What Is The Leo Birthstone? July And August Stones

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What Is The Leo Birthstone? July And August Stones

One of the ways to harness the power of Leos is by connecting them to their birthstones. They are born between July 23rd and August 22nd

People who fall under this zodiac sign are determined and passionate to make a lasting impact on the world around them. Oftentimes, they are desirous of the spotlight.

They want to be seen and known for their positive contributions to the world. 

Helping them discover their birthstones and connecting them to these will strengthen their core and enhance their innate abilities to become the best version of themselves. 

Are you Leo? Do you have a friend or relative with this zodiac sign? Do you want to discover your birthstone?

Read on to find out the answers to all questions about July and August birthstones

What is Leo’s birthstone color?

red jasper elephant

The birthstone color of Leo is fiery red. You might be wondering why this color was chosen to represent Leo. 

The vibrant red color represents the passion and determination of Leos. This characterizes their attitude towards work

If you are born under the Leo zodiac sign, then, you should be passionate. Whatever you set your heart on should be accomplished without any excuse.

The red color represents Leos. It means passion. 

When selecting the birthstone of Leo, the red color is an important quality because it represents boldness.

Just like a lion, people who have the Leo zodiac sign are bold to take risks. They never back down from a fight and are determined to make the most out of their lives. 

Red shares energy with the fire element, which is the totem for Leos. It represents their inner drive for success

These are vital reasons why Leo’s birthstone is fiery red. This color represents the qualities of Leo’s zodiac sign. 

What is the August Leo Birthstone?


The august Leo birthstone is Peridot.

Peridot comes with a vibrant green color, which represents the lushness of nature. Furthermore, it represents the qualities of Leos. 

This stone reflects the fiery passion in the heart of these individuals. As an august leo, Peridot speaks of your innate desire to prove your worth to the world around you.

This stone also reveals that even though tough times will come in your life, the determination needed to survive those times has been imbued into you by nature

Furthermore, Peridot speaks of good luck. August Leos are believed to be magnets of prosperity, abundance, and good fortune.

This is why their birthstone is the majestic peridot because it also reflects good luck and abundance. 

Spiritually, peridot is associated with the sun, which is also believed to be the ruling planet of Leo. It represents positive energy, faith, and courage.

This is why August Leos are courageous. Just like hungry lions, they are fierce at taking risks. They never back down from a fight and refuse to give up until they achieve their desires. 

Wearing this gemstone or making it a part of your life helps you to harness its potency.

As an august leo, peridot brings your dormant abilities to the surface. It helps you to become the best version of yourself.

Before you use this stone, read here who should NOT wear Peridot.

What is the July Leo Birthstone?

red Ruby

The July Leo birthstone is ruby

Its vibrant red color makes it compatible with the birthstone color of the Leo zodiac sign. 

Ruby is known for several qualities, which are compatible with Leo’s. Let us explore some of these qualities briefly.

  • Passion: The metaphysical properties of ruby fuels people’s passion. This is similar to the quality of Leo. Therefore, rubies have been used by July Leos for centuries. It fuels their passion and keeps them focused on a single task;
  • Self-discovery: Ruby helps you to discover who you are. A lot of people don’t understand their innate abilities. This is what Ruby helps with. As a July Leo, having a ruby opens your mind to the several talents and skills you possess. It also fuels you with the courage to put these talents to use;
  • Good Luck: Because of the resonance between Ruby and July Leo, it brings good luck and fortune. If you are born under the Leo zodiac sign, it means that using ruby attracts good luck. It helps you to manifest abundance;
  • Confidence: This crystal promotes confidence. It helps people to believe in themselves. Well, this is a major distinctive quality of Leo. Using ruby helps them stay confident. 

Therefore, as a July Leo, using ruby connects you to your origin because it is your birthstone. This also unlocks hidden potentials within you. 

11 Best Leo Birthstones for Luck and Healing

Holding clear quartz

As Leo, if you are seeking birthstones that can attract good luck and healing into your life, I have the solution for you. 

In this section, we will discuss the 11 best birthstones for luck and healing. You sure will find the one that meets all of your good luck and healing desires. 

1) Clear Quartz

Clear quartz
Clear Quartz

Do you find it hard to keep a clear mind? Do you have clogging thoughts in your head? Do you feel mentally sick as a result of these thoughts?

This is not unique to you. A solution has been prevalent for centuries. Through clear quartz. You can heal your mind from these clogging thoughts

Clear quartz has soothing energy, which puts your mind in a state of rest. With this, you will enjoy mental healing and actively process your thoughts. 

2) Citrine


This is a stone of abundance and success. If you desire good luck in your business, career, family, marriage, and so on, try using citrine. 

As a Leo, citrine can be your birthstone because it is associated with the sun. Because of this, its energy resonates with your zodiac sign

For Leos seeking good luck and abundance in their lives, citrine is one of the stones to use. Its energy releases positivity into your environment, which becomes a magnet for good fortune. 

Get this for your Leo friends as well. 

3) Amber

Amber crystal

Sometimes, because of the desire to prove one’s self, Leos can be hard to understand. They can find it hard to express how they feel at some point.

Getting to this level can be disturbing for Leos. The best way to heal yourself from this is by using amber.

It has metaphysical properties, which foster self-expression and effective communication

Are you finding it hard to express yourself as Leo? This birthstone is effective enough to help you out. 

Furthermore, amber brings good luck to you. It ensures that negative energy is taken out of your chakras as well. 

4) Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

Having an eye for detail is not really a specialty of Leo. They are always in a hurry to take action. This is because of the desire to prove themselves as useful to the cause of humanity. 

However, with a tiger’s eye, their sensitivity and intuition of them will be heightened. Whenever they are about to make a mistake, this crystal will send a warning sign to them.

As Leo, the tiger’s eye also helps you with self-expression and communication. It boosts your confidence and increases your vitality. 

The benefits of the tiger’s eye are unmatched. Let it help you with intuitive powers, self-expression, and vitality. 

5) Garnet

garnet crystal

For passion and determination, garnet is a birthstone for Leo. Its innate ability helps people with this zodiac sign to stay determined and focused. 

No matter how strong Leos are, pressures can bring their motivation down to zero

However, when garnet is placed around them, enough energy is released to supply constant motivation, which in turn affects their determination

If you desire to be passionate about your dreams, this birthstone can help you achieve that.

All you need is to have one around you at all times – especially during the day or when you are active.

Before you use Garnet, read here all the possible side effects.

6) Sunstone


Connected to the sun’s energy, this crystal helps with clarity of thoughts, positive energy, friendship, and creativity. 

For Leo, using the sunstone as a birthstone helps you to stay in balance. With this crystal around you, your spiritual senses will also be heightened. 

Sunstone provides spiritual healing, emotional healing, and mental healing. Whenever you feel stressed out, the energy from the sunstone ensures that your energy is recharged.

Furthermore, the light from sunstones brings good luck. It places the spotlight on you and attracts favor to you. 

Leos need to use sunstones often because it connects them to the sun. 

7) Larimar


The energetic life of Leo can be burdensome at times. Their minds can be overstimulated, which brings about headaches, sleeplessness, anxiety, and thought disturbances. 

If this gets to an extreme point, psychological issues might arise

Therefore, if you notice constant headaches as a result of overthinking, get yourself a Larimar crystal. Its soothing energy resonates perfectly with the Leo zodiac sign

It brings mental healing. 

8) Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate

This crystal heals Leo from emotional issues. Because they are outspoken about their plans, it is easy to betray these people, which creates a series of emotional trauma in their minds

Using blue lace agate as a Leo helps you to heal from the traumas you suffered in the past. It also encourages you to hope for a better future. 

Blue lace agate is one of the best birthstones for Leo’s healing and good luck. 

9) Chrysocolla


For Leos, this crystal helps with bodily healing

If you feel sick as a result of hyperactivity, try taking a crystal bath with chrysocolla. Its energy heals your body and makes you stronger.

10) Blue Apatite

blue apatite

This stone helps Leos in setting clear intentions. It also helps them to stay focused on their goals

Additionally, blue apatite attracts good luck to Leos. Because it is their birthstone, they will enjoy abundance, success, and prosperity in whatever they do. 

11) Pietersite


This unique stone heals the mind of Leos. It helps them to recognize their skills, talents, and abilities. 

Additionally, the pietersite aids Leo in manifesting their intentions for success and impact in the world. 

It encourages Leo to give voice to their thoughts for clarity and dominance. 

Can Leo man and woman use other birthstones?

Rleasing the energy from crystals

No, Leo man and woman cannot use other birthstones

The 11 birthstones listed in this article are powerful and sufficient enough for the healing and good luck of Leo men and women. 

Attempting to use other birthstones might expose them to strange energy, which will affect their overall makeup. 

This is why I don’t recommend other birthstones for people with the Leo zodiac signs. 

Final Words

By working with these birthstones, Leos can live their lives to the fullest by tapping into their potential, exploring their abilities, and harnessing the power of their being. 

As Leo, this article is instrumental to helping you become the best of yourself through healing and manifesting good luck.

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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