White Jade vs. Green Jade: Which Is Better? 7 Differences

Jorge Silva
White Jade vs. Green Jade: Which Is Better? 7 Differences

One of the most divine and deceiving aspects of our planet is nature.

Don’t misunderstand what I’ve just said, it’s the way in which nature is able to paint two seemingly equal and theoretically distinct contents is breathtaking and almost picturesque.

As is the case with White Jade and Green Jade.

Observing these two stones, it is clear that there are stark contrasts. However, something leads us to believe that because both belong to the same family that they are very similar.

And we can’t imagine how completely wrong we are. But today, I’m going to help you demystify White and Green Jade and everything they have and don’t have in common.

About Green Jade

green jade

Ancestral and vigorous, the Green Jade was not always an amulet of physical, spiritual and emotional healing and abundance.

In fact, in its early days, this crystal actually served as a sharp and lasting tool.

The marvel that it was the target of ancient China drags on until today. And for that reason is often called the “Imperial Gem“.

Currently, the reality of this emerald and translucent green stone is adverse, as it is famous for calmness, the attraction of healthy relationships and consequently the egress of people and negative energies.

In the physical but also spiritual field, this crystal embraces fertility and its balance also covers organs such as the kidneys, the liver, etc.

Being responsible for harmonizing the heart chakra, the Green Jade naturally plants gratitude in us so that we can then reap non-material abundance.

About White Jade

white jade

Like its counterpart, White Jade is much prized and used since ancient China.

However, if the Green Jade was a symbol of protection and power, the White Jade was a symbol of virtue, nobility and moralism.

Therefore was used in various engravings, jewelry and sculptures.

When used in the West in Feng Shui, it promotes peace and clarity in the spaces where it is used. She is also responsible for the Crown Chakra.

Which makes us encircle the divine, encouraging us to lay bare our ego and to truly consider everything that surrounds us and every point of our life at any time.

In addition to this balance and clarity that it offers us, this stone is also associated with luck and helps us to strengthen white blood cells in our blood and calm our nervous system, among others.

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What Are The Main Differences Between Green And White Jade?

white and green jade

Let’s trace these two crystals as they are apparently similar but completely unequal twins that for mere minutes were born on different days.

One would be a Virgo, ruled by Mercury (Green Jade) and therefore linked to intelligence.

The other would be a Libra, in turn ruled by Venus (White Jade), automatically linked to love and comfort.

Disaggregated by small meticulous details, they are as disparate as they are analogous.

I will point out a brief list of 7 of these details that are the ones that constitute the preponderant differences between both.

1) Spiritual Sense and Attributes

If you still didn’t know, I will inform you that the colors of the crystals are not a mere coincidence.

Just observe and correlate the crystals corresponding to each chakra and the color of both to realize that pigmentation is a strong influence.

  • The white Jade: gives you a sense of purity and chastity and empowers and clarifies our thoughts and our emotional stability.
  • The green Jade: in turn, characterizes prosperity and equips us with balance and integral stability.

2) Spiritual Healing and Customs

Within the scope of the spiritual routines of these stones, their dissimilarities are also not indifferent.

Therefore, with White Jade we have serenity, purification and spiritual clarity.

But, on the other hand, with its dear sister Green Jade, we have solid support for improvement, renewal and rise of harmony and balance.

3) Material Healing

As preliminarily mentioned, the green Jade is ruled by the earth element. Consequently congruent to fertility. For this reason, it is used to cure infertility.

From another perspective, her partner, the White Jade, is famous for healing and reinvigorating the bones.

However, presumably, both stones commonly have healing properties for the kidneys and liver.

It is important to remember that the use and possession of crystals is not a substitute for any medication recommended by your physician.

4) Advantages

As a crystal acutely allied to the divine realms, one of the main advantages of White Jade is to nurture our spiritual flourishing, focus and also to aid in self-development.

From another perspective and famous for being a stone that helps unblock the Anahata Chakra, Green Jade enhances mental and physical well-being, taking care of the health of our heart and reinvigorating our immune system.

5) Natural Location

I have already mentioned here, in the course of the article, one of the three common locations where these two most revered relics can be found.

However, sometimes they are also geographically distinct, as the Green Jade manages to be found in unusual locations to its partner, namely Canada, Myanmar and New Zealand.

6) Inorganic Composition

Like a normal large family, Jades naturally belong to one category (silicate).

However, their chemical composition varies. Just as we vary from our own relatives, whether it be in hair color, texture, eye color, skin tone, etc.

Consequently, White Jade is composed of calcium and magnesium and its partner Green, of sodium and aluminum.

And now you ask “But why do I want to know this?” Well, the chemical composition, as well as the temperature and place where our crystals sprout, in everything influence their color, shape, hardness… their authenticity, energy and obviously all this influences their virtues.

The Sahasrara Chakra is at the pinnacle of our body, the bridge between our physical and spiritual, it is with it that our White Jade is allied.

It is able to help us in meditations by placing it on the crown of our head during the session.

On the other hand, Jade Verde goes hand in hand with Chakra Anahata.

Its daily use is recommended for people with depression and anxiety. As it is reported that when used close to the heart (in necklaces), it heals and soothes.

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What Crystal Should I Use?

holding stones

In equivalence to the drugs that are given to us according to our health demands, the crystals should also reflect our spiritual, mental and physical needs and intentions.

By way of example, if I wish to connect with my superior self in order to refine my intuition and clarify what surrounds me, White Jade will undoubtedly be my accomplice.

But if I want to spread my luck and prosperity, perhaps I should consider Green Jade to help me.

Therefore, the ideal answer here always depends on your intentions. Therefore, you must evaluate your edges and understand which ones need to be filed.

From there and from the knowledge you obtained here, it remains for you to choose the stone that is most convenient for you.

Can I Use White And Green Jade Together?

colorful stones crystals

This answer will sound a bit perfunctory, but the combination of the two stones may work depending on one’s intuition.

That is, with regard to the spiritual world, we have to practice what resonates with us, therefore, if our sense suggests this union, there is not exactly a manual that contests it.

Again, it is already known to us that the Green Jade promotes balance, luck and tranquility while simultaneously being linked to the Heart Chakra — thus is associated with love and emotions.

And the White Jade is therefore a solid symbol of clarity spirituality, purity, intuition and personal growth.

Therefore, their merger would be at least intriguing and beneficial. The strength and faculties of both crystals could result in emotional healing and spiritual prosperity.

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Final Words

When it comes to the incorporeal, there are no guides, only references offered by Mother Nature and for that reason, the possibilities are limitless.

The identical may actually prove to be dissimilar, however there is no inequality that proves to be a setback.

Nature provides everything that our mind and spirit beg. It is only necessary to study each fragment of healing that was left to us on this planet.

And we can also conclude that, for a successful journey in the spiritual world, it is very important to listen to the request of our body and mind and practice what resonates with us and with our intuition.

But, no crystal is better than the other. They just have different properties and will have different impacts on certain aspects of your life.

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