universe and activate the third eye chakra. 

If you are trying to delve into the journey of purpose and truth discovery. It will help you turn to a new life and find your natural source of harmony and calm. 

15) Ametrine

Ametrine is a blend of Citrine and Amethyst that can help open up the root Chakra. 

It enhances mental clarity and gives you the insight to overcome limiting beliefs. 

Its high energy can link intellect with higher consciousness making us gain a better perspective of our lives. 

How should I use these crystals? 

holding crystals

There are different ways to use crystals to open up the third eye chakra. 

  • You can use them during meditation by placing them around you.
  • You can also use affirmations while holding the crystals.
  • Some wear them as jewellery and some place them by their side while sleeping. 

It depends on the method that is more convenient for you and suits your preference. 

Can I use more than one crystal? 

crystals with head statue

Yes, you can use more than one crystal. Some crystals are a good blend that gives rise to better results in activating the third eye chakra.

A typical example is Ametrine, which is a blend of Amethyst and Citrine

There are, however, conflicting crystals that end up cancelling the effect of the energy of the other. Such crystals will not be effective in opening up the third eye chakra. 

Final words

The third eye chakra is believed in metaphysics to be a place of connection between the body and the spirit which is responsible for intuition, consciousness, and mental clarity. 

There’s therefore a need to activate and open them up to enable them to function properly. 

Some crystals, just as discussed above, can help you obtain the desired results.

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