Why is my Cat Attracted to my Crystals? 7 Reasons

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Why is my Cat Attracted to my Crystals? 7 Reasons

Have you ever heard of crystals? They are rocks with patterns that are formed over time due to chemical reactions, and they can be found in nature and created in a lab.

While many people use crystals in jewelry or to clean their homes, others use them for healing properties.

If you want to use crystals for this purpose, it’s essential to know why your cat may be attracted to them.

Is it normal for my cat to be attracted to crystals?

Spiritual sensitivity of cats

While it may seem unusual, it is normal for cats to be attracted to crystals. There are a few reasons your crystals may tempt your cat.

  • First, cats are natural hunters, and many animals will hide their prey in small spaces like crevices or among rocks, or under leaves. Crystals can resemble these spaces, and since they’re new objects in the environment of your home, they’re bound to attract some attention from curious felines.

  • Second, there is something called the magnet effect. The energy emitted by certain crystals attracts the iron in blood cells, which can trigger curiosity from nearby pets.

  • Third, cats sometimes lick stones because they believe their minerals have medicinal properties.

  • Fourth, some crystals emit negative ions that purify the air around them; this makes them desirable places for cats to sit or sleep near them.

Does my cat feel the energy of crystals?

The energy from crystals

Cats are sensitive creatures and can feel the energy of crystals.

If your cat is attracted to your crystals, it may be because they are attracted to the point they emit.

They could also just like how shiny they are.

Other reasons why a cat might be interested in your crystals include that you might have been playing with them in front of them, or their vibrations may remind them of prey, so it’s like hunting for food.

In rare cases, cats might even think the crystal is a toy and not want to stop playing with it.

However, it’s important to remember that cats shouldn’t eat or lick any type of stone. They should stick to their regular diet instead.

7 Reasons why my cat is Attracted to my Crystals

Why my cat is Attracted to my Crystals?

There are a few reasons your cat may be attracted to your crystals. Firstly, cats are attracted to shiny objects, so the crystals may just be catching their eye.

Some crystals emit negative ions, which can help reduce stress levels and create a sense of calm – something that may appeal to your feline friend.

Also, the vibrations emitted by some crystals can also be soothing to cats. Lastly, your cat may be looking for healing energy from these crystals.

Just as people find healing through crystal therapy, your cat could also benefit from this treatment.

Not all crystals work for every animal; you’ll need to do some research before purchasing any to ensure they’re suitable. Here are seven reasons why they are attracted:

1) A sense of calmness

The first reason could be that they sense a sense of calmness from the crystals.

Cats are very intuitive creatures and can pick up on the energy around them. If they feel that the energy from the crystals is calm and soothing, they will be drawn to them.

2) Crystal vibrations

Have you ever wondered why your cat seems so attracted to your crystals? It could be because of the vibrations they emit.

Crystals vibrate at different frequencies, and some believe these vibrations can help promote healing and balance in the body.

Cats are sensitive creatures and may be able to sense these vibrations, which could explain their attraction.

Some crystals also have a natural scent, another possible reason for the curiosity.

If you find your pet frequently snuggling up with or even playing with your crystals, don’t worry! They’re not necessarily trying to steal it from you – they just like spending time near something that makes them feel good!

3) The scent

Crystal aromatherapy is a popular way to relax and reduce stress, and it turns out that your cat may be attracted to the scent of certain crystals.

Cats have a keen sense of smell and may be drawn to the calming or energizing effects of specific essential oils.

If you notice your cat sniffing around your crystal collection, it may be because they’re seeking the benefits of aromatherapy.

4) Lights from the crystal

Crystal lights can be beautiful to cats. If your cat is attracted to your crystals, it may be because they are attracted to the light.

Cats are also attracted to shiny objects, so the crystals may also appeal to them.

If you have a lot of crystals in your home, your cat may also be attracted to them because they provide an excellent place to hide and explore.

5) Strange sounds from the crystal

If you’ve ever found your cat perched atop your crystal collection, you may have wondered why they’re so attracted to these strange objects.

Here are some possible explanations:

  • Cats love the subtle vibrations that crystals produce due to their piezoelectric properties;

  • Cats can sense the natural energy emanating from crystals and find it comforting or invigorating;

  • Strange sounds from the crystal Cats often enjoy listening to vibration-based sounds, including watching other animals play with laser pointers.

The sound produced by cats purring and birds chirping is an example of this phenomenon. It’s not just the vibration but also the sound that attracts them to these crystals!

6) Motion from you handling it

There are a few reasons your cat may be attracted to your crystals. One reason could be that the crystals give off energy that your cat is drawn to.

Another possibility is that your cat likes the crystals look and enjoys playing with them.

Additionally, some crystals emit vibrations that can be soothing to cats.

Finally, it’s also possible that your cat just likes being close to you and sees the crystals as an extension of you.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that cats and crystals can have a special connection!

7) Chemical reaction

Cats are attracted to the static charge on your body when you touch their fur.

The static charge on your body when touching your cat’s fur causes a chemical reaction in some cats, especially long-haired breeds such as Persians; the chemical reaction is caused by the static charge on your body interacting with the oils in your cat’s fur; chemicals and pheromones are released which may account for why they like being petted so much.

This would also explain why they’re constantly rubbing up against furniture or carpeting because of the static build-up of those surfaces; this could also be part of their need to groom themselves regularly.

Can crystals harm my cat?

Dangers from crystals

No, crystals cannot harm your cat.

Some people believe that crystals can have positive effects on animals. Your cat may be attracted to the crystals because they make him feel good.

Some cats may be drawn to them for this reason. Cats are known for being drawn to shiny objects, and it may just be a simple case of feline instinct. 

Another explanation could be that your cat feels you need more protection from negativity, and he wants to come along for the ride!

If you notice something strange about his behavior towards the crystals or if he seems stressed by them, you should take action accordingly.

Just remember, he is probably not trying to steal your precious items as much as protect them!

You know your cat better than anyone else, so go with what makes sense for you. The best way to find out is just to ask!

One final thing to keep in mind is that there are many other types of things in our homes that our pets may find intriguing such as cords, string, paper shreds, and plastic bags – all sorts of things that we typically don’t even think about until we see our pets chewing on them.

Final Words

There are various reasons why your cat may be attracted to your crystals. It could be the bright colors, the shiny surface, or the fact that they make a noise when played with.

Whatever the reason, it’s essential to supervise your cat’s playtime with crystals to avoid accidents.

Make sure you keep your crystals out of reach from curious paws and remember to clean up after them.

And if all else fails, let them enjoy their instincts by purchasing some dangly plastic balls!

My cat has been interested in my crystal necklace lately. I know this is because she is attracted to the pretty colors and their tinkling sound when I shake them around her ears. 

We discuss some reasons above that why they are attracted to your crystals, but what can you do about it? It is essential always to be cautious of how close your pet comes to the crystal for two reasons: one being for safety reasons and two being for preservation purposes.

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