Can I Take Off My Evil Eye Bracelet When I Shower? Answered!

Jorge Silva
Can I Take Off My Evil Eye Bracelet When I Shower? Answered!

In the world we live in, there is a need to protect ourselves at all times. 

A lot of people might not understand this until they’ve experienced what it means to become vulnerable to negative energies and spiritual attacks

Trust me! It isn’t something funny at all… However, there can also be an extreme to our quest for protection, and one of them is when we begin to shower with protection amulets like rings, bracelets, and necklaces. 

In this article, we will extensively discuss if wearing an evil eye bracelet while showering is recommended

If not, what should you do to ensure that you are protected from negative energies and spiritual attacks while showering?

Read on to find out more about this

What happens if your evil eye bracelet gets wet?

evil eye bracelet

Several things can happen if your evil eye bracelet gets wet

Now, I understand that it is spiritually ethical and advantageous to get your evil eye bracelet in water – mostly for spiritual cleansing and purification

However, when you expose this bracelet to a lot of moisture, it has some unintended consequences. 

If some parts of your evil eye bracelet are laced with metal components and strings, exposing it to water consistently will negatively impact and compromise the quality of the metal components.

It leads to rusting, which tarnishes the overall appearance and effectiveness of your evil eye bracelet. 

Through consistent exposure of your bracelet to water, its color will begin to fade. The power of an evil eye bracelet does not just lie in the symbol.

It also lies in the color because there are several spiritual messages and benefits of unique evil eye symbol colors. The moment the color of your evil eye begins to fade, its overall effectiveness reduces by almost 60%.

This is why you should not get your evil eye bracelet wet.

If you get your evil eye bracelet wet, ensure you dry it out properly to prevent a foul smell from building up around your bracelet.

Once your evil eye bracelet begins to ooze badly, you will become more affected by negative energy due to the foul smell. 

If your ancestral or cultural belief is against wetting your evil eye bracelet, then doing it exposes you to side effects from your cultural context.

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Can I take off my evil eye bracelet when I shower?

Evil Eye Bracelet on right hand

Yes, you can take off your evil eye bracelet when you shower

Actually, this is the best way to ensure that your evil eye bracelet lasts longer and remains effective until it lapses its usage volume.

When you take off your evil eye bracelet, one of the ways to protect yourself is by hanging the bracelet close to your bathtub or shower. Ensure that water can’t get to its location. 

Doing this ensures that you are protected by the power of this bracelet. You don’t have to use this evil eye bracelet in your bathroom because nobody is staring at you or giving you a negative stare. 

However, to enjoy its protection, keep it close by.

There are other alternatives for protection. That is, if you remove your evil eye bracelet while showering, there are other ways to protect yourself without keeping the bracelet in your bathroom. 

One of the ways to protect yourself is through the use of crystals. 

Crystal protection is one of the most effective forms of protection in the world. Through crystals, you can insure yourself against negative energy and spiritual attacks. 

Some of these stones are harmless, durable, and water-resistant. They are the perfect alternative to wearing your evil eye bracelet in your bathroom.

By soaking a crystal in your water or placing it in your bathroom, you will enjoy protection while having your bath. 

Here is a list of crystals you can use as an alternative to an evil eye bracelet:

  • Quartz;
  • Lapiz Lazuli;
  • Hematite;
  • Malachite;
  • Celestite.

Don’t expose your evil eye bracelet to unnecessary risks. Take the easy route through crystals. 

They work perfectly for your protection just as the bracelet will work when on your hand, or around you.

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Can soap damage my bracelet?

Evil Eye Bracelet

Yes, soap can damage your evil eye bracelet. These bracelets are made using several mineral components, which can react to soap. 

There are 4 spiritual reasons why I believe soap can damage your evil eye bracelet. 

Before you bathe with your bracelet and expose it to danger, kindly read through these reasons for caution

If your soap has particles or exfoliants, it will probably have abrasive properties. Now, when it rubs against the surface of your bracelet, damage will be done.

This is because it leaves a mark or scratch on the surface of your bracelet – thus disfiguring the beauty and elegance of your bracelet

Using soap on your bracelet can lead to extreme discoloration. The chemical components in soaps are not friendly with evil eye bracelets.

Consistent exposure of your bracelet to soap leads to fading or dulling in its color vibrance. 

Now, the material used in making your bracelet might react harshly to soap.

For example, if your bracelet is made of leather, fabric, or delicate beads, its fibers will gradually weaken due to its constant exposure to soap and this will affect the structural integrity of your bracelet. (I suffered from this firsthand).

The glue used in making your bracelets might be loosened due to its exposure to soap. This is why you should keep your evil eye bracelet from soap.

If any part of your bracelet is compromised by soap, its effectiveness will be reduced. Once this happens, you won’t enjoy the protection and other spiritual benefits from it. 

This is why it is not advisable to bathe with your evil eye bracelet. Taking it into your bathroom for a shower could expose it to potential threats.

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Can water damage my Evil Eye bracelet?

evil eye bracelet jewelry

Yes, water can damage your evil eye bracelet

Now, this does not mean you should not use your bracelet for spiritual cleansing and purification processes. 

However, when you expose your bracelet to too much water over a long time, wear and tear will happen. When this happens, the effectiveness of your bracelet will reduce drastically

Water causes rust to happen. If there is any metal component on your bracelet, use other methods to charge and cleanse the bracelet.

You can use the sun, moon, or visualization. If you use water, the metal components will begin to rust. When this happens over a long period, the bracelet will fall apart. 

For fashion purposes, it is also recommended to keep your bracelet from water.

If you want to clean it from dirt, wipe it with a slightly damp towel, and instantly wipe off the moisture using another dry towel. It keeps the bracelet shiny and elegant.

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Final Words

What you just read is the most important information you need to have concerning an evil eye bracelet and its reaction to water

If you have an evil eye bracelet, get another protective method for your bathroom! Something like a powerful gemstone can work as an alternative.

Use that for your bathroom and when you shower. 

Keeping your evil eye bracelet on your body while showering will provide protection. However, the durability, effectiveness, and aesthetic quality of your bracelet would have been greatly compromised because of the components found in water and soap. 

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