14 Best Stones For Scorpio: Man And Woman Crystals

Rita Smith
14 Best Stones for Scorpio: Man and Woman Crystals

Scorpio is believed to be associated with passion. Those who are born under this zodiac sign will be passionate and determined towards personal growth and development.

Sometimes, it might be hard to tap into their innate strengths and external spiritual aids will be needed. 

This is where the use of crystals comes in. The metaphysical properties of crystals can be instrumental in helping Scorpios.

If you are born under this zodiac sign, there are several crystals you can use for yourself.  Keep in mind that you should not just use any crystal. Your zodiac sign has its unique energy.

Therefore, it is best to find the stones that resonate at the same energy frequency as your zodiac sign. Don’t worry! I have done the hard task for you

In this article, we will discuss the 14 best stones for Scorpio. This includes crystals for men and women. Read on to discover the crystal that’s best for you

7 Best Stones for Scorpio Man

man working with crystals

The Scorpio man is known for inner strength and determination. There are crystals/stones to help him harness his inner powers.

If you are a Scorpio male, these are the stones you should keep around you constantly

Here are the 7 best stones for Scorpio man:

1) Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline

Because of the intense energy that comes from the Scorpio man, he needs to keep the black tourmaline around at all times. Do you know why?

Black tourmaline is a powerful stone for protection and grounding.

It is possible to continually run around with determination without finding time to reconnect with your core.

With this stone around the Scorpio man, it becomes important for him to reconnect with mother earth

Additionally, black tourmaline provides protection from harm, spiritual attacks, and psychological downtimes

2) Obsidian

black obsidian onyx

Obsidian is known for clarity. 

As a Scorpio man, you might get clogged up in your emotions without knowing how to navigate your mental path through them.

At such a point, confusion, sadness, and anxiety might engulf your being.  Well, the solution to this comes through the power of obsidian

This crystal provides clarity and helps you to manage your emotions effectively. When you feel intense energy vibrations, wear an obsidian bracelet or pendant.

It eases your tension and gives you a clear mind to understand yourself

If you are looking for a way to manage your emotions, obsidian is great for you as a Scorpio. 

3) Rhodonite


In the world of crystals, this is a powerful stone for emotional healingespecially for the Scorpio man

With rhodonite, you can heal up from hurts, betrayals, and offenses of any sort. 

Scorpios are known to be hard-hearted – especially males. When they are offended, it is difficult to forgive and let go easily. 

If you are like this, then, rhodonite is the solution. Keeping this stone around you softens your heart to forgive. It encourages you to let go of hurts. 

Also, rhodonite helps you to heal from emotional hurts and traumas. 

4) Malachite


One of the qualities of Scorpios is a negative attitude towards changeDo you know why?

It is because they are always determined to stick with whatever they have chosen or decided. Even if it is a negative pattern, they will not change.

If you notice this in yourself, and you are bothered about the possible outcome of some of the patterns you’ve stuck with.

Then, you need to get a malachite for yourself. The transformative energy of this stone helps you to embrace change and let go of negative patterns. 

Using this stone makes you a constant upgrade of versions of yourself

5) Amethyst


Connection to spirituality is a must! Without this, we lose the essence of our being and existence. 

For Scorpio males, using amethyst helps them to connect to the spiritual world. This crystal heightens their spiritual awareness and takes them on a spiritual journey

As a Scorpio male, whenever you constantly dream of wearing amethyst, it means that the universe is calling your attention to your spiritual life

The powers of amethyst can heal your spiritual life. It can reconnect you to your core. It awakens your spiritual senses.

Therefore, if you seek to be connected with the spiritual world, using amethyst helps you to accomplish your desires.

Read here the best 11 healing properties of Amethyst.

6) Rhodochrosite


Every Scorpio male should have this stone. It is powerful to help with new beginnings and starting over. 

As a Scorpio male, I am always delighted to get to the end of a cycle. This is because of my adventurous mind, which wants to explore new and uncharted territories

This is the same with every Scorpio male. With rhodochrosite, the transition will be easy. 

You should get this for your friends as well. It helps them with the courage to venture into the next phase of their lives. 

7) Garnet


With garnet, the Scorpio male will remain motivated to pursue his dreams

Those born under the Scorpio zodiac sign are known as determined and purposeful. However, they can be unmotivated at times

When this happens, their inner strength becomes weak, they lose determination and eventually stop pursuing their goals. 

With garnet, all of these will not happen. This is why you should keep garnet close to you at all times. It helps you to stay focused on your goals.

When you begin to lose passion, this crystal reenergizes your mind.

With these 7 stones, you can fully harness the power of your zodiac sign as a Scorpio male and become the best version of yourself.

Before you use Garnet, read here the possible side effects of this stone.

7 Best Stones for Scorpio woman

woman holding clear quartz

The Scorpio woman also has stones she should have. These stones help her to tap into her uniqueness, appreciate her inner powers, and become the best version of herself. 

Here are the 7 best stones for a Scorpio woman you should know

1) Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

This special crystal is known for its emotional properties. It resonates perfectly with the energy vibrations of the Scorpio woman.

Rose quartz helps her to accept who she is. The energy that comes from rose quartz releases love and emotional sensitivity. 

For the Scorpio woman, before showing love to others, begins to harness the energy into herself for inner healing and confidence

Therefore, if you are feeling sad or unmotivated because of who you are, it is time to get rose quartz. It fuels you with love to appreciate your uniqueness.

Learn here how to meditate with Rose Quartz to enjoy the healing properties of this crystal.

2) Moonstone


The moonstone is associated with feminine energy. Also, it is connected to the moon. 

When you observe the moon, one of its spiritual significance talks about transitionlooking at the different cycles and phases of the moon

Therefore, using moonstone as a Scorpio woman helps you to embrace change. It tells you to get ready for the transitions that will happen in your life. 

Furthermore, just like rose quartz, the moonstone crystal helps you to embrace who you are. This crystal also promotes self-love. 

A lot of times, women use moonstone jewelry because of its beauty. However, for the Scorpio woman, this is different.

It should be used because of its spiritual benefit, which promotes self-love, and prepares her for the coming transition. 

3) Black Onyx

black obsidian onyx

This stone is known for its spiritual protection. Because scorpio women attract a lot of energy, they are prone to negativity and a lot of spiritual attacks

Because of this, it is recommended to keep the black onyx around them at all times.

If you are a Scorpio woman, the solution to your sudden emotional switch is to keep black onyx around you. 

It absorbs all the negative energy flowing towards you. Also, it keeps you free from spiritual attacks despite your vulnerability. 

I recently gifted my sister this stone and she has experienced emotional stability ever since

Therefore, use this stone for protection against negative energy that might tamper with your mind. 

4) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Spiritually, Lapis Lazuli is known as a crystal of peace

Whenever you are disturbed by something, using this stone for yourself promotes inner peace. It helps you to attain a level of stability

By keeping this stone around you, your mind will be at peace despite the pressures around you. 

Scorpio women are prone to intense emotional shifts. They react to issues around them brashly (sometimes) and can lose their emotional stability. 

With lapis lazuli, balance is restored and their minds are calm

If you constantly lose your emotional self when pressure mounts up on you, then, it is time to use lapis lazuli. 

5) Aquamarine


With this crystal, the Scorpio woman will reconnect with her feminine energy

Because of the determined nature of Scorpios, the women can begin to feel masculine energy running through their veins and might forget who they are

This is why aquamarine is important. With this stone around them, it becomes easier to be reminded of who they are. This stone helps them to stay in tune with their feminine energy.

While going through activities of the day, aquamarine tells you to keep your feminine self intact

This stone resonates with females much more. 

6) Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

In the spiritual world, clear quartz assists with clarity of thoughts and intentions. This stone ensures that you are never confused about how to navigate your thoughts. 

As a Scorpio woman, your determination puts you under pressure to achieve a lot of things at the same time.

Because of this, your mind will be clogged and fresh ideas might find it hard to flow. With clear quartz, your mind will become clear

Another benefit of using this stone is that it brings your intuition to a heightened state.

Rather than staying confused for a long time, clear quartz gives voice to your inner self, which provides direction when you need it. 

7) Ruby

red Ruby

Spiritually, this stone helps you to become more determined and focused

The moment you sense distraction coming at you, get a piece of ruby jewelry. This stone helps you to stay focused

Furthermore, it helps you to remain motivated despite the pressure to lose your motivation. 

What are the best healing stones for Scorpio?

Labradorite stone

There are 5 best healing stones for Scorpios. Here are the healing stones every scorpio should use:

  • Labradorite: is great for spiritual healing and awareness;
  • Hematite: for emotional healing. It helps with emotional stability;
  • Amethyst: also helps with spiritual healing and awareness. However, it helps the mind to stay calm. Its therapeutic properties keep you peaceful amid pressure;
  • Black Obsidian: helps with the healing of chakras. With this stone, you will enjoy chakra alignment;
  • Green Aventurine: is powerful for bodily healing. This gemstone helps with inflammation, body pain, headaches, and blood pressure.

What are the best gems for Scorpio women to attract love?

Jade necklace

For scorpio women seeking to attract love, here are 12 gemstones that can help you achieve this feat:

  1. Rose quartz;
  2. Green Jade;
  3. Lepidolite;
  4. Pink Tourmaline;
  5. Ruby;
  6. Moonstone;
  7. Emerald;
  8. Rhodochrosite;
  9. Jasper;
  10. Morganite;
  11. Rhodolite Garnet;
  12. Danburite;

Can Scorpio woman and man use Malachite?


No, this stone is only meant for the Scorpio man. The energy from malachite can affect the Scorpio woman. Its intense energy can only be harnessed by the masculine gender. 

There are alternatives to malachite for scorpio women like:

  • Moonstone;
  • Ruby;
  • Hematite;

With these stones, scorpio women can enjoy the same benefits they desire to enjoy using malachite. 

Can Scorpio women and men use Citrine?

Citrine bracelet

Yes, they can both use citrine

Although this stone is mostly used by females, Scorpio men can use it as well. It helps them to reconnect to their femininity. 

Also, citrine brings good luck and motivation. This is why it is universal. It can work for both Scorpio men and women. 

Final Words

Your zodiac sign tells a lot about your life. It defines your abilities and can predict your destiny. 

As a Scorpio, you have the responsibility to keep yourself in the best shape. Using crystals can help. With the information from this article, you no longer need to endlessly search for the best crystal to use

Make use of the crystal that resonates with you for complete rehabilitation and inner support. 

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