How to Cleanse and Charge Pyrite? 9 Easy Ways

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How to Cleanse and Charge Pyrite?

If you have healing crystals, then you know you have to have a maintenance routine for them. It doesn’t matter what crystals you have, and pyrite is no different.

Cleansing and charging crystals is part of that maintenance routine. There is a distinct difference between cleansing and charging pyrite crystal, or any healing crystal for that matter.

Both of these routines play a very important role in the success of your journey with your healing crystals.

We all use healing crystals in order to nurture our spiritual growth and to find and create our own success. But, like any tool that we use to create our success, our healing crystals need to be working in optimum condition.

Charging and cleansing your pyrite are important steps in ensuring your pyrite helps you on your life’s path and journey.

Learn more about how to cleanse and charge your pyrite with these nine easy ways

Should I cleanse and charge my Pyrite crystal?


The colloquial term for pyrite crystal is fool’s gold because it looks exactly like the expensive stone sold on the market and in the everyday marketplace in a variety of ways.

The name pyrite itself is a term that was Greek-born, from the word “pyr” that means fire.

This is a crystal that is already pretty charged up when it comes to energy, but you still need to cleanse and charge it.

Cleansing and charging of crystals are necessary for every healing crystal. It is like the oil change in your car, a process that takes many steps.

Unlike an oil change, however, there are many ways that you can cleanse and charge crystals.

Healing crystals are rocks of the earth, many of which once came from living things. They carry an energy to them.

At the same time, they are taken with us wherever we go sometimes.

Our diamond rings go with us, our rose quartz bracelets come to work or on a date, and sometimes our jade or pyrite sits in our handbag or briefcase to bear us good luck with money.

We have to take care of these things because the living world has energy that these crystals can absorb.

Cleansing and charging is the way that we remove the living world’s negative energy from our healing crystals so that they stay dedicated just to our energy and our soul’s path.

The cleansing and charging rituals for pyrite are very easy, and in their own ways, very soothing as well.

You will come to enjoy taking care of your pyrite with these cleansing and charging routines. 

How to cleanse Pyrite crystal? 5 Safe Ways

cleanse with incense

Cleansing pyrite crystal can become a loving task or chore in your life, and you may not even feel that it is a chore.

The goal here is to remove dirt and debris if any, and negative energy from your pyrite so that it works the way it is intended to work.

You likely won’t even need to purchase anything to cleanse your pyrite. Use these methods to start cleansing your pyrite today:

1) Running water 

There are spiritual principles to the flow of running water. Running water creates a cycle of energy flow that helps with cleansing.

You feel at peace at a waterfall for this reason, no matter what kind of mood you are in. The water is ebbing and flowing in constant motion.

Pouring running water from a tap, a water fountain, or even your shower, over your healing crystals is a powerful cleansing technique.

2) Salt

Salt has been used for centuries for cleaning almost anything. Combine salt in water and put your pyrite in it overnight.

You may not notice a single difference on the outside, but the crystal will feel more excited on the outside.

Salt is a powerful tool for removing negative anything from anything, and removing negative energy from stones is no different.

3) Sage

Sage also works wonders when it comes to removing negative energy. Wave some sage around your crystals and you will remove any leftover negative energy.

It is a good idea to do this after you have used water to cleanse them.

4) Visualization

You now want to visualize beauty and happy energy auras around your pyrite.

For this cleansing routine, hold your pyrite in your hand and imagine that there are happy energy rays all around it.

You can pray during this technique too, and send light and love to your pyrite.

5) Brown Rice

You can also use brown rice to soak up any leftover negative energy or debris that may be trapped in your pyrite pores.

Put your pyrite underneath a bed of brown rice, and let that sit overnight. You can not use the rice after you have performed this technique.

The brown rice has been used to remove negativity and debris, this is not something you want to eat now. 

How to charge Pyrite crystal? 4 Ways

charge with soil

Charging crystal is a much different process than cleansing crystal. Charging crystal is the same concept as charging a battery for your phone or car. A clean phone or battery is great. A battery or phone with power to it is better obviously. When you want to use your pyrite, you will want to charge it first. This activates the stone and its healing sources, and gives your pyrite stronger energy for you to use. 

When you charge pyrite crystal, you are sending power and energy to it. There are four easy ways to do this.

1) Charging station

A charging station like the dock that charges your iPad or iPhone is a great way to create a spiritual space in your home for your pyrite.

A charging station like a glass dish or ceramic dish that can absorb your crystal is an ideal space to put your pyrite when you want to power it up.

2) The Sun

You can put your charging station by a window where it will absorb natural light and natural sunlight.

When your pyrite is charged with the sun or the moon, it will retain natural energy.

You should know how to long you should leave your crystals in the sun light.

3) The Moon

The moon is as powerful as the sun.

Whether you have a charging station or not, you simply need to put the pyrite on a window sill where it will be bathed in sunlight during the day, and by the moonlight at night.

Many people even put their healing crystals outside on a full moon for the charging to be more powerful. 

4) Soil

Burying crystals in the Earth is another ideal way to use nature to charge your crystals.

Clean soil that is free of debris and toxins is ideal. Put your crystals back on the Earth where you got them and set the intention to start a new chapter with your pyrite.

Again, overnight or for a few hours is a great timeline to charge your crystals. 

How often should I charge and cleanse my crystals?


There are some people that cleanse and charge their crystals every day, and others that cleanse and charge their crystals a little less frequently.

The answer here depends on what you use your crystals for, and if you take them with you to many places.

A crystal that is worn around your neck regularly may need more cleansing and charging than a crystal that is on your desk all day.

The average timeline here is approximately once a month for crystals that are not touched or worn daily. For pyrite that is, you may want to cleanse and charge it a little more frequently. 

When you have healing crystals, you need to take good care of them.

Cleansing and charging your pyrite is an ideal way to maintain your pyrite so that it works for you, without getting stagnant or stale.

It is very important to cleanse and charge any of the crystals that you have worked so hard to collect.

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Final Word

Cleansing and charging pyrite is going to supercharge your inner power and confidence.

Your confidence can take you towards success in work, love, money, and in your everyday activities.

Pyrite or fool’s gold in your healing crystal collection is a beautiful addition when you want to manifest abundance and wealth. Take care of it by cleansing and charging it, and your pyrite will work for you with so much more power and energy. 

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