11 African Turquoise Healing Properties and Benefits

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African Turquoise Healing Properties and Benefits

African Turquoise is a beautiful healing stone that is a mixed stone that combines jasper and chalcedony.

The stone is most commonly worn as jewellery, but it is a good stone to keep in your pocket, around your technology, and in your home.

The African turquoise has a multitude of meanings and many healing properties that bring the power of transformation into lives all over the world. It is a stone of change.

The stone is connected to the third eye chakra, which is the chakra of awakening and foresight.

When your third eye is open and aligned, you possess a vision that is destined to bring true success into your life. The third eye chakra is all about looking into the future.

The African turquoise is about helping you to navigate the seas of change that get you there.

Learn more about the many benefits and powerful healing properties of the African Turquoise right here. 

African Turquoise Meaning

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The word evolution is frequently used with the African turquoise, because it is a stone of choices and changes.

These are not the minor changes in life, but the game-changing moments that take your life in new directions.

Change is scary to all of us, and the African turquoise is there to show you how to balance the many winds of change that come your way.

In addition to helping you to open your third eye and see the future outcomes of your decisions, the African turquoise helps you to be at peace with it all.

That is because this stone helps you to understand why and how things are all happening around you. You see the need for change from a different perspective.

Change and the evolution of your life’s path is more evident when you have the tools to connect your third eye with your true journey.

Through life’s changes you will find more confidence in the choices you are making, and the outcomes of those choices.

Even when change is stress, or a negative life event, a stone like African turquoise helps you to balance it all in a positive and healing way.

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What is African Turquoise good for?

Solar plexus chakras

There are many different benefits of African turquoise, but navigating change is the one theme that carries through every benefit. You can experience:

  • Better overall health;
  • Renewal of your mind, body and soul connections;
  • Align your third eye chakra;
  • Gain inner wisdom.

A little rock can do all of this? The African turquoise is one stone that gently reminds us of the energies that are found in geological principles.

When a stone has laid in a mountain or in the Earth’s core for millions of years, and is worn on a person or laid in a home, it changes. It brings change.

The African turquoise brings peace with its change. 

We learn from crystal healing, and particularly from African turquoise how important transformation is to our soul’s growth and path.

The African turquoise is not specifically a rock for past life experiences, but it can take you there.

It can show you what you once learned, or needed to, and how to bring those lessons to fruition in this lifetime.

With this stone aligning your third eye chakra, you begin to posses an inner wisdom that helps you to see outcomes sooner than you normally would.

This is a benefit and blessing that every soul on this planet is seeking.

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11 African Turquoise Benefits and Healing Properties

11 African Turquoise Benefits and Healing Properties

There are many benefits and healing properties of the African turquoise. This stone connects with all of the chakras, but specifically aligns with the third eye chakra of wisdom and vision.

Your mind will open to a greater perspective, regardless of how open your mind is today.

The African turquoise can help you with more mental clarity, improved overall health, and more peace in your emotional and spiritual life.

Seeing those changes and transformations in action in your own life with the power of a healing stone is an incredible experience.

Let’s now explore 11 benefits and healing properties of the African Turquoise.

1) Emotional Balance and More Optimism

African turquoise is infamous for its methods of providing emotional balance. This is a stone that brings a lot in a little package.

If you have chronic mood swings, angry moments, or get emotional over the little things in life, that’s okay.

You can restore balance and renew optimism in your life with the African turquoise that can usher in the change of less stress, and more happy.

2) Manifest Change

A stone like African turquoise can help you to manifest change and accept it as it comes.

That is where your power will come from when you work with change in every area of life, body, and soul, with the African turquoise.

In our lives, the most emotional stress that we have comes with change. That change can be a moment of life’s change, or a lifetime.

The African turquoise helps us to tap into our own inner power and manifest and harness that change. 

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3) Cope With Change

What will happen next? Just the thought is one that sends us into a tailspin on any given day. It could be the littlest thing for so many of us.

We run out of cheese and worry all day about sandwiches, when we know we can just get some later that day.

Or, we may be moving locations for good, and we don’t know what will happen next. Coping with these moments changes them for us in a powerful and healing way.

The African turquoise helps us here. We bring a new perspective to change in such a way that it helps us to navigate that change that day, and future changes. 

4) Bring Structure and Routine to Your Life

It is really easy in this world to get caught up in the fray of stress and daily anxiety. A bad day at work, or even a good day at work, can throw your entire routine off.

When you have balance from the energies of the Universe, these daily stresses are much easier to handle.

The African turquoise has a way of uplifting your soul that makes it easier to let go of those daily hassles, or blessings, and be at peace with every moment that comes your way.

This uplifting of your spirit into peace over what is right in front of you can be change-making in itself.

5) Healing Past Trauma

The word trauma has a stigma to it and this stigma makes it so much more difficult to get past it sometimes.

We don’t entirely understand trauma, what it is, and what it means to the individual. But we do know that it is pain.

It is typically excruciating pain that comes from a past wound. It does not have to be a pain that could make headlines. It is simply a scar that has been left unmanaged.

When we have that unmanaged scar in our lives, progression towards success is difficult. Every human has a scar of this nature in their lives.

Some will fight past it, and others will be worn down by it. The African turquoise can help you to find the balance you need to be the fighter that you know you can be.

6) Spiritual Peace With your Higher Powers and Guides

The African turquoise is directly connected to the third eye chakra, which is the second to last chakra before the crown chakra.

The progression of the chakras is intentional, to get you closer to your Higher Powers and guides.

When you are working towards your relationship with them, you are more at one with the Universe. You know there is a higher purpose for you!

You willingly listen without the human and Earthly distractions suggesting you do otherwise. There is a complete surrender to this relationship that helps you to grow, and you know this.

Nothing else is more important than your soul’s journey, and the African turquoise can help you to achieve this perspective.

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7) Opens the Mind

Speaking of perspective, gaining an open mind is another benefit and healing property of the African turquoise.

Having an open mind is far more than being non-judgemental. It is about seeing a bigger picture and being okay with it.

You may find yourself in a room full of negative people. Someone that does not have this open perspective will go home grumpy.

Someone that does have this perspective will merely observe the energies in play and wonder what is going on with their lives, and maybe even pray for them.

That is another gift of the third eye chakra that can be discovered with the African turquoise. It helps you to see the world in a quiet and peaceful way without judgement

8) Improved Physical Health

The African turquoise is going to help you to find improved physical health. It is most closely connected to heart health, and some of that is spiritual.

When you have more love in your day, even if you are making the point of finding it, you have better health, even when your health is poor.

Using African turquoise can help you to improve your overall blood circulation, and this will have a positive impact on your heart. 

9) Less Darkness, More Light

The African turquoise is a beautiful stone that brings orange and golden light into wherever you place it.

There is something to be said about the physical nature of darkness, and of light. One is uplifting, and the other weighs you down.

This is not just a spiritual quality. More light in your life means more love. With less darkness in your life or weighing on your mind, the light naturally shines through. 

10) Improved Sleep

Better sleep is a natural benefit of the African turquoise.

That is because you are more at peace. You are more at peace physically, mentally, and spiritually. When you have more peace, sleep comes naturally and easily.

Better sleep means better days tomorrow, no matter what comes your way. 

11) More Unconditional Love in Your Life

All of these benefits are going to combine to bring one key benefit into your life, more unconditional love.

Less darkness, a more open mind, better sleep, improved health, healing from trauma, and more. All of these things help you to tap into the most important thing in the world – unconditional love.

You will experience it, and it will find you, but you will bring it to others first.

When you have that, your day, your life, everything is better, and African turquoise does that for so many people everyday.

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Can I use African Turquoise everyday?

making bracelet

Yes! You can use African turquoise everyday. When you are using African turquoise, you will enjoy so many of these healing benefits.

You don’t have to make a point of practicing anything with it everyday. Wearing it or keeping it around your home, technology, or things and people that may bring anxiety, will help.

This is a stone that is always present for change and light. You can use it as often as you want.

Is African Turquoise dangerous?

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No, there is nothing dangerous about African turquoise. African turquoise is a stone that will help you, not harm you. That is the point.

You can not have too much, and you will never have too little, even if you only have one stone.

This stone does not interfere with your physical processes, and is not going to harm you in any way.

Final Words

African turquoise is a beautiful stone with many benefits and healing properties.

It opens your mind to help you cope with change, and it helps you to usher in light where there is too much dark.

You can use it to connect with your spirit guides and angels, in order to find your true soul’s purpose. 

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