8 Blue Sapphire Stone Benefits: What Is Blue Sapphire Good For?

Jorge Silva
8 Blue Sapphire Stone Benefits: What Is Blue Sapphire Good For?

Resplendent like the universe and its mesmerizing palette of colors, the Blue Sapphire reaches human reality as a symbol that has long been linked to divinity.

Above all to the Roman Jupiter and the Greek Apollo.

Since its seed, this stone has been bewitching whoever crosses it. It is believed that the respective stone has inscrutable qualities associated with superior kingdoms and the Gods of Greece and ancient Rome, as I mentioned.

The Blue Sapphire is a crystal belonging to the category of the mineral corundum and as I have already inspired, its enviable blue steals anyone’s faith.

In the course of its existence and especially in the medieval stage, this stone was an insignia of wisdom and royalty.

Therefore, it was mainly used by elements of the clergy as a divine favor, in order to receive divine grace and even as a means to obtain protection, since it is admitted that this rarity has defensive properties that repel evil spirits.

The Blue Sapphire is a precious stone and currently, it is still one of the most coveted stones in the world by collectors and people of the upper class.

Are There Benefits Of Using Blue Sapphire Gemstone?

Blue sapphire

Through the introduction above, we have already inhaled the two basic symbologies of this stone, namely wisdom and divinity.

In this way, in addition to being able to ensure that this crystal favorably pampers those who use it, we can also interpret these perks as affiliated with the two symbologies that I pointed out.

Continuing, the benefits of Safira Azul range from:

  • Bringing success and the emergence of financial opportunities;
  • Favoring our intellectual skills and focus;
  • Discipline it sows;
  • Deeper psychological understanding;
  • Mitigation of anxiety and depression;
  • Protection from what surrounds us;
  • Sharpening of the intuition.

But, incredibly there are many others that remain to be enumerated.

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What Is Blue Sapphire Good For Spiritually?

holding Blue Sapphire crystal

In fact, the Blue Sapphire proves to be an instrument filled with virtues from which we can benefit. Therefore, in the spiritual realm, it would be no exception.

Thus, the penetrating blue of this stone flaunts its spirituality and undoubtedly it manipulates the energy of those who carry it.

Namely with regard to peace and clarity of mind. Since this crystal moderates our mental noise while promoting a sense of calm.

In addition, still in the same sphere, this stone supports us in the matter of focus in meditation.

It calms the mind, invigorates us and shields us spiritually, enables spiritual guidance and sharpens our psychic senses and, ultimately, allows us to align thoughts with emotions in order to obtain clear and effective communication.

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Metaphysical Properties Of Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire crystal

Since its beginnings, in the old age of this stone, it had already captivated eyes and awakened curiosities due to the powers it was believed to have.

And in fact and for many, this stone presents itself as a solid foundation on the merit of its properties. And what properties are these?

Well, let’s start with mental sharpness. Because as I mentioned, this crystal consumes our mental noise which, consequently, allows us to make more correct and conclusive decisions.

Soon after, we also have peace of mind and harmony and alignment, because of what has already been referenced, to promote emotional discipline and to level the mind, body and soul, encouraging our well-being.

Lastly, Blue Sapphire is a major ally of communicability, as it provides impartiality, allowing us to honestly formulate our thoughts and feelings.

Complementing, except for the present properties above, we still have the prosperity with which this Sapphire is believed to bless us, spiritual protection, inner wisdom and even the intuition and spiritual abilities that it refines.

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8 Spiritual Benefits Of Using Blue Sapphire Stone

Blue Sapphire jewelry

Headed by the planet Saturn, which is also a symbol of wisdom, the Blue Sapphire, as we have already understood, is one of the most preponderant stones of our times.

Above all, due to its so evident relationship with the divine. Thus, operating it can make us reach very wise elements of our own existence.

In view of this and so that you know the various branches in which this stone will be your ally, I have prepared and will list up to 8 spiritual benefits of it.

Of course, we have to be aware that an individual’s experience with a crystal varies depending on how they both resonate and their intentions, and it is crucial that the crystal is properly cleansed and charged.

Due to these and other factors, it is sometimes possible that the qualities of this crystal are not felt. So, it is important to experience our spiritual journey with an open mind and spirit and always be attentive to the outcome of our experiences.

So let’s move on to the list.

1) Purification of Intuition

It is believed that the Blue Sapphire assists the human being to believe in their intuition.

It consequently encourages us to make wiser decisions and to sail along our spiritual path with conviction.

In this way, Blue Sapphire is declared to sharpen our intuition and make our spiritual notion more sophisticated.

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2) Harmony of Karma

As stated preliminarily, this stone is ruled by the planet Saturn, which as a rule, is congruent with karmic energies.

Thus, it is believed that by manipulating the Blue Sapphire, we obtain a certain amount of help from the respective one to compensate and decipher karmic matters that enable our personal and spiritual improvement.

3) Purging and Healing

As we have already discussed, the power of the Blue Sapphire is incontrovertible.

Therefore, its greatness is maintained on a psychic level, particularly with regard to emotional and spiritual healing.

This stone is believed to purge the soul, thus bringing about our well-being.

Furthermore, it also supports us when it comes time to resolve past traumas and remove emotional blocks.

4) Spiritual Awakening

The Blue Sapphire, being an insignia of wisdom, is similarly said to be an instrument of enlightenment that promotes our spiritual awakening.

It is known to help improve our intuition and spiritual abilities, and to help us tap into our inner wisdom and gain guidance from our conscience — our higher self.

5) Mental Clarity

We already know that using Blue Sapphire on a regular basis brings benefits associated with mental clarity and clear thinking.

However, including it in our meditation ritual as an ally instrument, can offer us a sharp restoration in our focus, in our spiritual connection and equally in the backwater of our mind which consequently reduces anxiety.

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6) Spiritual Shield

The Blue Sapphire shields us from the spiritual attacks we face daily.

But, it is also believed that it forms a shield that surrounds its user, sheltering him from negative energies — whether from environments, people or objects that are negatively influential to us.

This fact promotes safe travel in the spirit world.

I have mirrored numerous times, throughout this article, the strong association of this stone to divine realms and any empathetic person or, with spiritual abilities, when looking at the Blue Sapphire feels it

In view of this, it is believed that this crystal opens bridges and channels between us and divine and spiritual beings.

Thus facilitating our communication and connection in this matter.

8) Peace Of Mind

If we take points 3 and 5, we easily reach the latter, which completes our list.

By deactivating the stress that pollutes our body and soul and by providing a sense of balance, Blue Sapphire offers us complete tranquility and therefore peace of mind.

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How Can I Enjoy The Benefits Of Blue Sapphire?

Blue Sapphire ring

In the course of this article, I have been sowing small conduits for the proper functioning of this stone.

Whether we like it or not, we cannot acquire a crystal just for its beauty, throw it on a bedside table at home or in any pocket of our suitcase and wait for him to just act.

No! It is essential to care for the crystal, purge and charge it as often as necessary.

When we do, then we can consider a meditation in which we introduce Sapphire, which is one of the most famous methods, after the use of Blue Sapphire jewelry, to benefit from this stone. 

In addition to these two methods, we can also use Blue Sapphire to manifest goals or launch affirmations to the universe, we can carry it in our purses or create a symbolic altar for it.

The options are immense and endless.

Final Words

Getting a crystal is never just getting a crystal. There is something magical and special about finding and choosing our ally, and that includes the mistakes of practice as well.

Therefore, whether with a powerful crystal like our magnificent Blue Sapphire or any other more basic one, we have to enter into this study, practice and journey with patience, an open mind and soul and above all, we have to trust in the process and have faith.

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