9 Green Aventurine Combinations: Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Jade

Jorge Silva
9 Green Aventurine Combinations: Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Jade

Green Aventurine is a beautiful crystal. I developed a personal liking for this stone because of its unique and radiant green color.

Over the years, I have discovered a lot concerning certain crystals. And, unlike some crystals with less receptive corroborative energy, this beautiful stone can be combined with other stones

Upon this discovery, I put my hypothesis to the test and was amazed by the results. Ever since I have never stopped using this stone in combo with other crystals

If you are just like me, who loves green aventurine and wants to use it for spiritual purposes, then, this article will interest you. 

Read on to discover how to combine other crystals with green aventurine with the benefits you stand to gain. 

What is the best crystal to combine with Green Aventurine?

crystals on table

There is no BEST CRYSTAL to combine with green aventurine

Now, don’t get this wrong! Not every crystal can be combined with green aventurine. This is why I will reveal the 9 crystals you can use with green aventurine later on. 

However, you need to understand that there are different reasons why people intend to combine crystals with green aventurine.

These intentions determine the kind of stone that will be combined with green aventurine. 

Therefore, when it comes to selecting the best crystal, focus more on the reason for an additive to green aventurine.

Once you establish the reason, it becomes easy to find the best crystal based on the intention of the user. 

Should I really combine Green Aventurine with other crystals?

Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine

Yes, you should combine green aventurine with other crystals

The amplifying effect of this combination helps you to channel more energy from both stones. It helps both crystals to be potent enough to grant your heart’s desires

After discovering the 9 combinations, I have stopped using green aventurine alone. The combinations are way more powerful and effective

As you will soon discover, using other crystals with green aventurine brings dual benefits that cannot be gotten by using 1 crystal

9 Best Green Aventurine Crystal Combinations

Green aventurine and a lot of other articles

We have discussed quite a lot earlier. Therefore, there is no need to beat about the bush anymore

In this section, we will discuss the 9 best green aventurine crystal combinations with the benefits you stand to gain from each combination. 

1) Citrine and Green Aventurine together


Citrine and green aventurine have metaphysical properties that bring abundance, making them a great pair!

By combining them you will enjoy abundance, joy and gratitude. They inspire people to be grateful for every moment in their lives. 

Citrine and green aventurine also help in the healing/alignment of your solar plexus chakra.

It is also a great way to heal headaches caused by intense energy shifts

2) Tiger’s Eye and Green Aventurine together

Tiger’s Eye
Tiger’s Eye

Majorly, the spiritual benefit of using both stones is spiritual foresight. The energy from both stones opens the spiritual senses of people. It helps with spiritual alignment as well. 

With these stones, you will enjoy inner wisdom. he power of this combination heightens your intuition. It gives voice to your inner self. 

Using a tiger’s eye and green aventurine together brings divine protection.

The tiger’s eye serves as an evil eye charm, while the green aventurine builds a spiritual shield around you.

When you combine both stones, it is believed to attract favor. It puts you in the spotlight.

Also read here the best combinations for Tiger’s Eye Stone.

3) Jade and Green Aventurine together


Jade is a crystal that works on the emotional self of people. Luckily, green aventurine does the same.

Therefore, combining both stones creates a synergistic effect, which impacts your emotional life

If you are struggling to recover from a trauma, this is DEFINITELY the combination for you.

You will experience emotional balance and harmony. Their energy will help you to heal from any emotional trauma while creating a strong balance and stability for your emotions.

4) Amethyst and Green Aventurine together

Leave amethyst

Spiritually, both stones work for protection

Therefore, if you are looking for a special crystal that can be added to green aventurine for spiritual protection, then, amethyst is your best bet

Across several cultures, amethyst is known to be a strong defensive stone. Using it with green aventurine ensures that you are not vulnerable to spiritual attacks. 

Furthermore, this combination also purifies your energy. It conditions the atmosphere around you.

It also purifies your intentions and helps you to remain positive

For protection and purification, combine both stones for the best spiritual effect. 

5) Pyrite and Green Aventurine together


The combination of pyrite and green aventurine helps you with manifestation.

Do you want to engage in a manifestation rite? Do you need spiritual aid for such? Then, use the combination of both crystals.

Pyrite and green aventurine help in the balancing of your energy levels. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by your energy vibration, wear both stones as pieces of jewelry. 

When you use both stones, you will attract abundance and good luck.

6) Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine together

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Rose quartz and green aventurine might seem like an odd combination. But, there are some similarities, which make them energetically compatible for spiritual purposes. 

If you need to use crystals for attracting favor and abundance, this combination can make the miracle happen. 

Furthermore, rose quartz and green aventurine attract love to you. Have you recently suffered heartbreak or a betrayal?

Start using both rose quartz and green aventurine. These stones heal your emotions, and send the perfect set of people into your life. 

7) Black Tourmaline and Green Aventurine together

Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline

Combining black tourmaline and green aventurine is also a great choice!

When you combine black tourmaline with green aventurine, it helps you to become spiritually grounded. You will reconnect to mother earth’s energy

With this combination, you will enjoy protection from negative energy, and evil spirits.

Both stones provide healing for your nerves.  It increases blood flow and reduces blood pressure.

8) Carnelian and Green Aventurine together


The combination of these crystals is a good choice for people who have emotional imbalances.

Also, if you need inspiration, creativity, or a solution, combining both stones is a powerful choice. 

By using both carnelian and green aventurine together you’ll experience emotional balance, chakra alignment and healing, mental stability, and inspiration.

When you need clarity concerning an issue, carnelian and green aventurine are great choices of crystals to make such happen. Combining them opens up your mind.

9) Clear Quartz and Green Aventurine together

Clear Quartz Pendulum
Clear Quartz Pendulum

The powers of both stones work for building empathetic relationships by fostering understanding, compassion, forgiveness, and trust. 

They help to attract good luck whilst expelling bad energy from the environment.

This combination also opens the spiritual senses, which brings about dreams, visions, intuitions, and premonitions. Providing clarity amid confusion.

If you are faced with a lot of choices to make, using both stones gives you the answer.

Do these look like what you desire? Then, this combination is your perfect choice. 

Can I combine this crystal with more than 1 crystal?

Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine

No, it is not advisable to combine this crystal with more than 1 crystal

Doing this can bring about an energy overload, which you don’t want to experience.

Every crystal comes with its energy levels and vibration. Combining them means that you are exposing yourself to increased energy levels.

This also affects your green aventurine. Therefore, more than 1 crystal combination is not advised to prevent energy overload. 

Also, combining a lot of crystals disrupts your intention and can lead to confusion of priorities.

To prevent this from happening, stick with using just 1 additional crystal as a combination.

Rather than combining this crystal with more than 1 crystal, create separate intentions and choose from the already outlined combinations above. This is more efficient and safe

Final Words

The combination of crystals is an ancient practice. There is nothing wrong with using additional crystals as extra support for your spiritual practice. 

As explained in this article, green aventurine can be combined with 9 other crystals with huge spiritual benefits attached. 

Choose the one that aligns with your intention and start enjoying the powers embedded in these natural elements. 

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