9 Onyx Stone Benefits: What Is Onyx Good For?

Jorge Silva
9 Onyx Stone Benefits: What Is Onyx Good For?

Used over several centuries, both for its properties and benefits and for its prodigious beauty, Onyx is a type of chalcedony, which is actually a variant of quartz.

This is a stone of choice for many artisans due to its parallel stripes that form layers of color. However, there is more to Onyx than grace.

This is a crystal highly valued for its protective properties since most ancient civilizations and is very connected to bravery and robustness.

Usually used in decorative pieces such as vases and in jewelry for both men and women due to its high durability.

Onyx is an eminently preponderant stone due to its various properties and benefits and obviously, that is exactly what we are going to talk about today in this article.

Are There Benefits Of Using Onyx Gemstone?

black obsidian onyx

Effectively yes, Onyx has a wide range of benefits. These, in turn, are related to its metaphysical faculties, which we will talk about later on.

For now, let’s explore the advantages of using this stone.

Mesh with spiritual growth already, Onyx develops us more spiritually by building a certain inner strength which then sustains us in spiritual practices.

Continuing with the supporting benefit of personal growth, it is believed that this stone improves aspects such as our concentration and focus, which consequently exercises our mind.

Therefore, Onyx provides its users with emotional support that promotes inner peace and also works as an anchor for them, since it houses the root Chakra.

Complementing and obviously, we could not fail to allude protection, since it was so prematurely mentioned.

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What Is Onyx Good For Spiritually?

black obsidian onyx

Spiritually speaking, Onyx offers us a rich palette of benefits, but what are those benefits?

Well, it is believed that this stone helps us to work and refine our personal power through self-confidence.

Which makes us overcome our insecurities and fears, consequently making us make decisions more easily, both spiritually and daily.

A little associated with this benefit, Onyx also heals us emotionally as it serves as a support in the most challenging periods of our human existence.

But it also protects us spiritually, creating a protective bubble that avoids being affected by negative energies.

Manifestly all these qualities allow the alignment of our chakras which in turn enables a greater spiritual link with superior and divine realms and identically greater stability and balance between the body, mind and soul.

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Metaphysical Properties Of Onyx

black onyx stone

Therefore, if we already know that there are spiritual benefits associated with the use of Onyx, let’s then discuss its metaphysical properties.

In this way, Onyx is good for those looking to progress in their spiritual goals.

It works on our discipline and focus, helping us to overcome certain obstacles that occur during our spiritual journeys.

Sometimes these obstacles can consist of negative emotions and in that Onyx is also very useful, that is, in emotional support and release of those same emotions.

Furthermore, this stone reinforces and deepens rituals. Such as meditation, encourages us to better analyze our subconscious, and is also great for regressive meditation.

And, if on one hand, Onyx allows us to deepen our spiritual experiences, on the other hand, it shields us from spiritual attacks and negative energies in our spiritual practices.

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9 Spiritual Benefits Of Using Onyx Stone


Since we already know what Onyx can be beneficial for, now we just have to look at its benefits through a more thorough and critical eye.

In view of this and taking into account everything that we have decided so far about this stone, we are going to address 9 spiritual benefits of Onyx.

Bearing in mind, of course, that the spiritual experience we have with Onyx varies depending on the way it resonates with us, the way we charge and cleanse it and above all according to our intentions and objectives.

Therefore, with na open mind, let’s discover this magnetic stone a little more.

1) Connection with our background

Onyx is known for its strong fusion with ancient wisdom and bond with ancestors.

Thus, it is believed that this eclectic stone helps us in this link or fusion with our wise ancestors.

Consequently, they transmit their wisdom to us, to guide us and to allow us to dignify and accompany our lineage.

Therefore, this crystal is na excellent tool for anyone who wants to do ancestral work or healing.

2) Spiritual Lucidity

As they say, one hand washes the other and therefore if Onyx gives us ancestral wisdom, naturally it brings us a certain spiritual lucidity.

As this stone is also associated with the improvement of our spiritual knowledge and identically intuition.

Therefore, Onyx converts our meditation rituals into more intense and fruitful moments. It allows us to better connect with our consciousness and divine worlds.

This stone increases the volume of our intuition which consequently makes it more hearing and sharp.

3) Protection

As mentioned initially, Onyx has been known since its beginnings as a protective amulet.

Since the oldest civilizations, Onyx is believed to protect us from negative energies, psychic attacks and, in general, negative influxes.

It creates a protective and preventative bubble for our aura.

4) Energy purge

Onyx is a kind of insect repellent of negative energies.

Therefore, it is assumed that this powerful stone holds and cleans the negative energies that threaten or are present in our aura or in our personal and energetic sphere.

This happens due to the purgative traits of Onyx, which, in addition, still allow us a much freer and more natural flow of energy by allowing us to extricate energy blockages.

5) Shield during our spiritual practices

The spiritual world is fascinating, but it is both favorable and threatening, especially for newcomers.

Therefore having a spiritual shield during our spiritual study and practice is ideal.

In this case, Onyx is used in psychic exploration rituals, as I mentioned, energy work and astral travel.

In view of this, this crystal guarantees us a safe space and identically serves as a shield.

6) Emotional recovery

Once again, we cannot fail to mention the support that this stone ends up being in the emotional field

As it allows us to let go of negative emotions, but also allows us to heal and let go of past traumas to which we have surrendered.

Because of this, it builds an undisturbed environment around us which increases our inner strength and emotional stability.

This allows us to move forward in all possible and imaginable branches.

7) Encouraging willpower

One of the conditions already mentioned here is, what I will underline now, the correlation of Onyx with focus and discipline.

Why is this aspect spiritually important and why is it beneficial?

Simply because it converts us into more determined and disciplined people, able to cross and overcome the most challenging obstacles along our spiritual path.

All this while preserving the alignment of our focus, with our commitment and our spiritual ambition.

8) Transformation and maturation

It is not only emotionally that Onyx allows us a certain emancipation from negative patterns because, with regard to the spiritual realm, it also supports us in this way.

This freedom that rescues us from unfavorable beliefs allows us to evolve not only personally but also spiritually.

9) Grounding and firmness

Since Onyx is allied with Muladhara, that is, our Root Chakra, it would be associated with the two aspects for which this central energy is responsible.

Therefore, this stone is the anchor of our physical and spiritual energy. It is what brings us firmness, security and good support for our practices.

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How Can I Enjoy The Benefits Of Onyx?

Black Onyx bracelet

There are many accessible methods that we can resort to to enjoy the immense qualities of Onyx.

However, for now, I will only name those that I consider the most indispensable and incomplex.

Starting with the use of jewelry that allows the crystal to always remain close to us and our energetic field. Personally, this is my favorite method.

Next, building na altar is also a simple technique and, in addition to that, it also creates an excellent environment for, for example, meditating.

However, if you want to take the meditation further, you can hold Onyx in your hands. If you want something more discreet, carrying the stone in a coat pocket works just as well.

Finally, if you are a reiki practitioner, Onyx can be used as a tool in healing sessions and to balance and cleanse your auras.

Final Words

Ending the article on Onyx, I’ll say goodbye then, starting by saying that, personally, Onyx is a very complex stone because it’s mysterious and despite its irrefutable power, i’s not a stone that resonates with me, that calls me to work with it.

However, this is also largely due to the fact that my intentions are not compatible with its metaphysical traits. And that’s why I say to you lastly, trust your intuition when choosing the crystal you will work with.

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