11 Crystals for Abundance and Wealth (With Images)

Jorge Silva
11 Crystals for Abundance and Wealth

Abundance and wealth are important things we must possess as individuals. Without these, the respect and accolade we deserve might not be given to us.

This is because people are vain. They get carried away by flashy things and seeming results.  Now, this does not mean you should venture into illegal things to make good money!

There are better ways to attract abundance into your life. One such way is through the use of crystals

Beyond your hard work and diligence, you need a boost, which crystals can give you. 

I will be discussing 11 powerful crystals you need to use to attract abundance and wealth. I have tried out these stones and can assure you that they work. 

Therefore, if you desire to grow your wealth, or improve your standard of living, then, read till the end to find out the stones to use. 

Can I use crystals for abundance and wealth?

Holding many crystals

Yes, you can use crystals for abundance and wealth

For centuries, the practice of using crystals for wealth and abundance has been prevalent. It is a powerful way to become prosperous. 

The energy from these stones is pure and powerful enough to compel the forces of nature to bring wealth to you. 

Therefore, let us discuss these stones and how they can help you to attract abundance and wealth.

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11 Best Crystals for Abundance and Wealth

meditating with crystals

In this section, we will discuss the 11 best crystals for abundance and wealth. If you desire to increase your financial base, what you are about to read is the answer and solution you need.

Below are the 11 best crystals to use for money-making purposes

1) Green Jade


This stone carries enough spiritual power to attract abundance and wealth into your life.

If you desire wealth and abundance, keep this stone close to your body for 3 days. Within these periods, you will experience cleansing and also become a magnet for wealth.

A lot of people have not fully understood the power of green jade. This is why they don’t harness their energy for abundance.

I hope you make use of this unique information right away!

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2) Emerald


Uniquely designed, but supernaturally crafted, emerald is a stone for fortune and wealth.

In ancient history, this stone has been used constantly for money-making purposes, spells, and rituals. 

Therefore, it stands in the class as one of the most powerful stones to use for financial abundance

If you truly desire wealth and abundance, making use of emeralds is a wise decision. 

3) Sapphire


This is an expensive and rare stone to find. However, if you are lucky to have it in your collection, then, your money troubles have come to an end

By using a sapphire stone, you will enjoy open doors. For example, if you have been vying for a contract, the use of sapphire suddenly brings the contract to you.

This stone opens you up to a lot of opportunities, which in turn brings wealth and abundance into your life. 

Through sapphire, you can finally bring an end to a season of lack, scarcity, and financial loss.

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4) Pearl

pearl ring bring us side effects

This comes in different colors. According to ancient history, a pearl is connected to the water spirit and can cause the current of wealth to flow in your direction

Finding this stone means that you have been chosen by the water goddess to be blessed with fortune. 

In Nigeria, the Osun people believe that keeping a pearl in your home invites the “Yeye Osunriver goddess to bless you with peace, health, and prosperity

This might be different in other cultures, but a pearl is a stone that brings wealth and abundance. This is why you should have it in your home. 

5) Ruby

red Ruby

One of the benefits of using this stone for wealth is that it creates a positive aura around you. With this aura, you will enjoy the favor

Ruby also supernaturally connects you to wealthy and influential people who will willingly part with some of their resources to sponsor your dreams and ambitions. 

All you need to do is to practice manifestation with this stone in your right hand.

Once you do this, the energy within the stone is stirred and begins to work in your favor

Ruby is a powerful stone that attracts abundance and wealth. When you have it, expect things to begin to change around you.

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6) Black Agate

Black Agate

Don’t be scared of its color!

Black agate is a powerful stone that shields you from poverty. It creates an invincible barrier around you, which cannot be penetrated by negative energy. 

If you want to attract wealth and abundance, this is a stone you should keep around you.  It conditions your atmosphere and keeps you in the right spot for abundance

The black color of this stone indicates its protective power, which you should be a beneficiary of. 

7) Andalusite


This stone is connected to mother earth. This implies that it brings together all the elements of nature.

Using this stone further implies that you have all the elements of nature at your disposal for attracting abundance. 

All you need to do is to place andalusite in your room. You don’t need complex spells, magic, and so on.

The presence of this stone in your room brings an end to your money worries

I used this stone for 8 months! All through this period, I never had to worry about money. The power of this stone positions you in the right place at the right time.

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8) Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye Bracelet
Tiger’s Eye

Have you ever heard of Tiger’s eye? Let me tell you what this stone does!

It makes you the center of attention.

For example, if a possible better position is vacant in your organization, Tiger’s Eye ensures that you are viewed as the best person for the position. 

This stone is powerful enough to put you in the spotlight. Doing this also causes wealth and abundance to gravitate towards your direction

  • Do you want to get noticed?
  • Do you want your business to get more visibility? 

Then, try using the tiger’s eye. Your desire will come to pass.

9) Amethyst

Broken amethyst

Through the use of amethyst, you will attract the right kinds of people into your life

We cannot deny the fact that there is a correspondence between money and relationships.  Wealth cannot be made in isolation

This is why it is important to use this crystal. It brings certain people into your life, who will be willing to share their experiences with you.

Also, it helps people to become positively disposed towards you, and be compelled to favor you. 

Amethyst is great for abundance and wealth. Keep one in your collection for this purpose

10) Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

When it comes to the power of clear quartz, it helps you to get rid of confusion as regards what to do to create wealth. 

I need you to understand that these stones will not magically bring money. You need to play your part, which can be confusing at times. 

This is what clear quartz has come to solve.

By using this stone, your mind will pick up constructive ideas, and be clear on what path to take as regards manifesting abundance. 

As regards money, amethyst also possesses the positive energy that brings money into your life. 

11) Tourmaline

Black tourmaline

Just like clear quartz, this stone is great for decision-making. It helps you to make the right decisions, which brings about an increase in wealth. 

By leveraging the power of tourmaline, you will take financial choices that are beneficial and not risky.

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How can I use these crystals?

working with crystals

Here are some tips on how to effectively use these crystals:

  • Keep them around you everywhere you go: This creates a permanent atmosphere, which attracts wealth and abundance;
  • Job opportunity: When going for an interview or trying to take advantage of an opportunity, wear one of these crystals – especially tiger’s eye. It ensures that you are picked as qualified;
  • Praying: Use these crystals while praying for wealth and abundance;
  • Moon baths: These crystals can also be used for moon baths, especially under the full moon, or new moon;
  • Keep them in your house: It conditions the atmosphere enough to attract prosperity.

Can I use more than 1 crystal?

crystals cleanse and charge sage

Yes, you can use more than 1 crystal.  But thiis depends on the magnitude of your desires and expectations. 

When it comes to attracting wealth and abundance, you need to leverage all the necessary spiritual resources available.

This is why it is a great plan to use more than 1 crystal. 

For example, you can use a tiger’s eye with ruby. It is a powerful combination of abundance and numerous opportunities. 

Should I use these crystals to attract wealth every day?

Where should I place crystals in my bedroom?

Yes, use these crystals every day. However, for safety purposes, ensure to not keep them too close to your body to prevent reactions that lead to inflammation, or rashes. 

Also, ensure to keep your crystals charged and cleansed every 3 days.

This is to ensure their effectiveness. Also, it is to ensure that you are not exposed to negative energy.

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Final Words

Through the use of these crystals, you can finally bid your money troubles goodbye

Make use of them according to your desires! You will manifest wealth and abundance. 

Do you have any questions or comments? Kindly share them with us in the comment section. 

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