9 Spiritual Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

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9 Spiritual Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

This lamp has gained popularity in recent times and this is not just because of its beauty. Its widespread popularity came because of its unique spiritual benefits and advantages

In the early 1200s, this lamp was carved by the Janjua people, who discovered the healing properties of the Himalayan salt.

The crystal used for this lamp was discovered at the foot of the Himalayan mountains – where the janjua tribe discovered the power of the Himalayan salt.

If you have this lamp in your home, office, or workplace, you are privileged to be reading this article right now. 

That lamp is not just interior decor! It is a spiritual artifact that can disburse unending spiritual benefits to you.

In this article, we will talk about the 9 spiritual benefits of Himalayan salt lamps and why you should have one around you (if you don’t have it in your home).

If you’ve asked questions about the spiritual benefit of this lamp, this article is also for you. Read on to discover this. 

Are Himalayan salt lamps powerful?

Himalayan salt lamps

Yes, Himalayan salt lamps are powerful.  These lamps are beautiful! 

Having them in your home lightens up your home and makes it extremely beautiful and warm to live in. 

However, beyond that, the connection between these lamps and nature makes them powerful and significant for spiritual purposes. 

In ancient times, it is believed that the Himalayan salt lamps possessed an inner fire that drove out negative spirits. 

According to research, in the past, exorcists recommended Himalayan salt lamps to those who are living in a haunted house or environment.

The reason is that the fire from these lamps scare away these ghosts

Furthermore, the energy from the lamp vibrates at an intense energetic frequency, which can cause negative spirits and ghosts to dematerialize or become shredded in different places. 

The Himalayan salt lamps possess the power to purify the air around you. The fragrance from these lamps emits positive energy, which is strong enough to cleanse an environment. 

For example, if you live in a negative environment, having this lamp in your home purifies your home. You can also place it in your shop or office desk (if allowed). 

Now, the process of transforming salt crystals into sources of light is a significant event across several cultures.

This process is believed to represent the transformation of life. It reminds people to constantly seek out ways to evolve, grow, and attain a full stature.

In Hinduism, the Himalayan mountain is known as the abode of the gods. It is also seen as a metaphor for the connection between the heavens and the earth.

This mountain also refers to the threshold between the mundane and the spiritual. 

Therefore, the Himalayan salt lamps are significant as access to the spiritual world.

9 Spiritual benefits of Himalayan salt lamp

beautiful Himalayan salt lamp

We have established the fact that the Himalayan salt lamp is powerful. In this section, we will discuss the 9 spiritual benefits of using this lamp

Read on to find out.

1) Creativity

The orange hue that exudes from this lamp is believed to represent the sacral chakra, which helps with the expression of creativity and pleasurable feelings

Therefore, if you need to stay creative all day long, light up the Himalayan salt lamp.

As it radiates its orange hue, your sacral chakra will be charged, and this instantly arouses your creativity

You can use this lamp at home, or in your workplace. 

As a boss, you can place this lamp at your workplace for your staff to sit around and harness its power for creativity. 

2) Positivity

For those struggling with positivity, the solution to your problem can be found in the Himalayan salt lamp. 

When you light this lamp in your home, its illumination and heat burn off negative energy. It also fills your heart with positivity. 

Through the power of the Himalayan salt lamp, you can be assured of the presence of positive energy

Furthermore, you can harness its energy for yourself. When this lamp is around you, you will easily find the motivation to work and remain positive even when things are tough around you. 

3) Easy prayer moments

If you want to enjoy your prayer moments, one of the best ways to do this is by using the Himalayan salt lamp.

This lamp is spiritually significant for prayers because it is gotten from beneath the Himalayan mountains. 

According to the Christian religion, the mountain is a sign of prayers. Jesus ascended the mountains to pray, and we find this practice in the early church fathers. 

Therefore, using the Himalayan salt lamp for your prayers gives you a feeling of being on the mountain, which helps your focus in prayer, and makes your prayer moments beautiful and easy. 

In addition to this, the Himalayan salt lamp helps with answered prayers.

Because of its positive energy, angelic beings can be easily attracted to your environment, and this leads to easy answers to your prayers. 

This is why you should try using this lamp during prayer. Instead of candles, you can light up your Himalayan salt lamp to get a more powerful spiritual effect and atmosphere while you say those words of prayer. 

4) Emotional Healing

The mild and soothing energy that emits from this lamp brings about emotional healing

If you are going through an emotionally difficult moment, you can use the Himalayan salt lamp as a place of fortitude. 

Sitting around the lamp helps your mind. As you bask in the warmth of the lamp’s fire, your mind becomes exposed to the positive energy that comes from the lamp, which kicks starts your emotional healing journey. 

This is one of the spiritual benefits of using Himalayan salt lamps. 

You can give a friend having a hard time coping with hurts and betrayals. They will get better within a short while. 

5) Sleep

The Himalayan salt crystal possesses therapeutic properties, which help with good sleep. If you are struggling with a good night’s sleep, it is time to bring in a Himalayan salt lamp.

The ambiance from this lamp soothes your mind. 

It creates the perfect glow for your mind to easily process as warm, relaxing, and conducive for sleep

Place the lamp on the right side of your bed and let its warm glow move from the right side of your body till it fills up your body. 

As you bask in the energy, you will find good sleep. 

6) Spiritual Awareness

The presence of this lamp in your home creates spiritual awareness. It opens your mind to the spiritual world around you and helps you to communicate with the spirit realm. 

Earlier, I stated that the presence of this lamp in your home creates an invisible portal in your home for angels

Because of this, you will become highly sensitive and alert to what goes on around you, which is a good sign.

Spiritual messages and omens can be easily communicated to you at any time. 

For meditation purposes, the beam from the Himalayan salt lamp helps your mind to remain focused even as you travel into your subconscious self. 

7) Purification

One of the spiritual benefits of using this lamp speaks of purification.

The presence of the Himalayan salt lamp in your home or workplace purges your environment of negative energy. It also wards off evil spirits from your environment

Also, the power of this lamp purges your mind of every negative energy.

For example, if you visited a hospital or graveyard, your mind might have been contaminated by the negative energy in those places. 

By sitting around a Himalayan salt lamp, you will go through a quick purging. Sometimes, you might cough or sneeze as a sign of the release of those negative energies

8) Protection

It is believed that the presence of this lamp in the home scares ghosts and evil spirits. Because of the origin of the Himalayan salt crystal, it makes demonic spirits scared and uncomfortable

Therefore, if you want to protect your home or environment from demonic spirits or sudden negative energetic interruptions, keep the lamp burning in your home.

The fire from this lamp burns off evil spirits. It creates an invisible barrier around your home, which only good spirits can pass through. 

9) Attracts good luck

The beauty, nature, and origin of this lamp make it a portal for good fortune. Because of its positive energy, it is easy to enjoy good luck by harnessing the energy from the lamp. 

If you are experiencing a series of bad luck, you should get this lamp. You might have it, but not enjoy its benefits due to ignorance.

Now that you know about its power, get it burning and focus on attracting good luck into your life through the embers of its flames. 

With the Himalayan salt lamp, you won’t have to suffer from bad luck and misfortune anymore. 

Should I use a Himalayan salt lamp?

lighted Himalayan salt lamp

Yes, you should use a Himalayan salt lamp.  There are no adverse effects of using this lamp. 

Rather, using it exposes you to numerous spiritual and physical benefits. 

Its beauty makes your home and workplace elegant. The subtle fragrance and glow from this lamp create an atmosphere for the expression of your creativity and even romantic feelings. 

The power of this salt lamp helps your mind to stay focused on what is important. Through the light from this spiritual artifact, you can also enjoy the clarity of thoughts and direction. 

Because of its spiritual origin, using it helps you to reconnect with mother nature.

For spiritual grounding purposes, the Himalayan salt lamp is the best choice of lamp for your home. You can enjoy emotional and mental stability through the use of this lamp.

Therefore, if you don’t have one, get it right away!

Should I light this lamp during sleep?

Himalayan salt lamp on table

Yes, it is good to light this lamp during sleep. Here are the 4 spiritual benefits of lighting this lamp during sleep:

  • It creates the perfect environment for your mind to feel relaxed enough to sleep;
  • The positive energy from this lamp wards off spiritual attacks of the night;
  • The lamp becomes your guiding light even as you travel into the world of dreams;
  • It also helps you to have good dreams instead of nightmares. 

Ensure you keep the lamp at the right side of your bed to enjoy its powers during the night.

Final Words

Now that you know about the spiritual benefits of the himalayan salt lamps, start using them with intention. 

Doing this unlocks the potential of the lamp, and releases its powers for you to enjoy. 

What’s your experience with a himalayan salt lamp? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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