Blue Opal Crystal Meaning: 7 Healing Properties and Benefits

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Blue Opal Crystal Meaning: 7 Healing Properties and Benefits

The blue opal is an exciting stone with many crystal healing properties. To start, this stone is beautiful to look at, and this makes it fascinating in its own right.

The blue opal has multiple healing properties and benefits, many of which are connected to the gift of communication.

That is because the blue opal has a connection with the fourth chakra which is the throat chakra, our spiritual communication center.

When our throat chakra is aligned with our Higher Self, our communication is authentic and pure.

When our communication center is in the right place, many other elements in our lives will align.

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About the Blue Opal Crystal

Blue Opal Crystal

The blue opal crystal is a healing crystal that is also known as the Andean opal or a Peruvian opal.

The stone is a stunning blue and typically comes in a smooth composition. This is a delightful stone to hold, and you can feel how special it is by just holding it in the palm of your hand.

This feeling isn’t your imagination, there is something special about the blue opal. It feels beautiful, and it can help to make you feel beautiful too.

This stone can be considered a stone of truth or power, where it brings power through healing your energies blocking your inner truth.

The stone is connected to the fourth chakra, which is the chakra for communication.

Physically, the stone can help you with throat and eye issues, and it can also help with brain troubles or insomnia. 

  • When that chakra is aligned, we speak clearly and eloquently and it presents as authentic because it is;
  • When we are struggling with negative energy, we may find that it is difficult to communicate what we are feeling and thinking.

Beyond our communication center, the blue opal crystal is one that brings peace and connects you with the water element as well.

Its oceanic blue shades and tones in its translucent stone are colors that connect you to the center of your feelings so that you can radiate an emotional center that is joy and peace.

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Blue Opal Crystal Spiritual Meaning

Blue Opal Crystal Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of the blue opal begins with examining its impact on our throat chakra, our chakra of communication. However, its colors are no accident.

The sweet and rich blue tones of the blue opal inspire emotions with purpose.

This stone is reminding us to stay in touch with our emotional selves on occasion, as it can truly help us to live more fulfilling lives, even in the most reasonable of circumstances. 

These are the principles of the spiritual meaning of the blue opal, all of which can lead us to enjoying many benefits from the stone.

This stone will help us to:

  • Heal from past trauma;
  • Regain relationships;
  • Build on existing partnerships in a clear and authentic way;
  • Put healthy words to feelings easier.

At the same time, you can communicate your feelings better when they are trapped in traumatic memories, dreams, or emotions.

With a more clear communication center, you can also communicate in the higher realms with this healing crystal, and even begin to understand your dreams and thoughts more.

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Blue Opal Crystal Metaphysical Properties

couple talking

Communication is a word that you will hear often with the blue opal healing crystal.

This healing crystal is one that brings with it aid in helping you to set the intention to communicate more clearly and authentically.

This is much easier to do when you have healed emotionally from either deep trauma or daily stressors.

When we are wound up or downtrodden about something, it is more difficult to communicate with an unconditional compassion to the world around us. A blue opal crystal can help us here.

It can help us to communicate with those around us, or even with our Higher Powers in a way where we leave our concerns with them when we can not manage them on our own.

That is what they are there for. We know intuitively that keeping things bottled up inside is not good for us.

The blue opal helps us to learn where to direct our emotions and communications to and sends them to our guides and our angels to redirect them to a safe place. 

7 Healing properties of Blue Opal Crystal

7 Healing properties of Blue Opal Crystal

There are many benefits of the blue opal crystal, and if you wear or use one for months you will probably have more than 7 to talk about.

The main benefits and healing properties of the blue opal crystal lie in the many areas of communication.

Communication is not just one facet of our lives, as it builds on every facet of our lives.

With a more aligned communication center, you can find healing in many areas with the blue opal crystal. 

1) Improve Communication 

The blue opal crystal is a stone that connects us to our fourth chakra, the throat chakra.

This chakra is the same color of blue as the blue opal crystal. The fourth chakra is also a communication center for us.

This communication center helps us to succeed when it is aligned, by bearing clear and authentic communication that is accepted readily by the world.

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2) Live Healthier 

The blue opal crystal is a crystal that can help with physical healing.

Being connected to the throat chakra, throat issues will be a key area of focus for physical healing.

It is also said however to help with metabolism, and reduce fatigue and energy issues.

The blue opal crystal can also help with insomnia and help you to sleep better at night when used with spiritual practices that can help you to relieve stress and relax more before you sleep. 

3) Be More Creative 

The blue opal crystal is the color of the ocean which is connected to the water element of the Earth.

As such, this is an emotional healing stone that can help you to tap into your inner Self and be your Self more.

Expression is more natural, thanks to your fourth chakra, and creativity is going to be more natural as well.

Don’t be afraid to express what you are feeling. 

4) Tap Into Courage 

When you are feeling more in tune with your communication center, you naturally have less fear when it comes to communicating your true Self.

This makes you braver and bolder without you even realizing it.

When you realize that this bold quality that comes with your true expression is shining, you will naturally see more success in your life.

Don’t be afraid to be brave is the message of the blue opal, there is magic behind that door.

5) Improve Relationships 

You are likely to experience more emotionally balanced and healthier relationships when you are working with the blue opal crystal.

That is because you will have more strength and conviction in your true sense of Self. This is going to improve all of your relationships at every level.

You will feel a stronger sense of unconditional love going out, and are naturally bound to feel that coming back. 

6) Find More Freedom

Having clarity in your truth and who you are and what you are feeling is going to naturally bring more freedom into your life.

You will feel less afraid of what others think of you, and make choices based on what you need, and not what they need.

It is okay to do this sometimes. It is liberating and helps you to serve the ones you love better when you feel this sense of freedom. 

7) Release Trauma

Every person has trauma and pain from their lives. It is a part of the role of the human existence.

You have to work through this somehow, and can not keep it inside.

The blue opal crystal will help you to communicate to your higher selves what you need to do in order to release this pain.

Your angels and guides are here to help you to do exactly that.

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How can I use this crystal in my life?

blonde woman doing yoga

You can use the blue opal crystal for overall general healing and to find more peace and stability in your life.

You can also use it to enhance any of the healing properties you will find with it.

To use the blue opal crystal in your life, you want to be sure that it is cleansed and charged at least once a week.

Cleanse your crystal with salt water or sage, and charge it by placing it in the sun or under the moon at least once monthly.

This will remove any negative energies or emotions that are around the stone, and will help you to tap into its full potential.

The blue opal crystal can be worn as jewelry, or placed in areas where you may need some help with communication. Keep some in your bedroom to improve relationships.

You can also put some around your communication devices to help you stay in touch with authentic energies that are being sent or received from those devices. 

Is Blue Opal Crystal really powerful?

blue opals

Like every healing crystal, the blue opal crystal bears a subtle healing power, but when it is effective, the power is tremendous.

You can find more authentic and genuine experiences in your life when you use the blue opal crystal.

What you can expect here is a stone that will help you to be braver and more creative and inspired when you are in touch with your true emotions.

All of this will bring more power into your life. It is important to remember that it is not the stone bringing this power, but the stone helping you to tap into the energies that can.

Final Words

When you are using the blue opal crystal you will find a more natural experience in every area of your life. Your daily life will feel more real, and as a result, easier.

You will still have the same stresses and anxieties in daily life, and may even still have old wounds and trauma to heal from.

Still, you will feel liberated from them when you use a healing stone that can help you to feel support as you work through them.

Create more authenticity in your life with the blue opal crystal and empower yourself with the sense of freedom this will bring. 

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