Chrysocolla With Malachite: 9 Benefits of This Combination

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Chrysocolla With Malachite: 9 Benefits of This Combination

When combined, these gemstones are one-of-a-kind. They blend perfectly through their color mix and combine energetic properties. 

These stones combined transform the inward man and eventually bring about a positive change to the outward appearance. 

Have you ever considered combining chrysocolla with malachite?

In this article, we will explore if it is okay to do so; and also provide the guidelines and benefits on how to use both stones to your advantage successfully, and for your intentions. 

Read on to find out the 9 benefits of combining chrysocolla with malachite

Healing properties of Chrysocolla


Chrysocolla is a unique gemstone. Beyond its aesthetic features, it ushers people into a world of transformation, spiritual awareness and intuitive enhancement.

Over the years, the energetic properties of chrysocolla have been well-pronounced. But, its healing properties are scarcely spoken about.

You should know that this gemstone also has healing properties. This means that beyond its stimulating properties, people can also use chrysocolla for healing. 

Below are its healing properties you can take advantage of:

  1. Stress relief: Its therapeutic properties help with stress healing. If you had a stressful day, with chrysocolla, your mind will release these negative emotions; thus, making you feel more relaxed;
  2. Emotional Healing: Using chrysocolla for your emotions is also a great idea. Its therapeutic and healing properties make it possible for you to overcome every heartache, trauma, or emotional downturn you are going through;
  3. Mindset healing: Because of the spiritual properties of this stone, you can enjoy mental healing. Your mindset will be transformed by using this stone. It empowers you to be confident. Also, it enhances your potential. 

These are the healing properties and benefits of using this crystal for yourself.

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Healing properties of Malachite

malachite elephant

Amongst the numerous gemstones in the world, malachite constantly stands out as one of the vibrant and transformative crystals.

The benefits of using the gemstone have no bounds.

From its energetic properties to its healing properties, malachite has remained formidable and indispensable in the world of crystals. 

Below are some of the healing properties of malachite you should know:

  1. Energy Cleansing: The healing properties of this stone helps with energy cleansing. For example, if you are full of negative energy, you can trust the healing powers of malachite to cleanse you of negativity. For energetic healing and cleansing, this is a formidable stone you should use constantly;
  2. Chakra Healing: Spiritually, malachite helps with the throat chakra. However, it can also heal every other chakra point. Therefore, if you need chakra healing and alignment, this is a crystal you should use;
  3. Physical healing: The healing properties of malachite also provides for physical healing. This stone can heal inflammations, physical pains, and bleeding. Also, it can take care of more advanced cases like blood pressure and headaches;
  4. Emotional Healing: For those going through emotional problems, you can trust Malachite to take care of them. With its therapeutic and healing powers, your emotional problems are over.

Can I combine Malachite with Chrysocolla?

bunch of crystals

Yes, you can combine malachite with chrysocolla

Both stones emit vibrations on the same frequency and can complement each other’s powers.

Their fashion blend and color mix are also factors to consider. Using both stones makes you more attractive. It gives more power to your fashion sense. 

When you take a look at both stones, you will discover that they both possess healing properties – especially in the emotional aspect.

Now, combining both for emotional healing amplifies their powers. If your emotional problems seem deeper than what a single crystal can handle, then, resort to using these stones. 

Another reason why you can combine these stones is because of their energy vibrations.

Since they both operate at the same frequency, you won’t be adversely affected by uneven energy release. 

For those who always have stressful days, combining malachite with chrysocolla makes up for a relaxing moment.

Using both stones to relieve stress has been one of the greatest crystal decisions of my life. Every time I have a stressful day, using both stones puts me to sleep instantly

With all of these, it is clear that choosing to use malachite and chrysocolla is not a bad decision.

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9 Spiritual benefits of using Chrysocolla and Malachite together

hand full holding crystals

You stand to enjoy a lot of perks by using chrysocolla and malachite together. 

However, here are the 9 most pronounced spiritual benefits you will enjoy by combining both stones. 

1) Less Time Engaging in Spiritual Activities

Since you are combining both stones, enough energy is released to bring your intentions to pass.

With this, you can promptly go through spiritual activities without having to waste much time

2) Enjoy dual benefits

When you combine both chrysocolla and malachite, you stand to enjoy dual benefits.

The reason for this is that each stone releases energy alongside its spiritual properties.

Therefore, apart from the manifestation of your intentions, you will enjoy other perks like healing, stability, spiritual connection, and so on. 

3) Spiritual Grounding

Both stones have spiritual grounding properties. If you feel disconnected from the earth’s energy, it is time to make use of chrysocolla and malachite.

heir grounding properties help your reconnection to the earth. It helps your inner self to be rejuvenated by harnessing the earth’s energy

4) Intuition Enhancement

Spiritually, using both stones heightens your intuitive powers. They help you to pay more attention to your inner self. With this, clarity of mind is constant. 

Have you gone through moments of confusion and indecision? If yes, then, it is time to combine the powers of both stones. 

Channeling their powers together enhances your intuition. It provides clarity and helps with decision-making processes. 

5) Protection

For protection, it is best to combine the powers of both malachite and chrysocolla.

With this, you will enjoy multiple protection. These crystals create an invisible and impenetrable barrier around you. 

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You should try them out today!

6) Transformation

With these stones, you will experience development

They help you to successfully evolve into a new person. When you harness the powers of both crystals, your mental self becomes strong enough to release old patterns and ways of living.

It helps you to embrace self-development

7) Potential Amplifier

This is like using steroids for some sporting activities!

If you desire to amplify your potential and skills, the energy from both crystals can help with that. 

Opening yourself up to both stones brings your potential and skills to a whole new level. Your creativity stays at its peak for a long time by using both crystals together. 

8) Spiritual Connection

Combining both chrysocolla and malachite helps with a spiritual connection. These crystals emit energy at a high frequency. 

Therefore, opening up your mind to them reconnects you with your spiritual self. It increases your spiritual awareness and makes you sensitive to this realm. 

9) Good Luck

Because of the positive energy that emits from this stone, you can attract good luck to your life by using them. 

If you desire good fortune, success, and abundance, combining chrysocolla and malachite is one of the ways to manifest your desires QUICKLY.

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Can I start using these 2 stones right now?

meditating with crystals

Yes, you can start using both stones right now. 

Here are a few caution tips to help you harness their combined powers, and have a successful spiritual crystal healing exercise. 

  1. Ensure to cleanse and charge your crystals before using them: This is a non-negotiable thing to do. If you want to enjoy the powers of both stones, you should keep them cleansed and charged for use;
  2. Your intentions and affirmations need to be clear: You cannot enjoy the spiritual benefits of these stones without having clear intentions. Therefore, write down your goals and desires. Keep your mind on it while harnessing the powers of both chrysocolla and malachite;
  3. Don’t overuse these stones: Only use them when it is extremely important. If not, you will constantly exhaust their energy reserves and will have to always charge them (which takes additional time and energy) before use;
  4. You can also engage in self-care practices: While trying to work with these stones. This is important because of your overall well-being;
  5. Mderate the exposure to moisture: This is important to maintain their overall quality;
  6. Medically: You should be careful about exposing your internal organs to these stones. Their chemical properties can be hazardous to your health.

These are some of the caution tips to keep in mind.

Your spiritual connection and reception to the energies of both stones are equally crucial. Once you keep all of these in mind, you will have an amazing crystal healing exercise.

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Final Words

As explained in this article, you can enjoy the benefits of these stones when you use them individually or together

However, learn to combine them for amplified energy and multiple simultaneous spiritual benefits. 

I have enjoyed these stones for a long time and decided to bring them to the limelight.  Take advantage of chrysocolla and malachite today!

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