How to Cleanse Sodalite Crystal? 7 Safe Ways

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How to Cleanse Sodalite Crystal? 7 Safe Ways

No matter how you plan to cleanse your crystals, it’s essential to know that the process should never involve boiling.

Boiling can cause irreversible damage, just like other agressive ways some people use to cleanse their crystals.

Here are some more safe tips for crystal care:

  • Keep your crystals away from water and other liquids as much as possible. Wipe them down with a damp cloth if they get wet;

  • Use a soft toothbrush or cotton swab to brush away dirt and grime when needed gently – but don’t scrub too hard! It can scratch the surface of the stone and remove its shine;

  • For extra special cleaning, mix two teaspoons of baking soda in one cup of warm water.

Apply this paste to the crystal using a soft-bristled toothbrush or cotton swab, then rinse well with warm water after about 10 minutes.

Do not leave this mixture on for longer than 10 minutes at a time; otherwise, it could eat away at your crystal’s protective coating.

Is a cleansed crystal more powerful?

Clenased Sodalite

Crystals are not only precious stones, but they are also a kind of energy source. For them to be effective and powerful, they must be cleaned regularly.

Cleansing crystals regularly is essential because the residue from negative energy can build up over time, which can harm the crystal’s overall effectiveness.

Crystals naturally collect negative energy, making them feel heavy or even dissolve their molecular structure.

There are many ways to cleanse your crystals.

The quartz crystal is a perfect tool for cleansing other types of stones as it is the most potent natural stone cleaner.

Soak the crystal in water mixed with Himalayan salt for at least twelve hours before rinsing any residual salts.

A great way to remove negativity is by leaving your crystals outside overnight under a full moon.

Should I cleanse Sodalite regularly?


You should cleanse Sodalite crystal regularly to release any negative energy that has built up.

The best way to cleanse the crystal is by running it under cold water and smudging it with sage or rosemary.

You can also cleanse the crystal by burying it in dirt or sand for 24 hours, leaving it outside overnight, or placing a piece of selenite near it.

One other option would be to use an earth pyramid. Lastly, you could bury it in a bowl of salt and leave it there overnight.

Cleansing Sodalite helps remove any negative energies which build up over time.

Running the crystal under cold water and then using sage or rosemary to smudge it will also work.

Alternatively, you can submerge it in dirt or sand for 24 hours, place a piece of Selenite near it, or create an Earth Pyramid around the stone and cover it with a salt dish to absorb the negativity.

What is the best way to cleanse Sodalite?

The best way to cleanse Sodalite

Cleansing your crystal can remove negative energy and help it function more effectively.

Crystals must be washed regularly, but different crystals require different cleansing methods.

Some stones should be cleansed by placing them in salt water for a few hours, while others can be cleared with a simple meditation or smudge.

If you are using a liquid like salt water, remember that the stone may absorb some of the fluid, so don’t overdo it.

You’ll know when the time is up because your stone will appear oily again (just make sure you clean the stone after use).

Remember to always consult an expert before beginning any sort of new cleansing regimen.

It’s essential to understand what type of crystal you’re working with and their specific needs.

7 Safe ways to cleanse Sodalite regularly

How to cleanse sodalite

Sodalite belongs to the same family of minerals as azurite, lapis lazuli, and blue calcite, so it’s best to cleanse it the same way you would cleanse those stones – the most common method being to bury the crystal in beach sand and leave it there until you feel its energy has cleared, then take it out and give it another good wash with lukewarm water.

You should also try to regularly remove your Sodalite Crystal from unwanted energy by gently washing it with lukewarm water.

1) Soak in salt water

Saltwater is a natural cleanser that can be used on crystals.

To cleanse with salt water, put the crystal in a glass container filled with pure water and add two tablespoons of sea salt.

Let it soak for 12 hours or overnight. The next day, rinse the salt off with clear water and dry your crystal with a soft cloth.

2) Ingest the crystal

Cleaning Sodalite is a great way to remove negative energy, but a few methods can be unsafe.

One of the most common mistakes people make is using an ammonia-based cleaner because ammonia will strip the color and leave your crystal dull.

This may not seem like a big deal if you’re just going for a quick clean, but it’s more important for those who regularly clean their crystals.

3) Bake at low temperatures

One way to clean sodalite crystal is by baking it.

Simply place the stone on a cookie sheet and put it in an oven at its lowest temperature. Ensure that you don’t overheat the stone, which can damage it.

Leave the stone in the oven for about three hours before taking it out, and then place it in a safe location.

You’ll know if your gemstone has been heated enough when you see wisps of smoke. The resulting smoke should be grayish-white, meaning it’s been baked sufficiently. 

An alternative method is to use a clothes iron.

Use a high heat setting and go over the crystal with the iron until you see wisps of smoke coming off the stone.

4) Place near other crystals

The properties of Sodalite crystal are calming, grounding, and protective.

The energy of this crystal can be used in various ways, but it is essential to keep it clean so that the cleansing can continue.

Place near other crystals, the properties of sodalite crystal are calming, grounding, and protective.

If you spend time outside or at home, carry your sodalite crystal with you as a constant reminder of its grounding abilities.

5) Meditate with your crystal

Leave them in your bedroom for use during meditation; meditating with the stone will help ground your thoughts and provide protection from negative energy.

Crystals are an excellent alternative for those who have problems sleeping.

Place your crystal under the pillow to absorb electromagnetic fields that can keep you awake and release healing energies that promote relaxation.

Place it on your nightstand or bedside table next to where you sleep.

When you go to bed, lie on top of it and let its vibration guide you into a deep and restful sleep!

6) Place in sea salt or coffee grounds

It is essential to cleanse crystals regularly to maintain their energy. There are various ways to cleanse crystals, but some methods are more effective than others.

One less effective way is to place it in sea salt or coffee grounds and sit for a few hours.

Place in sea salt Placing the crystal in sea salt will help remove negative energies from the stone, but it will not work as well if the stone has any holes or chips.

  • Place on charcoal: If you have a large piece of black natural charcoal available, place your stone on top of the charcoal and allow it to stay there for an hour.

  • Use sage: You can also use sage by burning some sage leaves and wafting the smoke over your stones to clear them of unwanted energy.

7) Place outside under direct sunlight

Place the crystal outside, in direct sunlight, for a few hours.

This will help charge and cleanse it of any negative energies.

Allow it to soak up the sun’s rays and carry positive healing energy into your environment.

Do this every day if possible or at least once per week; if not, every day is possible.

Put on jewelry: Put on a piece of Sodalite jewelry like rings or necklaces for an hour or two each day.

What happens if I don’t cleanse my crystals?

Sodalite rock
Sodalite rock

If you don’t cleanse your crystals, they will absorb the energy in your home, which may be harmful.

Crystals can also store the emotions of the person holding them and need to be cleaned before passing them on.

You must know how to cleanse them correctly, or you could risk releasing negative energies into your space.

After cleansing, place it back in its holder or carry it with you so that it continues absorbing positive vibrations.

It is always a good idea to periodically give each crystal a spring cleaning by submerging it in purified water and leaving it there for 24 hours.

The amount of time needed depends on the size of the crystal and should not be more than 3-4 days.

Once removed from the water, allow it to air dry thoroughly before putting it away.

Final Words

Most people only think about cleansing crystals when they feel like they need them, but it is a good idea to do it regularly.

No matter how you clean your crystal, make sure you know the proper procedure and that you are doing it safely.

There are different schools of thought on cleansing, which can be confusing for someone just starting their journey with crystals. 

Some people say to leave them near running water or put them under running water; others suggest adding them to food, putting them in saltwater baths, or using incense smoke.

There is no correct answer, so find what works best for you and always consult a professional if you are unsure! 

  • Leave your Sodalite Crystals outside, where they will get wet naturally by rain;

  • Place your Sodalite Crystals on an altar to absorb any natural energy from candle smoke or incense;

  • Put your Crystals into a bowl of sea salt with all the other items used during rituals, such as flowers, herbs, and candles.

So, do you already know how to clean and even charge your crystals? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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