Satin Spar VS Selenite: 7 Differences & Properties (Images)

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Satin Spar VS Selenite: 7 Differences and Properties

This article is mainly focused on spotting the differences between the satin spar and selenite. 

Both are mineral substances and have certain striking resemblances and similarities that might confuse a lot of people

As a lover of crystals, I study a lot about them and have decided to share some of my knowledge with you in this article.

However, some crystals can be very identical (like satin spar and selenite), which might pose a threat to how we are effective in one over the other. 

If you have been asking questions about the difference between selenite and a satin spar, then, this article provides the best solution to these questions. 

Let us begin by defining both minerals and taking a critical look into each of them. Are you ready? Then, read on.

What is Selenite?


The first thing I will love to point out is that selenite is associated with the moon goddess because of how it shines brighter at night (under the moon).

It has been revered for centuries as a gift from the goddess of light to mankind

Scientifically, this substance is a mineral gypsum. It is a soft sulfate material that is composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate.

It can either be transparent or translucent and is often found in morocco, Mexico, or a larger part of the United States of America. 

It comes in a white shiny colour – hence, it is believed to be a gift from the moon goddess (as explained earlier) and can be used for certain decoration purposes.

Additionally, it is used to make candles, lampstands and so on. 

For spiritual purposes, selenite is believed to be a gift from the gods, which can also be seen as a token or a message to people.

In any given situation or circumstance, selenite crystal has numerous spiritual benefits to give

Now, let us discuss satin spar because we begin to identify their unique differences.

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What is Satin Spar?

Satin Spar
Satin Spar

Similarly to selenite, the satin spar is also a mineral gypsum. It is a soft sulfate material and is composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate.

It has a similar colour to selenite as well

However, one of its major difference is that it comes in other shades of colour (which we will discuss later in this article).

The satin spar can be used for construction purposes. For example, it can be used as a plaster for brick walls.

The reason for this is due to its fire-resistant properties. It can absorb heat. Thereby, reducing the high possibility of a fire outbreak. 

You can also make use of this mineral for decorative purposes. The satin spar can be used to make candles, vases, and so on. 

This crystal has been used all over the world for several spiritual purposes. It has a high spiritual energy, which is the reason why people make use of it in spells and rituals. 

7 Main differences between Satin Spar and Selenite

Satin Spar VS Selenite: 7 Differences and Properties

We have discussed the distinct definition of both satin spar and selenite. Now, it is time to talk about the 7 major differences you can spot between both minerals

These mineral substances are similar. Without taking a closer look at them, or understanding the differences between them, we might fall victim to using the satin spar instead of selenite and vice versa. 

Therefore, read what comes next and understand it properly. Here are the 7 main differences between the satin spar and selenite:

1) Appearance

There is a major difference between the appearance of both mineral gypsums.

ven though they have certain similarities, which might make them difficult to differentiate, you can easily tell the difference by paying close attention to how they look.

  • Satin Spar:

It has a fibrous silky appearance and a satin-like sheen. This mineral gypsum is composed of several long and fibrous crystals.

These crystals are always packed together and made compact. Hence, this is why it has a silky fibrous appearance.

When properly polished and carved, it has a very smooth surface, which reflects light in a way that gives it a satin-like sheen. 

The fibrous and silky appearance of this mineral makes it very soft and smooth to the touch. It almost feels like touching a fabric.

  • Selenite

Unlike the satin spar, selenite has a crystalline, transparent appearance.

It is composed of blade-like crystals that are long and thin. The reason for this is its overexposure to intense heat and pressure.

When this happens, it goes through a process called “recrystallization”. This is why the crystals of selenite are usually long and thin

This is a major difference between both crystals.

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2) Hardness

Generally, selenite is often very soft as compared to the satin spar.

Selenite has a Mohs hardness of 2, while satin spar has a Mohs hardness of 2 to 2.5.

Therefore, one of the ways to tell the difference between both precious crystals is by looking deeply at how hard it is

If you have the means, it is okay to measure the hardness scale to be double sure.

However, by holding both crystals in your hands, you should be able to tell the hardness between both.

3) Transparency

Do you know why the selenite crystal is termed a gift from the moon goddess?

It is because it reflects the light of the moon and brings out beautiful colors as after-effects. 

Therefore, between selenite and satin spar, selenite is seen to be more transparent and translucent.

When light passes through it, it reflects beautiful colours. Mostly, it brings out the 7 colours of the rainbow

This is unlike the satin spar. Although, the satin spar is also transparent. However, it is not as much as the selenite crystal

Watch out for this when spotting the difference between both crystals.

4) Availability

If you have 20 crystal shops in your area, you will likely find satin spars in all of those shops. This is because it is widely dispersed, unlike selenite

Selenite is rare to find than satin spar. This does not imply that selenite is not available.

You can find it easily (in your locality). However, when compared to the satin spar, it is rarer to find.

I had a brief discussion with a man with a thorough understanding of these crystals and he said: “If you get to a crystal shop and find a white mineral gypsum, it is likely going to be a satin spar”.

This explains how common it is to find satin spar, unlike selenite.

5) Uses

You can make use of the satin spar for constructive purposes like wall plastering and so on. You can also use it for decorative purposes. 

However, selenite is majorly known for its spiritual properties than its physical properties.

Even though it can be used for certain decorations here and there, it is mostly known to bring certain spiritual benefits to people.

6) Cleansing

Even though both crystals are known for their cleansing properties, the major difference is this:

  • Satin spar is used for: cleansing out personal spaces.
  • Selenite is used for: cleansing other crystals.

7) Healing properties

Both of these crystals have healing properties.

However, it is believed that satin spar can be used for physical healing purposes while selenite can be used for spiritual and mental healing purposes. 

These are the 7 major differences between these strong mineral gypsums.

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Are the healing properties from Selenite similar to Satin Spar?

Satin spar and Selenite
Satin Spar

No, their healing properties are not similar to each other. Even though they have healing properties, their focus differs. 

Selenite is used for the following:

  • Crystal healing;
  • Meditation;
  • Relaxation and ease of mental stress;
  • Enhances spiritual clarity;
  • Helps with increasing a level of self-awareness.

Satin spar has the following healing properties:

  • It is focused on emotional healing and balancing;
  • It takes away stress and anxiety;
  • It helps people to balance their emotions;
  • It also works on physical bodies as well.

Now, selenite can also be used for bodily and emotional healing. However, in a greater scope, satin spar works perfectly for this.

Should I use Satin Spar or Selenite?

Satin Spar

Don’t choose any of these gypsums above the other

The purpose of a satin spar is different from that of selenite. Therefore, use them for their specific purposes. 

For example, if you want bodily healing, you can use a satin spar. However, if you want a higher level of self-awareness or spiritual consciousness, then, selenite is your best bet. 

Final Words

This article has provided you with the information needed to identify the major differences between the satin spar and selenite. It has also put things into their proper perspectives concerning the use case of both stones. 

Whenever the need arises for the satin spar, ensure you make use of it. In the same way, when the need for selenite arises, make use of it.

Both stones are powerful and one should not be rated above the other. 

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