Clear Quartz and Amethyst Together: 7 Spiritual Benefits

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Clear Quartz and Amethyst Together: 7 Spiritual Benefits

Can we use Clear Quartz and Amethyst together for spiritual healing and protection? Let’s find out!

In today’s world, where everyone is running their own race in life, it can be really stressful not to be constantly sucked in by all the negativity, gloom and hopelessness we put out or is present around us.

The round-the-clock strive for achieving mental peace, a clutter free mind and never being able to come to terms with your own true self is a defeating feeling almost all of us have been manifested by.

However, the Clear Quartz and Amethyst, that are two of the gemstones we’ll be diving deeper into, have miraculous energies that assist with exactly that.

Can Clear Quartz and Amethyst go together?

Clear Quartz and Amethyst

So, to seek an answer for whether or not Clear Quartz and Amethyst can or should go together, we need to dive deeper into the actual root of these gemstones to find out properties that would make them a harmonious gemstone pairing.

The Clear Quartz is, as the name suggests, colorless and almost glass like but a little more on the translucent side.

It’s a natural mineral composed of silicon dioxide, which is the second most abundant mineral on earth and is associated with the divine ‘crown’ chakra.

Surprisingly however, Amethyst is just the purple variety of the diverse Quartz array, therefore, belonging to the same Quartz family.

It is also associated with the ‘crown’ chakra and is composed of pretty much the same elements.

Amethyst has a deep, rich and vibrant lavender color to it, with often a milky white gradient that does a very fulfilling job in symbolizing the gemstone’s true power of purifying one’s spirit.

So on that account, there’s no such reason as to why Clear Quartz and Amethyst cannot be used together. In fact, this combination works wonders in lifting the mind to comprehend things far beyond the obvious.

Benefits to using Clear Quartz and Amethyst together

Using Clear Quartz and Amethyst together

As we’ve already established, Clear Quartz and Amethyst belong to the same Quartz family only separated by color for the most part.

They both possess a similar soothing flair that can awaken one down the soul and balance out an imbalanced crown chakra that could be caused by past physical or emotional trauma and a lack of openness towards the world’s offerings, people or ideas.

Once your crown chakra opens you’ll feel like a completely free soul with raised self awareness, bliss, gratitude and will slowly begin to develop a more positive outlook on every aspect of life.

The list of benefits can go on and on but for now let’s iron out 7 solid spiritual benefits of using Clear Quartz and Amethyst together. Beginning with:

1) Curb rage and anger

  • Are you someone that loses their temper on the pettiest of issues?
  • Or maybe just your slight anger quickly escalates into bigger scrimmages and you begin crossing swords with people you’re really close to?

If you believe this person is you then the combination of Clear Quartz and Amethyst can really be your wall of prevention against such extreme moods.

Since the combination of these gemstones is a peace radiating one, it can really help you ward off some of your temperamental issues, allowing the environment to be more collaborative and comfortable for everyone around you as well as for yourself.

2) Tap into your ideas

Ideas are unknowingly but extremely powerful.

In the great words of Myles Munroe cut short: “The graveyard is the richest place on earth because in there you will see ideas that were never harnessed”.

We as humans have millions of ideas everyday, some worth looking into, some that just come and go and some that can possibly change our entire lives.

The combination of Clear Quartz and Amethyst can allow you to really clear up your mind and get hold of those ideas.

It can also help boost your creative senses and shield against the negativity or external influences that fog up your valuable ideas.

3) Opens your third eye

No, the third eye doesn’t mean that you’ll literally have a third eye but instead in this context the concept of a third eye can be referred to as spiritual awakening.

The third eye is responsible for our intuition or imagination and can help us develop stronger physic abilities.

In terms of real world application, the opening of the third eye enlightens one with great wisdom and knowledge beyond what they can see, touch or hear.

But rather what they can think and perceive.

It also allows one to follow their own instinct and truly understand the path their inner voice is guiding them towards.

4) Develop better decision making abilities

Like we’ve already mentioned, the astonishing cooperation between Clear Quartz and Amethyst is a mentally purifying one.

Everyday we interact with a lot of problematic people, things and events whose negative energies can really start to take up space in our minds, making us overthink more or just not be able to get rid of unwanted thoughts in general.

So, these gemstones help with clearing up your mind to get rid of all the muddle which can in turn, drastically improve our decision making abilities.

It also allows you to focus on what you really need to and put 100% of your mind to it.

5) Guards against external forces

Like we humans are interacting with each other everyday, some people definitely seem weird to us because of the ‘bad vibe’ they give off.

So, you never know how people close to you could be really jealous of how successful and well off you are in life?

To help with this, since Clear Quartz is known to amplify the vibrations or energies of other crystals around it and because this combination is paired with Amethyst, it will raise the walls of protection even further shielding you from unseen forces such as the evil eye, magic and jealousy.

This can help you feel at ease and provide a sense of protection, warding off any negative energy being transferred down from a person to you.

6) Aids a pleasant sleep

  • Do you ever wake up and feel like you’re still tired?
  • Like you haven’t slept enough although you’ve slept more than you needed to maybe?

The reason for this could be your mind not shutting off thoughts allowing you to sleep at peace or the experiencing of chronic nightmares regularly.

Since both Clear Quartz and Amethyst radiate powerful bliss and tranquility, these gemstones can really redefine peaceful sleep for you in every way possible by disassembling the chain of negativity that leads to experiencing nightmares in the first place.

So, you will be able to sleep with these stones in your room.

7) Open up to exploration

Have you ever felt restricted from the inside?

Like you wanting to try something that’s outside your field of knowledge or expertise but somehow you just can’t?

Feeling like the ideas of others aren’t as appealing to you because only you can know what’s best and what isn’t?

If that’s the case, try seeking the combination of Clear Quartz and Amethyst as these gemstones can allow you to feel more grounded in life, helping you find answers to unanswered questions about life, about yourself and what you’re actually capable of.

It aids in being more open minded towards harvesting things outside your reach, capabilities or comfort zone.

Therefore, giving you a feeling of incomparable fulfillment in life.

Can you cleanse Clear Quartz and Amethyst together?

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Now that we know whether or not Clear Quartz and Amethyst can go together and what benefits there are to this extraordinary gemstone combination, let’s discuss how and if we can cleanse Clear Quartz and Amethyst together.

But, first of all, what is cleansing?

In the context of crystals and gemstones, cleansing simply means to purify the gemstone of any negative energy it has absorbed in the past.

That process is to make sure it’s still working its wonders.

Like us humans work the whole day often doing multiple tasks at a time, we need to sleep at night to cleanse our minds from stress or rather recharge ourselves to work again and better the next day.

Gemstones work exactly the same way.

Like we’ve talked about how they’re absorbing despair, bad energies and external forces from within our environment constantly, thereby, recharging to freshen them up is crucial.

And yes, Clear Quartz and Amethyst can definitely be cleansed together since they share almost similar energies and are the same gemstone type.

However unlike humans, crystals obviously don’t need sleep to recharge and in fact there are quite a few ways to recharge crystals.

First and foremost, you can place both your gemstones out under a full moon’s beaming light for a complete day or try burying them under soil for a day.

Other methods like a salt water bath in a bowl or placing them near the smoke of a burning sage stick work just fine too.

Some even prefer holding the gemstones in their hands and placing an intention to cleanse them through their minds.

How to use these two crystals together?

Using these two crystals

Using Clear Quartz and Amethyst together is just like using any other gemstone combination out there.

There are astonishingly a lot of ways to do this!

But for the best of benefit you can incorporate these gemstones in your regular yoga or meditation routine.

You can do that by holding them firmly, focusing all your energy on them and visualizing their peace slowly sinking deeper and deeper into you.

For help in sleep, try placing your gemstones in a small breathable bag under your pillow.

Besides that, it is also recommended that Amethyst should be placed in your bedroom or nightstand because of its soothing energy.

You can place them in an open bowl near the entrance of your home to make people or even yourself feel warmly welcomed when entering.

Also try going for a gemstone bath and placing them in your bathtub while you relax for a deeper, more cleansing vibe.

However, do make sure that whenever you’re working with gemstones like using them during meditation, it’s somewhere really quiet and peaceful to bond and manifest with them with all your mind and heart.

Final Words

The benefits of using Clear Quartz and Amethyst together is a never ending list with even health benefit claims for regulating hormones and relief from mild headaches.

To add, both the stones are also said to drastically help improve beauty or physical appearance which might be because they possess stress relieving capabilities and stress can majorly tone down one’s countenance.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that Clear Quartz and Amethyst are two exceptionally charming and powerful gemstones and this combination is definitely a peace promoting or environmentally cleansing one. Therefore, one should absolutely consider adding them to their collection.

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