7 Spiritual Meanings of An Ankle Bracelet: Is It A Sin?

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Spiritual Meanings of An Ankle Bracelet: Is It A Sin?

Are you fond of wearing ankle bracelets? Well, like any other object in this world, ankle bracelets too have great spiritual significance that you must know about!

So, in this article, we’ll go over the spiritual significance of ankle bracelets and learn why married women might wear them

Let’s jump straight into it, shall we?

Spiritual Significance Of Anklets

Spiritual Significance Of Anklets

Anklets on their own represent:

  • Trust;
  • Faith;
  • Good luck;
  • Protection. 

They safeguard one’s spiritual health from vulnerability and evil attacks as well as keep bad energy at bay. 

Anklets also help keep the love and spark alive in a relationship/marriage.

They signify a connection to the roots of a person which improves understanding, trust, intimate fulfillment, and devotion to stay together for a very long time

What Do Anklets Represent Spiritually?

Evil eye Anklets

Spiritually, anklets represent protection and togetherness.

They bring true love into your life that always protects you, stays faithful, and shows genuine support for you, your plans, and your ideas. 

Anklets also represent integrity and self-control.

The idea of having a chain around your ankles displays assurity that you’re not one to lose your inhibitions or overreact in situations.

You’re a calm, composed, and thoughtful individual who thinks and prepares before taking action. 

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Spiritual Meaning Of Ankle Bracelets

Woman using Ankle Bracelets

Anklets worn on the right foot mean that things are going to take a good turn

You may lose your current friends to find better ones, enter a new relationship, have a baby, discover your soulmate, or just experience true happiness in life. 

However, anklets on the left foot DO NOT mean the opposite of this

They signify that a person has charm, credibility, social status, and wealth.

An extra dose of confidence and self-esteem can also be seen in people who wear anklets on the left foot.  

So, no matter which foot you choose to wear your anklet on, at the end of the day, it’s still going to bring good into your life.

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Is It A Sin To Wear An Anklet?

Anklet in left ankle


Although it is believed by many that a woman wearing anklets is interested in intimate encounters with others, that can just be disregarded as “people’s beliefs”. 

The truth is: the Bible DOES NOT particularly mention anklets or deem wearing them as sinful.

In a religion like Islam, however, a married woman wearing anklets outside of her husband’s house is definitely disliked.

As it could attract other men in improper ways.

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7 Spiritual Meanings & Powers Of Ankle Bracelets

Spiritual Meanings Of Ankle Bracelets

1) Improve Fertility & Intimate Fulfillment

Spiritually, anklets are seen as an important aspect of one’s love life

In some cultures, they are worn by women to show they’re open to intimate relationships or looking to fulfill their intimate needs with an ideal partner. 

Anklets invoke the feminine energy present within the body and are believed to display intimate prowess

If your time in bed with your partner has started feeling a bit mundane or just lacking the spice, wearing anklets can drastically recharge your love energy and improve overall pleasure, lust, and excitement.

2) You’ll Come To Terms With Your Partner’s Differences

It is a well-known fact that two people can never be the same even if they’re in a relationship. 

So, coming to terms with your partner’s differences is quite inevitable.

But, you could speed up the process with the help of anklets since they are believed to harmonize different energies and improve understanding, love, and trust within a relationship. 

Wearing an anklet while you’re around your partner can make you feel more connected to his true self.

It also encourages him to open up so that the relationship is more genuine and meaningful. 

3) You’re One Loyal/Faithful Woman

Whether you’re married or in a relationship, wearing anklets may signal other men to back off because you’re loyal to your partner

For the longest time in history, they have been used for this purpose, especially in Asian cultures.

The bride wears anklets on her wedding day and continues to wear them every time she dresses up or goes out of the house. 

4) Eliminate Toxic/Bad Energy From Your Surroundings

Anklets are a well-known repellent for toxic energy

And, toxic energy doesn’t necessarily have to stem from other people like friends or colleagues; it can even be present within yourself!

This means that wearing anklets will not only help purify your surroundings but also your own heart and mind. 

Getting rid of toxic energy from your life will allow you to realize your strengths for the first time ever. It will also boost:

  • Motivation;
  • Confidence;
  • Family time;
  • Socialization skills;
  • Your overall contentment with life. 

It may make you a better, happier, and stronger person in the long run

5) You Are Tied To Your Goals!

Similar to the anklet tied around your foot, you’re tied to your goals without forgetting who you are and where you are going. 

The anklet allows you to be clear about what you want from life, what your goals are, and the steps you need to take in order to achieve them. 

You also avoid wasting time, partying without reason, or goofing around with friends who may later turn out to be foes.

Instead, you choose to stay tied to hard work, learning, discipline, and steady progression. 

6) You’re Always Ready To Make Compromises For Your Partner

Although a few compromises here and there do help relationships thrive in the long run, the effort needs to be put in by both parties

If you’re someone who loves to wear anklets, it may suggest that you’re the one who always makes the compromise and gets crushed under your partner’s feet. 

In such a situation, trying to communicate with your partner about the relationship and telling him how you want things to be is the best way to go. 

7) You’ll Become More Expressive

Whether you agree with me or not, some people are just not expressive. And, if you’re one of them, try wearing anklets for once

They can help soften up your stone-cold heart, communicate your needs without feeling hesitant or shy, and express love to your partner like never before. 

Since anklets are associated with love, charm, and romance, try wearing them while you’re around your partner.

It can get you in that zone where you just feel like flirting with him through genuine affection or making love with him in a way that he can tell it’s coming from the heart

Anklets can also help awaken the urge to compliment him and show him how much you love him often. 

Trust me, more often than not, that’s the only thing needed to revive a dull and unexpressive relationship.

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What Does An Anklet On A Married Woman Mean?

Woman with anklet

In many cultures around the world (especially Indian), anklets are seen as an essential aspect of a married woman’s life

It signifies that a woman is faithful to her husband and is not available for other external relationships or affairs. In other words – she is locked in love.

In ancient Egypt, married women used to wear anklets because they represented wealth in the family.

However, they were also seen as flirtatious accessory that helped women lure and seduce their husbands. 

Should I Use An Ankle Bracelet?

About this spiritual protection amulet

YES! You should absolutely wear an ankle bracelet!

Not only does it have spiritual powers that can uplift your mood, improve your love life and bring good luck but it also serves as a form of protection from negative energy or the evil eye.

Also, if you want to see a boost of intimacy and intimate desire in your relationship, definitely wear anklets around your partner. Especially when you both are making love.

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Final Words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now – aside from being just an intriguing piece of accessory, anklets hold great spiritual significance too!

The person who wears anklets receives good luck in almost every aspect of life but especially in terms of relationships. 

Since the anklet is seen as a symbol of desire and intimacy, it revives spiritual connection, trust, and chemistry between a couple while also helping them prosper in life individually.

All in all, if you’re hesitant about getting anklets, take this article as a sign to go and get a few because, if you don’t, you’ll definitely be depriving yourself of the good things they can bring into your life. 

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