11 Best Crystals for Learning and Test Taking: They Work!

Rita Smith
11 Best Crystals for Learning and Test Taking: They Work

Crystals are a great way to improve your mental health and well-being. Their power is so strong that its energy will affect yours.

They carry so many good energies that will help you focus in moments of need, so people have been using them lately to help with studying.

Not only will these crystals help you learn and focus while taking a test but also feel more relaxed so anxiety won’t affect your thought process during studying or an exam.

This article will discuss knowledge of the best crystals available for your needs.

Can I use crystals for learning?

Using crystals to learn

Crystals can be used in several ways to help you learn and remember things.

They can also help you focus, relax and feel more free-flowing during the learning process.

  • Focusing: Many people find that crystals have helped them concentrate better when studying or taking exams. The crystal’s energy will help you stay focused on what needs to be done.
  • Relaxation: If you’re feeling tense from looking over multiple choices on an exam paper, try placing some crystal under your pillow before going to sleep—this will relax any tension in your body so that it doesn’t interfere with how well you perform on tests or papers!

Can I use crystals to help me with tests?

Use crystals during test

You can use crystals to help you focus. They work wonders for those who find it hard to concentrate on the task or have trouble staying focused during a test.

You might want to try using them before taking important tests where your concentration needs improvement—like an exam that requires lengthy reading or studying for hours at a time!

You can also have them close to you while studying because the energy the crystal retains will be stored. Then, if you have it in your pocket during the test, the crystal will start to relieve the previous energy and focus back on your mind.

Crystals are often used in meditation, as well as other forms of relaxation exercises. They can also help with sleep issues and even chronic pain.

It’s not uncommon for people who suffer from anxiety disorders (such as social anxiety) to benefit from using crystal therapy before taking exams.

11 Best Crystals for Learning and Test Taking

11 Best Crystals for Learning and Test Taking: They Work

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to help us grow and develop. They have been used to promote healing, balance, and clear the mind.

Crystals are powerful tools that help you learn faster and think more clearly. Many of these crystal forms are also great for studying or testing!

1) Amethyst

Amethyst crystal

Amethyst is a powerful crystal for learning and test-taking. It’s also a great stone in your home if you want to improve your memory, concentration, and focus.

Amethyst has been shown to help people with learning disabilities like dyslexia or ADHD by improving their attention spans.

This makes it an excellent choice for anyone needing extra help when it comes to tests or exams!

But be careful, because you can’t combine all of these crystals at the same time. Their energy will affect each other.

2) Apatite

Fluorapatite (Image From Mindat)

Apatite is a stone of intellect, memory, and concentration. It can help you with your study habits, focus on the task at hand and be more productive.

This crystal is also known as the “student stone” because it was believed that Apollo brought this mineral to Earth for humans as a source of knowledge (hence its name).

Apatite helps us focus by bringing clarity into our lives. It enhances communication skills by allowing us to communicate effectively with others while maintaining our integrity at all times.

This mineral has a calming effect on those who wear or carry it because it creates a sense of peace within oneself, making anything else seem less important when they have something else going on.

3) Aquamarine

Aquamarine ring
Aquamarine ring

Aquamarine is a stone of happiness, joy, and contentment.

It also helps you be clear about what you want and how to get it. It is a stone of clarity and intuition, which can help you easily access information from your subconscious mind.

Aquamarine can be used for meditation or relaxation, as well as for studying or test-taking skills.

The color blue symbolizes truthfulness; therefore, aquamarines are believed to bestow truth on those who wear them!

You can also check this article to help improve your grades.

4) Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate
Image from: https://www.jami.pt

Blue lace agate is a crystal that can help you deal with stressful situations. It will also help you focus your thoughts and learn new things, which is great for test-taking!

Native Americans have used it to help them remember what they’re doing while working or learning something new.

You can also use it as a pendulum, it will help you stay focused and concentrated while studying and taking the exam. This way the blue lace agate will help you remember what you studied.

They believed that the blue color of this stone would make it easier to see what was happening around them at all times, making it easier for them to pay attention and stay focused on their work.

5) Chrysocolla


Chrysocolla is a crystal that can help you with test-taking. It allows you to be more open and honest with yourself and others.

It also encourages the development of intuition, which will help you make better decisions in your daily life.

Chrysocolla is said to have been used by ancient Greeks as a talisman against anger (it does not affect people who are not angry).

6) Fluorite

Green Fluorite
Green Fluorite

Fluorite is a stone of insight and clarity. It helps you to see the bigger picture, which is perfect for test-taking.

Fluorite can also help improve your memory by improving your capacity for memorization, making it easier for you to retain information in tests and exams.

7) Kyanite


Kyanite is a blue-grey crystal that helps you to focus, concentrate and remember. It’s also known as the stone of truth and truthfulness, so it can help you hone your memory skills.

It is an excellent crystal for students, especially those studying for exams.

It helps them stay focused on their studies while improving their concentration skills.

Many people have used the stone throughout history because it’s said to amplify creative thinking and enhance intuition (the ability to know what others are thinking).

8) Labradorite

Labradorite in rings

Labradorite is a crystal that can help you with test taking, but it’s not a common stone.

This may be the best option if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to boost your test-taking skills.

The labradorite can be used in combination with the amethyst to improve learning, focus and relieve stress while taking the exam.

Labradorite is also believed to protect against negative energy and channel positive energy from higher dimensions into our physical world.

It’s, therefore, useful for students who need protection from external forces (like bullies) during testing days!

9) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is an expensive stone that has been used for thousands of years as a powerful healing stone. It’s also known as the “stone of truth” and can help you focus and learn.

It is a good stone for students to use in exams because it helps them to stay calm and focused, even if they’re feeling nervous about the test or unsure about their ability to pass it.

The blue color of Lapis Lazuli makes it easy for students to see patterns in their work that may have been missed otherwise—and this will help them improve over time!

10) Moonstone

Black and White Moonstone
Black and White Moonstone

Moonstone is a great crystal for learning and taking tests. It helps connect you with your intuition to make decisions more quickly and easily.

Moonstones have also been used in ancient cultures to find answers through meditation or dreamwork.

Moonstone is related to the third chakra, which is often called the solar plexus or heart center.

The chakras are believed to be energy centers within our bodies that help us access higher states of consciousness; they’re also associated with personal growth and development and physical health (and illness).

So, this is definitely a strong crystal that will help you succeed not only in study but in life.

11) Tourmaline (Black)

Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone. It helps to relieve stress and tension, which can help you with test taking.

When you are under a lot of pressure, it will bring clarity and calmness into your life.

This crystal has been used for centuries in healing applications because of its ability to absorb negative energy from the environment or body to balance it out again.

Should I carry these crystals during the test?

Crystals during exam

Crystal power is a wonderful way to take control of your mind and body.

Yes, you should carry any of these crystals during the test and while studying. As they can help you with:

  • Focus on your studies;
  • Retain information better;
  • Help you think more clearly, making it easier to understand complex concepts and solve problems in class or during exams;
  • Reduce your anxiety, which is what is needed when studying for an exam or test.

If you’re taking an exam or test, it’s important to prepare for it and the stress that comes with it.

Crystals are known for reducing stress in children and adults—and they’re especially effective when combined with meditation!

Should I meditate with these crystals?

Meditation with crystals

You may want to meditate with crystals, or you may not. It all depends on your needs and goals.

Suppose you’re looking for a crystal to help you relax and focus.

In that case, the ones mentioned above are great options for meditation because they are known for their calming qualities and ability to clear the mind of negative thoughts and feelings.

Final Words

In summary, crystals are excellent tools for learning and test-taking. They can help you relax and focus on the task, improving your ability to study more effectively.

If you carry them with you during a test, they help boost your confidence and give off a sense of calmness and confidence when taking tests.

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