How To Cleanse and Charge Jade? 9 Safe Ways

Jorge Silva
How To Cleanse and Charge Jade? 9 Safe Ways

Do you want to know how to cleanse and charge your jade crystal? Then, you have come to the right place. 

Just like you, I make use of jade crystal for most of my spiritual activities ranging from chakra healing to attracting prosperity

However, there is always a need to revitalize the energy levels of this crystal. As effective as it looks, when there is little energy, your crystal won’t function properly.

Also, when you expose it to negative environments, it becomes contaminated and unsuitable for use.  This is why you need to learn how to charge and cleanse jade

I have discovered 9 safe ways to make this happen. 

These methods are not complex, but they are powerful to bring back your jade to life and vibrance

Can I cleanse Jade crystals?

Jade rings
Real Jade rings

Yes, you can cleanse your jade crystals. Jade can get contaminated by many factors. Let us discuss some of these factors.

If jade crystal was extracted from a tomb, cave of dead people, a graveyard, or a town where death is rampant, then, it is imbued with negative energy already.

This is why I always encourage people to cleanse their jade crystals before using them initially. You will never really know the source of extraction – since you bought it from a store.

Therefore, to keep yourself safe, you can clean the stone by following some of the steps I will disclose later on. 

The jade crystal was used for negative spells and dark witchcraft practices.

This is why I will not advise you to lend your jade crystal to anyone or borrow from anyone.

People use this stone to engage in dark magic and negative spells/rituals. Once this is done, the energy gets contaminated and this makes spiritual cleansing a necessity.

It is important to go through this cleansing process to ensure that your crystal is pure and rid of negative energy.

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Can I charge Jade crystals?

Jade necklace

Yes, you can charge jade crystals

When it comes to crystal magic, spells, and so on, the general belief is that the energy levels of crystals can abate due to constant use.

This is why it is important to know how to charge your crystals. Through usage, the energy levels of your jade will gradually decline.

You will notice this through its ineffectiveness over time. Once this happens, it is a sign that you need to charge it right away

Using jade crystals without energy levels will damage the overall quality of the stone. Also, it will shrink its spiritual durability, and reduce how much energy it can contain.

This is why you need to be on the lookout.

I charge my jade crystals every 3 days. The reason is that I make use of it often. If you don’t use yours as often as I do, then, you might charge it once a week.

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How to Cleanse Jade? 4 Safe Ways


There are several ways to cleanse jade. However, I will discuss the 4 major ways to ensure this is done perfectly. 

1) Sunlight Cleansing

Using the energy from the sun to cleanse your jade crystal is an effective means of ridding your stone of any form of negative energy.

In the spiritual world, the sun is believed to represent a ball of fire

Therefore, harnessing the energy from it for spiritual cleansing is like harnessing fire. This burns off negative energy.

It purifies your jade crystal and makes it safe for use. However, don’t leave your crystal out in the sun for too long.

Doing this might compromise its overall aesthetics and quality.

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2) Moonlight Cleansing

This is one of the commonly applied methods of cleansing jade crystals.

Before writing this article, I spent time conversing with friends who make use of jade crystals. Guess what?

All of these guys make use of moonlight for their jade crystals. They claim to be a simple and safe way to remove bad energies from the stone. 

All you need is a reflection of the moon. Once you find it, place your crystal directly under that reflection and leave it overnight.

Allow the stone to soak in the energy from the moon. This will wash away any form of negative energy and leave your stone with positive energy for healing and other spiritual benefits. 

3) Sage incense

Using sage incense is powerful for spiritual cleansing. Normally, sage is known as a cleansing and purifying agent.

Therefore, burning its incense and moving the smoke over your jade crystal will cleanse it from negative energy. 

If you are skeptical of using sunlight or moonlight, this is another safe way of ensuring that your crystal is purified without having to compromise its quality.

However, for your health, ensure you practice this in a well ventilated room to prevent choking. 

4) Water Cleansing

Find a running water and place your crystal into it. This does not have to be tap water.

If you live close to the stream, you can do this as well. Just ensure that the pressure of the flow is not too hard on the crystal. 

Submerge the jade crystal into the water for 30 seconds and imagine positive energy flowing into the stone. 

This is very simple and easy to accomplish. In 30 seconds, you should be done cleaning your jade crystal with running water. 

How to charge Jade? 5 Powerful Ways

meditation with crystals

There are 5 powerful ways to ensure that your jade crystal is well-charged. Read on to discover these powerful methods:

1) Charging through the sunlight

Just as you can cleanse your jade crystal using sunlight, you can also charge it using the energy from the sun.

Sunlight is a major source of energy for most crystals.

If you want your jade to remain functional and effective, then making use of sunlight is an amazing option. Follow these steps:

  1. Before placing your jade under the sun, ensure you shake it vigorously;
  2. After shaking it, place the jade directly on the ground;
  3. Ensure that the light of the sun radiates on the stone;
  4. After 1 minute, take the stone off the sun. You will notice a warm glow coming from this crystal, which is a sign that it is fully charged and ready for use

2) Visualization

It is believed that the power of our minds can cause supernatural things to happen.

The energy that comes from your mind can charge your jade crystals. This does not need an extra medium. All you need to do is follow the steps below.

Now, before I outline these steps, keep in mind that you must have gotten rid of negative energy from your mind.

The reason is that you will be diffusing the energy in your mind into the crystal, which can either charge or contaminate your stone – depending on whether your energy is positive or negative

Here are the steps:

  1. Hold the stone in your right hand;
  2. Imagine electric currents leaving your hands and entering the stone;
  3. Shake the stone gently for the energy to circulate properly;
  4. For additional effects, you can make a humming sound;
  5. Do this for 3 minutes;
  6. Open your eyes and place the jade on a shelf to properly settle and become usable. This mostly takes about 10 minutes after charge. 

3) Moonlight Charging

Just like the sun, the moonlight also serves dual purposes for crystals and stones. The power of the moon will not just cleanse your crystal. It can also charge your crystal

If you are lucky enough to do this under the full moon, you can imbue your jade stone with supernatural energy that can last for weeks. 

All you need is a reflection of the moon. Once you find that angle, place your stone to harness this reflection and then, the energy. 

By dawn, your stone will have charged properly and become ready for use. 

4) Sound Energy

The energy from sounds can charge your jade crystal.  Make use of a bell or singing bowl with a tuning fork to make this happen. 

When you make those sounds, energies are transmitted into your stone.

You can also chant some words or make a deep humming sound with vibrato. All of these form a powerful vibration that instantly restores energy to your crystal. 

5) Breath or Air Energy

This is not a popular method, but also effective.  Biblically, God infused energy into our bodies through the breath of his nostrils.

In the same way, we can infuse energy into crystals through the air that comes out of our noses

Hold the jade stone closely to your nose and release forceful breaths of air. Do this for 30 seconds and your stone will be fully charged with enough energy for functionality.

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How often should I cleanse and charge my Jade?

Green Jade
Green Jade

If you use Jade frequently, then, you need to cleanse and charge it on the same frequency

Unlike some crystals, jade does not emit energy when it is passive. Rather, it stores and retains energy.

Therefore, if you don’t use it constantly, there is no need to charge or cleanse it frequently. 

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Final Words

If you really want to enjoy the power of Jade, ensure that it is free from spiritual impurities and fully charged with enough energy and force. 

Doing this will help the stone to fully discharge its duties to you by helping you with its metaphysical properties

I hope you learned something from this article! Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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