Wearing and Sleeping With Malachite: Is It Safe? Answered!

Jorge Silva
Wearing and Sleeping With Malachite: Is It Safe? Answered!

Malachite has been adored for its beauty and aesthetic qualities. This uniquely designed stone comes with a green color that is therapeutic to view.

In addition to all of its beauty and elegance, the universe has also imbued this crystal with metaphysical properties that can restore calmness and improve blood flow. 

However, in recent times, I discovered an important question running through the minds of people: “Is it safe to wear and sleep with malachite?”

In this article, we will consider this question and attempt to answer it by looking at some important sub-questions, factors, and unique aspects that should be considered. 

Therefore, if you have been seeking answers to this question, you have come to the right place.

is Malachite safe to wear?

Malachite raw stone

Yes, malachite is safe to wear.  There is nothing harmful or dangerous about wearing a malachite stone for either spiritual or fashion purposes

Do you know why people feel this is a dangerous stone to wear? It is because of their sensitivity to certain mineral components, I explain everything in this article, along with the side effects you should know.

There are 4 reasons why malachite is safe to wear. However, let me state clearly that you need to understand your body.

If you wear malachite and observe rash or inflammation, then, your body is overly sensitive to the mineral components of this crystal

Having said that, in general terms, there is nothing bad about wearing malachite and here are the reasons for this. 

  1. The mineral component of this stone: It does not pose a threat to human health. This stone is composed of copper and carbonate hydroxide. These are harmless minerals that have no adverse effect on the body;
  2. You can wear malachite because it is used for jewelry: This stone comes with an aesthetic quality that cannot be ignored by fashionistas. Since it comes as a fashion accessory, all safety outlets must have regarded this stone as fit for wear;
  3. The metaphysical and spiritual benefits: Wearing this stone can help with protection, good luck, and other amazing benefits;
  4. This stone has a smooth surface: Its polished nature makes it almost impossible for anyone to suffer irritation. Now, this is not a holistic assertion. Some people might suffer irritation due to how sensitive their bodies are.

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Can you wear Malachite every day?

Malachite jewelry

Yes, you can wear malachite every day. There is no adverse effect to wearing this stone daily

The 2 main reasons why people wear this stone every day are as follows:

  1. For fashion purposes: I have a friend who has several accessories made from malachite. He finds this stone attractive and uses it every time. There are people just like him. For this category, wearing malachite every day is a good option for them.
  2. For spiritual purposes: If you need protection, chakra healing, and good luck, wearing malachite every day is a perfect choice and option. 

Now, you also need to ensure that your body preference is put into consideration. You might admire malachite stone.

However, if your body sensitivity reacts harshly to this stone, it is best to find another gemstone that perfectly matches the preference of your skin. 

This is why people claim that malachite is not safe to wear every day.

The only problem with this reason is that it is body-specific. In general terms, it is safe to use this stone on your body every day.

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Can you sleep with Malachite under your pillow?

woman sleeping

Yes, you can sleep with malachite under your pillow. There are 3 benefits to sleeping with this stone under your pillow. However, let me state some precautions you should take.

  • Ensure that your pillow covers the stone. If not, you might hurt yourself due to the sharp uneven edges of this crystal;
  • Don’t place a wet malachite under your pillow.

These are 2 things you should keep in mind

Now, let us discuss the 3 benefits you stand to gain by sleeping with malachite under your pillow.

  • Good sleep: If you find it hard to have a good night’s sleep, place malachite under your pillow every night. Its metaphysical properties will enhance your sleep. This is one of the reasons why it is good to sleep with this stone under your pillow. 
  • Elimination of nightmares: For those suffering from nightmares, you can sleep with malachite under your pillow. The energy from this stone creates an invincible barrier, which protects you from negative energies that cause nightmares. 
  • Chakra healing: When you notice a misalignment in your chakras, malachite can be helpful. Placing it under your pillow supernaturally heals your chakras and aligns them properly.

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Can you use Malachite bracelet and necklace?

malachite necklace

Yes, you can use a malachite bracelet and necklace

Whether for fashion purposes or spiritual purposes, malachite bracelets and necklaces are great choices

The beautiful green color of this stone will complement any body. Now, you don’t have to wear both a malachite bracelet and necklace together – every time.

You can choose to be versatile by mixing it with other precious gemstones made for jewelry

However, if you choose to use both a malachite necklace and bracelet, there is nothing wrong with doing that. 

There are no negative effects attached to a malachite bracelet and necklace. 

Actually, wearing brings a lot of benefits like the following:

  • Granting you emotional balance and control during the day;
  • Attracting good luck to you;
  • Chakra healing and alignment;
  • A malachite bracelet can function as an evil eye bracelet, which wards off the evil eye from you;
  • The necklace can also serve as a guard against negative energies trying to penetrate your mind.

Therefore, if you want to use a malachite bracelet and necklace, you can go ahead. 

How should I use malachite? 5 Safe Ways!

malachite stones

Beyond what you have read so far, there are 5 other ways you can use malachite, which is safe. Let us talk about them right away.

1) Home Decor

Do you know that you can use this stone as decor for your living room

Its beautiful aesthetic quality mixed with its vibrant green color can give your living room a touch of exquisite, lush, and royalty. 

Also, the spiritual benefits that come with this are immense

If you are looking for other safe ways to use your malachite stone, well, you can decorate your home with it. 

2) Crystal Cleansing

You can also use malachite to cleanse and charge other crystals. Sounds amazing, right?

For example, if you have a huge collection of crystals for spiritual purposes, having a malachite stone allows you to charge those crystals without the need for sunlight, water, or moonlight

Malachite is believed to be among the stones that transmit their energy to other crystals. 

Therefore, make use of your stone for this purpose

For spiritual purposes, make use of malachite to cleanse other crystals of negative energy. It works efficiently and is a safe method. 

3) Wealth Attraction

If you don’t want to use your stone for fashion purposes, you can make use of it for wealth attraction

In feng shui, malachite is believed to be a stone that attracts wealth. How can you make this happen?

  1. Get yourself a wealth jar or pot;
  2. Place the malachite stone in the jar or pot;
  3. Before covering it, create an intention for wealth to direct the energy charge from the stone;
  4. Cover the jar;
  5. Place it in a corner of your home or office.

Feng shui tradition believes that this method brings good fortune into people’s lives through the use of malachite stone. Also, it is a harmless way of utilizing this precious gemstone

4) Meditation

The therapeutic properties of malachite stone make it my best pick for meditation practices

Have you tried meditating but found it difficult? If yes, then, it is time to use your malachite stone for this purpose. 

Don’t worry! This is not harmful in any way. 

All you have to do is to hold the stone in your left hand and harness its energy by opening your mind.

Afterwards, place it on a lid, sit beside it and begin to practice meditation. 

By harnessing the energy from this stone, your mind will be calm and focused to successfully engage in the meditation exercise. 

5) Health Uses

Do you know that this stone can help with tissue regeneration

Recently, I read a report of an organization, which claimed to have wrapped this stone around a broken arm.

The result was a complete regeneration of the tissues, which led to a fast healing process. 

Therefore, if you have headaches, inflammations, and other forms of ailments, using malachite for healing is safe and efficient.

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Final Words

Ensure you constantly charge and cleanse your malachite. Doing this maintains its quality and also ensures it serves any spiritual purpose. 

Malachite is not dangerous to your health. However, understand your body preference and act according to that. 

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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