9 Unakite Spiritual Meanings And Uses

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9 Unakite Spiritual Meanings And Uses

Baptized by its geographic seed and contrasting by its dual composition, the Unakite stone is a semi-precious crystal tinted by the presence of orthoclase feldspar and epidote.

This mineral conformity results in an extremely captivating character segmented by salmon pink and green.

Unakite is equally home to the Heart Chakra as it is a stone of harmony and rooting.

It’s not one of the most popular, but don’t let it fool you. As it’s a very powerful and beautiful crystal.

So, let’s now explore the spiritual meaning and uses of Unakite.

What Is Unakite Stone Good For?

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As a metamorphic stone, Unakite has a bewildering array of physical and spiritual healing properties.

As a result, the benefits that we can derive from this crystal are really immense.

However, and because it is clearly affiliated with the Anahata (Heart Chakra), Unakite is great for maneuvering on an emotional healing journey.

As it helps us to clear and undress emotional inhibitions through self-love and recovery from past traumas.

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Unakite Stone Metaphysical Properties 


In my opinion, what makes Unakite such a characteristic and sublime stone are its metaphysical properties.

The fact that its essence sinks into ours and floats over it, leaving a healing trail in our core.

One of these properties, as I mentioned, is emotional healing, which works immensely with self-love and provides us with a tranquility that underpins emotional growth.

However, this stone has other praiseworthy virtues, such as the fact that it sharpens psychic vision, sharpens our intuition and our spiritual abilities.

Unakite also harnesses our creativity and genius, which prove to be two essential tools in solving any problem.

It roots and harmonizes the emotional with the spiritual, aligning them promoting our stability.

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9 Unakite Stone Spiritual Meanings


We have already seen the heterogeneity of Unakite in theory, at this point there are several metaphysical spheres that this stone embraces, but then what about the spiritual branch?

What does Unakite mean in the colossal spiritual soil?

As expected, its meaning is equally immense and essential for those who are starting their spiritual journey and with whom this crystal resonates.

Because when it comes to crystals, we are aware that they offer us the most varied privileges.

However, experience and intuition is what counts, and each person correlates differently with the same stone.

1) Embracing Mother Nature

Vehemently associated with the element of the earth for its color palette, metamorphosis and origin, it is said that Unakite digs into our soul, planting in it an excellent link with nature.

This link makes us revere the environment that surrounds us on planet earth, improving and instigating a more harmonious relationship with our origins and with nature.

Not forgetting that here, nature, is our (ours and the crystal’s) common material origin.

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2) Spiritual Flourishing And Mutation

Being a stone that springs from metamorphosis, it manifestly appears in the world and in our eyes, as an allegory of mutation and spiritual flourishing

In view of this, Unakite encourages us to enter into self-reflection and self-discovery that helps us to overcome and extrapolate obstacles in the course of our spiritual journey.

This crystal also defends our evolution. Making us strip away beliefs and habits that actually prove to be blockages on our path.

3) Peace And Serenity 

Unakite is also widely celebrated for representing serenity and relaxation.

It is often used in meditations whose purpose is to slow down the mind and penetrate an excessive condition of stillness.

In fact, this is a stone that slows down the vigor of those who use it through the proliferation of inner peace and balance.

Therefore proves to be effective in reducing stress. Thus being a good ally for the victims of this disease that currently contaminates our fast-paced world. 

4) Emotional Healing 

Again, as stated earlier, being a stone that encompasses Anahata, we can safely imagine Unakite as an insignia of emotional healing.

Since unlocking and activating this Chakra, it unlocks and depresses blockages such as past traumas and negative habits for our emotional state.

Consequently, all this together ends up consummating self-love and the restoration of our inner and emotional self.

5) Manifestation And Fortune

The spiritual firmness that Unakite governs and which we’ve talked about here countless times isn’t just beneficial for emotional healing.

We already know, from the start, that in rituals such as the manifestation, this balance is necessary to awaken and bring closer the desires of those who have it and use it as a tool

Therefore, this crystal is valuable and useful in these practices.

As it assists us in the regulation and the agreement between our understanding and our intentions with the energy of fortune and success that this stone exudes.

Reducing the manifestation to a process that is much more easily attainable.

6) Indulgence and Heart Healing

This spiritual concept, at this point, should be relatively easy to verify due to the connection with the Heart Chakra that we have been articulating since the genesis of this article.

Through heart-opening, Unakite encourages us to be more remissive, empathetic and forgiving people, thus fertilizing connections with others.

This characteristic builds deep, concordant and healthy relationships and generally provides more intense and rooted human contact.

7) Spiritual Awakening 

Vision is one of the most axiomatic faculties of Unakite. But what vision are we talking about and why is it one of the spiritual meanings of this stone?

Easy! The view discussed here is psychic and it is said that, obviously, it naturally empowers our spiritual abilities, our intuition and therefore causes the so famous spiritual awakening.

Still, in the same field, this crystal works as a spiritual compass that offers us directions connecting us with divine realms and providing us with new knowledge and spiritual realities.

8) Stamina And Momentum 

The greatest source of healing in the world is our nature, it is in it that we harvest most of the components of many drugs, whether or not they are holistic medicine.

Therefore, it is accepted that Unakite facilitates physical healing. As it supports the natural rehabilitation of our physique and increases our immune system and general well-being.

9) Balance And Foundation 

Because it is a stone related to the earth element, Unakite is believed to be an anchor crystal.

The basic energy of this stone supports us by anchoring and stabilizing our respective.

This is largely due to its sustainable properties which, by healing their users mutually in the emotional, material and spiritual sense, thus fostering a perception of focus and balance.

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5 Unakite Stone Spiritual Uses

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Now that we are aware of the virtues of Unakite and that we have spoken of its countless spiritual meanings and its metaphysical properties.

The time has come to uncover the spiritual uses of the stone. So that we can begin to include it in our daily routines and manifestation practices, meditation and healing.

Always keep in mind that, for your experience with a crystal to be the best, it needs to resonate with your need and intuition.

Therefore, no theory (in this case) compares to practice. What works for me, might not work for you and that’s okay, what matters is that it makes sense to you.

1) Self-probing And Working With Dreams

Vivid dreams and Unakite itself provide us with intricate access to our subconscious.

This is a fragment of ours that allows us to better decipher our own person and at a more accentuated level.

For this, sometimes it is enough just to sleep with the crystal under our pillow or to hug it with our hands before falling asleep to appeal to this type of dreams.

2) Meditation Tool 

Like any other, this stone can also be used as a tool during meditation rituals in order to deepen them.

As in the previous paragraph, just hold the crystal between your hands during practice. This simple gesture is said to help paint the right environment for meditation and to calm the mind.

3) Spiritual Awakening And Intuition 

As previously stated, this is one of the ideal stones for spiritual awakening that can be stimulated through simple practices such as meditating with the crystal — whether in the hands, forehead or in our third eye.

This can help us to expand our spiritual notion and to have guidance and contact with divine realms.

4) Chakra Healing

In rings, earrings and necklaces, in addition to offering indulgence and emotional healing, Unakite also releases Anahata blockages, the heart chakra with which it is associated.

This association is what makes this stone so influential for aligning and healing the heart.

5) Purge Energy

With the exception of the features already mentioned, there are many others left to be listed.

However, and ending this brief list, let’s talk about the manifested cleansing essence that Unakite has.

It is believed that this stone has the power to clean and stagnate energies.

Therefore, to cleanse our aura or a certain environment, we have to hold it or place it in the desired local.

With our mind imagine the negative energy being replaced by a positive one that arrives delicately and overflows in us and in space.

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Can I Use Unakite To Attract Good Luck?

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Despite the fact that a blunt percentage of the most acclaimed crystals are used as a magnet for luck. In the case of Unakite, this is not a reality, at least not directly.

That is, the stone has positive energies that naturally cause a feeling of well-being, but it has no straight connection with the respective one.

However, Unakite can be used routinely to create an environment conducive to receiving positive experiences, pleasant outcomes and an optimistic mindset.

Is Unakite Really Powerful?

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We have to understand that the notion of “power” is somewhat relative, if you ask me if this crystal is acclaimed by some as powerful, I would clearly say yes.

However, I cannot answer this question because I do not feel myself resonating with the crystal nor have I ever worked with it.

And as we know, experiences in the spiritual world differ from person to person, precisely because sometimes there are properties of the crystal that don’t make sense to us and that makes our pairing work not so well.

Final Words

The spiritual universe is somewhat abstract because if in the course of my research, I became fascinated by this crystal, at the end of the essay I did not feel I resonated with it.

Just for the simple fact that I knew its healing properties were not exactly what I was looking for.

And this is what is abstract and relative my dear readers. It’s seeing the same spiritual healing tool offer different fruits and solutions to each person who uses it.

Therefore and in conclusion, always practice what resonates with you and makes sense to you.

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