14 Crystals for Lucid Dreaming: Dream Recall and Good Dreams

Jorge Silva
14 Crystals for Lucid Dreaming: Dream Recall and Good Dreams

Have you had problems with dreams in recent times? Do you find it difficult to remember what you dreamt of?

Then, I have a solution for you. In recent times, I discovered that crystals are one of the purest forms of healing for chakras and even body parts. Beyond that, these powerful gemstones can also be used for dreams

At first, I was skeptical about this until I tried out some stones, which proved effective. 

Therefore, rather than go through the rigorous process of burning incense, or performing complex spiritual rituals, the following crystals are effective enough to help your dreams

Read till the end to discover the best crystal that solves your current situation. 

8 Best Crystals for lucid dreaming

Best Crystals for lucid dreaming

When it comes to lucid dreaming, there are crystals to use for this. In this section, we will discuss the 8 best crystals for lucid dreaming and how to use them.

Read on to find out more about these powerful gemstones for dreaming. 

1) Amethyst

leave amethyst

This is a powerful gemstone that can promote lucid dreaming. It is believed to possess metaphysical properties that put the mind in an active state.

Whenever you have lucid dreams, your mind is usually active even though you are asleep

One of the ways to make this possible is through the use of amethyst. All you have to do is to place this gemstone under your pillow.

The energy will radiate into your soul and as you begin to dream, your mind will become active. 

Additionally, amethyst can help you to remember your dreams. It makes the dream so real and impossible to forget. 

If you are looking for a crystal, which is effective enough for lucid dreams, then, amethyst is an amazing choice. 

2) Moonstone

blue Moonstone

In ancient history, this gemstone is believed to be associated with the moon, hence the name moonstone. That is, it taps its energy from the moon.

This also means that you can effectively use this stone only at night. If you intend to have lucid dreams during the day, then moonstone is not recommended. 

The power from this stone syncs perfectly with your mind. It clears your mind of every negative energy that might prevent you from having a free flow of dreams. 

Additionally, it helps your spiritual eyes/inner eyes to be clear enough to see events and experiences in your dreams. 

3) Lepidolite


If you desire to have lucid dreams, your best bet is to use lepidolite. In spiritual practices, this stone is used for peace of mind, and clear spiritual foresight.

It is also used to clear negative energy in your mind, which might prevent you from having those clear dreams. 

One of the best ways to achieve this is by having a crystal bath with this stone. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Place the lepidolite in water for 2 minutes;
  2. Bathe with the water;
  3. While bathing, create an intention to have lucid dreams and utter affirmations that go in that direction. 

Doing this opens up your mind to see clear images in your dreams. 

4) Selenite


When it comes to having lucid dreams, your energy levels must have high vibrational frequencies.

It is these vibrations that lead to heightened spiritual senses that eventually trigger lucid dreams

Now, sometimes, you might have had a bad day, or probably stressed out. All of these can lead to low energy levels.

To increase your energy levels, using a crystal like selenite will help. All you need to do is to keep it close to your body before sleeping.

Then, place it under the right side of your bed. Once this happens, your inner eyes will be opened to see and these dreams will be clear. 

5) Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz in light

Using this gemstone ensures that you are connected to the source of all power, which is mother earth.

Smoky quartz is used for spiritual grounding and can be beneficial in helping you have lucid dreams. 

Before sleeping, lie on the floor and place this crystal in the center of your head. Once you do this, begin to meditate and open your mind to harness the energy from this stone. 

By the time you sleep, your mind will be clear, and your spiritual senses will be heightened enough to have clear dreams that are not easy to forget. 

6) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

This crystal is known for promoting inner peace. If you find it hard to have lucid dreams, you should give lapis lazuli a try. 

Place it under your pillow before you sleep. Then, practice breathing in and out for some seconds; this opens up your mind enough to harness the energy from this powerful crystal. 

With this crystal under your bed, you will have lucid dreams.

Also, you will remember it and be able to implement any instruction coming from such a clear dream. 

7) Malachite


Spiritually, this stone is used for its healing properties. Sometimes, the reason behind your state of sleeplessness might be a sickness. This can either be physical or mental.

You don’t want to leave any stone unturned, right? This is why you need malachite

Having lucid dreams can be prohibited when something has gone wrong with your chakra points or energy levels.

However, through the help of malachite, all of these dysfunctions can be rectified within minutes, and then you can freely explore the world of dreams without any inhibition. 

Place this stone under your bed before sleeping. It will heal you and open your eyes to have clear, unforgettable dreams. 

8) Jade

Jade rings
Real Jade rings

This dark green stone is also responsible for having lucid dreams. When you use jade, the following benefits you will get:

  • Negative energies will be eliminated;
  • Your chakra points will be brought up to a higher vibrational frequency;
  • You will be brought to a state of deep sleep;
  • Your memory will be refreshed enough to remember dreams.

All you need is to have this stone in your room. It has a wide range of energy lengths and can affect you from any location in your room. 

3 Best Crystals for dream recall

Best Crystals for dream recall

When it comes to recalling your dreams, leveraging the power of gemstones has immeasurable benefits. In this section, we will discuss these stones

1) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

This is a gemstone that enhances memory power. If you have issues remembering your dreams, it might be time to make use of this powerful gemstone. 

Lapis lazuli possesses metaphysical properties, which boost the power of our minds. It helps us to remember things – even beyond our dreams. 

Therefore, using it for dream recall is one of the effective means to help your mind remember your dreams. 

Placing it under your bed or pillow does the trick

2) Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is responsible for clearing the minds of people.

It comes with positive energy, which expels any negative debris clogging your mind from remembering your dreams. 

Have one for yourself and your mind will never forget the images you have in your dreams!

3) Fluorite

Purple Fluorite

Spiritually, Fluorite boosts memory levels. It helps us to remember the things we have forgotten. In the same way, it helps with recalling dreams. 

If you forget your dreams easily, fluorite is a gemstone that can help.

Placing this stone under your pillow stimulates your mind to remember the things you see in your dream

3 Best Crystals for good and positive dreams

Best Crystals for good and positive dreams

Having nightmares can be a bit confusing. This can lead to several mental defects and issues.

If you have been dealing with nightmares lately, here are 3 powerful crystals to help eliminate this dream problem:

1) Obsidian

Black Obsidian Stone
Black Obsidian Stone

Obsidian comes with protective powers that shield your mind from negative energy. It keeps bad dreams away from you and gives you a peaceful sleep. 

All you have to do is to keep this stone under your pillow or place it beside your bed.

Doing this ensures that you enjoy all the protection you need from negative dreams. 

2) Hematite


With this stone, you can bid your nightmares goodbye. Hematite is made with an element of fire, which is a symbol of cleansing and purification.

Using this stone purifies your environment. It cleanses your chakra points and ensures that you have positive dreams. 

3) Sodalite

Clenased Sodalite

When you use Sodalite, expect all your nightmares to be over. Created with the element of water, sodalite has metaphysical properties that shield people away from spiritual attacks.

This stone ensures that negative energy does not interfere with what you see in your dreams.

Should I place these crystals under my pillow?

girl in bed

Yes, you should place them under your pillow. Although, there are other methods you can deploy other than that. 

Placing these crystals under your pillow helps you to keep them close enough for energy harnessing.

Doing this ensures that you benefit from what these spiritual stones have to offer. 

Can I try different crystals?

yoga crystals

No, you don’t have to try different crystals.

The crystals mentioned in this article are powerful enough to help you with your lucid dreams, help you recall your dreams, and protect you from having nightmares. 

Therefore, don’t bother researching other crystals. Use the ones recommended above. They are efficient.

Final Words

Finally, keep in mind that these stones can have adverse effects if kept too close to your body.

Therefore, as you use them for protection, ensure you deploy healthy tips that ensure you are safe from suffering any side effects of using any of these stones. 

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